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The Grandparent Christmas

Posted by Patience on December 2, 2008 at 7:31 AM in Patience
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santa listener2.jpg

It was the night before Marmie (my mom) was to return home to Miami after 6 days of grandparenting bliss. The boys were holding each other and crying in their bunk beds. It was so bad that Jorge climbed up into the top bunk to console them, it was quite a scene. My mom could barely stand it.

"It's okay mom, they'll be fine.", I assured her. It gets a little worse each time, the happiness of being together and the sadness of living so far apart.

"Well Marmie, we're comin' to your house for Christmas." Jorge said after 45 minutes of getting them settled and to sleep.
We all laughed only to find out later he actually promised this, and we did in fact have to travel with three small children and an infant 1200 miles. Driving of course, because who can afford that many plane tickets? Even though this is probably a terrible idea I was secretly very excited. I'm going home for Christmas.

So now the countdown begins. The kids pretty much talk about it everyday. Josiah asks exactly how long we will be staying (he's asked this about 100 times). Jack talks about swimming on Christmas day as my parents live in Miami. Lucy suggests we go to Marmie and father's house for Christmas pretty much every other day but she insists that TODAY is Christmas and we must leave right away. Lyra now only cries half the time when she is in the car and usually when the car is stopped. This fits perfectly into Jorge's plan of driving straight thru while we pee in bottles in the backseat.

What love. I guess there is something about older people in your life. Like Santa they listen to your biggest dream. They put dollars or coins in your birthday cards. They spend time with you and are delighted by everything you do. They give good advice. They love you with no agenda.

So Christmas, bring your joy, we'll soak it up...especially the old people.


Gina writes...

Isn't this so true? It is such a great gift to have these people in our lives, and especially to know how important they are *while* we have them in our lives.

Kelly writes...

Oh, we just moved 3 months ago and are now a 10 hour drive from the grandparents. How does Santa work into this and the logistics of it all? Does it mess with "traditions"? Would love a post on this. I'm trying to convince DH to be home for Christmas...

Liz K writes...

We just returned from a week in FL with the grandparents, and I just love to watch my children blossom in their presence.

nicole writes...

I'm completely envious. Both of my parents are gone. I long to see them revel in their grandkids' presence.

Enjoy every minute. Oh, and you and Jorge should get some partyin' in while you're in the land of the terminally young!

Alice writes...

Oh boy. Have a wonderful trip! We will travel also (as we've never really had a Christmas at home since we had kids) and it isn't easy but I hate not spending Christmas morning with family.
Kelly...the trip just becomes part of the tradition and if you write in your note to Santa where you will be on Christmas morning, he will find you. You can even mention it to him at the mall. ;-) Creative packing - and blankets (or UPS) also help.

I hope you guys have fun and I hope Lyra sleeps a lot on the trip.

patience writes...

Kelly...I'm wondering the same thing about Santa and the lack of a chimney at my mom's house...passing on the post suggestion.

Nicole...I know what you mean, I was thinking of a dear friend who just lost her mother a couple months ago. I know these are sweet days...and yes,yes, yes on the possibility of babysitting to party like the ole' days. Miami is an awesome city!

Jenna writes...

Pache, this is lovely! and so touching. I want to come to Marmie's too!! Can I? We'll even pee in the bottle in the backseat! As far as the lack of the chimney, just get (make) one of those "Santa" keys and leave it out of Santa on the porch to be able to come in the front makes it even more mysterious! Just come to see me before you all head off for Miami. I am so glad you will all be together! LOVE YOU!

Marmie writes...

We will leave the door open! With a sign on the door.....

Amy writes...

The tradition of Christmas at my grandparent's house changed with the passing of my grandfather. My grandmother started coming to us. While it was easier to not travel during the holidays, something was missing. It just didn't feel the same. grandmother is having Christmas back at her house this year...and I feel like a kid all over again! Best of luck on your travels.

Kelly writes...

Patience - the no chimney thing I've got down. We were given as a gift many years ago (even though we had a fireplace) a special Santa key that you hang on front door that lets him in. I'd google it. You might be able to find one too.

Tina writes...

This made me cry a bit. Lovely!

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