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True love is putting blue lights on your bushes in front of your house

Posted by Kristen on December 18, 2008 at 6:28 AM in Kristen
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Last year Derek hit the sale rack at the hardware store after Christmas. I would normally freak out but he came home with boxes and boxes of Christmas lights for a dollar a piece. That was definitely thinking ahead. Fast forward to a few days ago when we decided to decorate the outside of our house for the holidays for the first time ever. It was nice to have those $7 worth of decorations.

To say that Ethan is in the Christmas spirit would be an understatement. So excited about the lights outside, he was jumping up and down when the last box was opened and he realized there were blue lights to go on a cypress bush.

Hold the phone. Blue lights?

He was delirious. I was devastated. BLUE LIGHTS???? His father came around the corner of the house.

Kristen: You bought blue lights. Blue lights. Blue lights?
Derek: They were a dollar?
Kristen: I don't care if they were free.
Derek: They aren't THAT bad.
Ethan: Mommommommommom. We are going to put the blue lights up now, right?

Derek started to laugh because he knew what would happen. How could I deny this cute face anyway?

If the colored lights made him happy, you should have seen his smile when the blue lights were fired up. And when I hung the red lights in his bedroom? Even better.


Liz K writes...

this is precisely the reason that the lights on our lamppost blink. My 5 yo just loves the blinkety!

patience writes...

I think the blue lights are PERFECT! Remember the year you had the blue and silver Christmas tree? although that tree was very elegant and shimmery.

All tacky light displays get a BIG response over here, the tackier the better. Those big blow up things? HUGE hit.

I love it. Especially that Ethan boy.

Derek writes...

I always liked our blue Christmas lights at our house. I got multicolors now for Julie though. Ours hung for 2 years. Now they are on some bushes. Oh, and we have the tacky going at our house too, music synchronization and one inflatable.

Gayle writes...

Think of it this way -- you're making all of the Jewish kids in your neighborhood happy too! When I was a kid and we saw blue lights on someone's house (usually accompanied by a menorah) we were excited that our holiday was being recognized as well.

KristenAuthor Profile Page writes...

Gayle, Excellent point. I like knowing that I have spread the joy to include all of the kids in the neighborhood. I think the red lights might still have to stay in Ethan's room though. They just might send me over the color edge if I added them to my multi/blue light display that is already testing my ordinary-clear-light existence. LOL.

jess writes...

ah, the tacky things we will do because our children show us how wonderful tackiness can be! i own a mother and baby pair of light-up polar bears, purchased last year because my 5 y/o was just SO amazed by them every time we were in the store. the mother slowly (and creepily, if you ask me) turns her head. they're hideously wonderful.

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