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Communication: brother-style

Posted by Kristen on January 12, 2009 at 7:10 AM
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One of the things I looked forward to when having my second was having a translator to help us navigate the tough times when language development makes you crazy because your nearly two year old is screaming in the bathtub, clearly trying to express something, and no matter of miming and charades is helping you cross the language barrier.

I remember when Jack was first starting to speak and we would look to Josiah for translation. "Oh, Jackie Boy would like a drink." Who knew? Jack would nod affirmatively and all was right with the world.

That's the funniest thing about Ethan and Nathan. Never in my entire life have I met an older sibling who is less adept in translation for a younger brother or sister.

Nathan: aggaba!
K: Nate, I don't understand. What do you need?
Nathan: AGGABA!!!
K: I'm sorry, Nate. I can't understand. Can you show me?
K: Ethan, do you know what Nate wants?
Ethan: (matter of factly) Mom, he wants aggaba.
K: Huh? What is that?
Ethan: I don't know but he's saying "aggaba."
Nathan: (nodding affirmatively) AGGABA!


K: Ethan, there is no such thing as "aggaba." Do you KNOW what he wants because I can't figure it out.
Ethan: He just wants "aggaba," Mom.
K: What IS "aggaba," Ethan?
Ethan: I don't know. I'm just telling you what he wants.

I feel like I just need Josiah, the Great Communicator, to live with us until we can get beyond this hump of being unable to understand. Because listening to gibberish from TWO children is enough to drive you insane.


devan writes...

LOL!! Hilarious!!

Sarah writes...

Oh, wow, we are going through a screaming one-year old right now that needs to learn some words or I am going to lose my mind. His sister generally interprets his shrieks relative to her, claiming that he LOVES to be carried around the room by her (even though he's screaming) or that he LOVES to have her shove apples in his mouth (even though he's screaming), etc.

This post was a great reminder that this is a common phase. It is seriously making me go a little nuts. Maybe Patience can rent out Josiah, the Great Communicator, to frustrated parents.

misty writes...

It could be worse. My boys are 10 months apart. They developed their own language and even now that they are 7 and 6 use it to talk about us, plot against us or plan the strategic little sister attack! After 5 years of their language, I know the word for pen!

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