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Super Sisters

About the Supersisters

Jen, Kristen, and Patience

Three real-life sisters sharing their kids' antics, milestones and adventures through this crazy journey called motherhood. Find out more »

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Questions for the Supersisters

Posted by Patience on January 9, 2009 at 7:00 AM in Patience
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Do you have any questions? You have to have some. I'm sure you are dying to know which sister has a deep love of Bon Jovi and all 80's rock ballads. And who is the mysterious 4th sister? Who has changed her entire oufit while driving the boat that was the avocado green Chevy Nova at 85mph? Who was the Homecoming Queen? Can you guess which supersister loves to share her various and many "tips"?

But seriously, do you have a parenting question keeping you up at night? or are you wondering about how to get better photographs of your kids? Are you in need of advice from a supersister or the community at large?

We'd love to hear your questions, ideas, thoughts. Here's your chance to take the reins of this blog. Let us know in the comments. Ask anything, we're dying to hear what interests you.

For every 10 comments, I will reveal one embarrassing fact about one of my sisters, come on, it'll be fun. I SO wanna tell!


Charlie writes...

Got one! My boys are 5 1/2 and 2 1/2. How in the world do I get the older one to be nice to his kid brother???

Sophie writes...

Okay, I've got to know...who was it who changed her whole outsift while driving 85 mph? My guess is Kristen, but I'd love to know. Whichever one of you it was is lucky to be here blogging today!

But, I do have a paretning question as well...with all your kids and cousins, there must be a fair bit of sibling/cousin rivalry when they get together. What are your strategies for dealing with the clashes?

Gina writes...

Do little boys eventually get interested in potty training, or do I have to take the lead?
We're 3 months from age 3 and NO interest so far. Thanks.

ellen writes...

how do you prepare your children to move to the other side of the world - better yet, how do you prepare yourself?

Alice writes...

How do you keep your kids close to their grandparents when you aren't geographically near?

devan writes...

What about schools? Magnet? Straight-up public? Private? Homeschooling? Unschooling? Where do you guys stand??

nicole writes...

Would you be up for having 5 kids? Do you get tired of people (like me) asking you how you manage with 4? I have two and still can't figure it out!

Sarah writes...

How worried should I be about the effect of the Disney Princess Industrial Complex on my daughter and the impact of gun/war play on my son? Do I enforce my values (because I hate the idea of play centered around these gender stereotypes), or do I chill the heck out and realize they'll get over their fascination sooner or later?

christa writes...

Oh, there are so many questions that I'd like to ask, but i'm going to keep it simple tonight. You are all very creative and crafty and i'm wondering if you have any great ideas for some fun winter crafts.

Jess writes...

How old is too old to be potty training?

Becky writes...

This isn't a question but I want to answer the potty training - I've potty trained 3 boys. My boys were not eager - at all. Boys tend to need more time but by age 3, they are capable. Best advice anyone ever gave me was NO pullups, stay home for a few days, let them pick out their own underwear and let them run around the house in just underwear (avoid carpeted areas). After they pee on themselves a few times - trust me, they won't like it. 1st day - be prepared to wipe up the floor alot (but mine knew to run onto the tile). By day 2 or 3, it was over and done. However, if I went somewhere - car ride, mall, other activites, I put a pull up OVER the underwear. We had a rare accident. They knew the underwear were on and wouldn't pee on them. Beware, pooping takes a bit more work but if you got the one down, just one more to go. Pullups at night lasted alot longer but thats normal. One potty trained during the day from the first moment, but took about 6 months for night, while the other had issues during the day but never had an accident at night. Each one is different. My oldest would HAVE to sleep with pullups over his underwear at night - of course, they were always wet in the morning and this went on for a year (no problems during the day at all)but we just went with the flow. Eventually his bladder size caught up. That's what worked for us!

Becky writes...

I actually do have a question, I was just wondering the other day about the "missing" sister? Even though she doesn't have children, I'm sure she would have things to add. Since her other sisters always have such wonderful advice and insite to so many things, I'm sure her talents are vast too! Maybe you could get her to post once in a while!

Danyelle writes...

Any suggestions for the only child syndrome? This "mine" thing gets really old. When I was a nanay in college, I used to tell the child I cared for that she should put any "special " toys away when guests visit. It totally worked. I tried it on my child and apparently everythiing we own is "too spcial". He did go through his toys before Christmas and donated mounds to charity- so I guess I am doing soemthing right. Oh- and I personally would love to hear the most embarrassing stroy about Kristen you have in yor artillery. Number one- don't go sugar coating it etiehr. I hope you are adjusting well to life with four kids. YOu mother must have had some insight when she named you. Love to all the super sisters- you too Katie.

danyelle writes...

Oh- I think Kristen has a 80's hair band fetish. I think Patience was the homecoming queen and Jen is the one with all the tips. I'm gonna guess that the gettting naked while driving a car at dangerous speeds is Kristen also.

danyelle writes...

Oh- I think Kristen has an 80's hair band fetish, Patience was the homecoming queen and Jen has all the tips. I'm gonna guess that the getting naked while driving at dangerous and illegal speeds was Kristen also.

kelly writes...

i have a question. we just had our second child in under two years and i am wondering how the heck i'm supposed to find the time and energy to build and maintain an intimate relationship with my husband when the kids demand so much--sometimes all--of us. am i committing a major no-no if i let things slide for a while? or am i committing a major no-no if i try to take on marital issues right now?

Jess writes...

I thought of another question this morning! What loving, creative ways can you guys think of to say "OMG will you PLEASE stop talking"? My 6 y/o sometimes goes on and on and on and on (he gets it from me, lol). Sometimes I really don't have the ability to listen for that long, but he plows right over my attempts to gracefully end the conversation. Ideas, supersisters? I need a way to be nice to him while still getting out the door on time!

Becky, thanks for your thoughts! My 3.5 y/o is boy #2 in this family. Things went so easily with #1, he was just shy of 3, we did naked time for a week, bang, we were fully in underwear by the end of the week, and out of nighttime diapers a week or two later! Son #2 is so very very different from his brother. He's got a lot of pieces of the puzzle but he's inconsistent.

Liz writes...

I have 3 sisters and our kids get together a lot. We had an incident recently where one of the kids (5 yrs) pulled down the pants of another (4 yrs). The mom feels it was a sexual intention or hazing of her child in front of the other couzins. She feels that if this would have happened at a neigbors home she would never let the kids play together again.
What is your take?

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