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Jen, Kristen, and Patience

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Sometimes you realize that not everyone else has it easy

Posted by Kristen on January 8, 2009 at 6:59 AM in KristenRaising BoysSchool
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Derek called to tell me that he had just gotten back from lunch with our friend Laura. It seems that her nearly two-year-old has been giving them a run for their money, too.

I had been starting to believe that we were the only people with crazy children. I know it's not true, but sometimes it feels this way. In fact, Nathan just got dropped off from school yesterday with a comment that he had bitten another child in the class. There are only eight children in his class. He has bitten three of them. Which means 50% of the class since he clearly can't get in trouble for biting himself. When I asked him why he bit poor victim number 3, he yelled, "it was MINE, Mommy."

Um, no, it wasn't. It wasn't yours. I'm pretty sure of that since we don't take anything to school with us. I'm pretty sure it was the school's. Whatever it was. But back to our friend.

It appears that just before Christmas, Baby Girl hopped over not one but two gates around the Christmas tree and her mother only realized this as she heard her glass ornaments shatter against the wall. It seems that Baby Girl was throwing the ornaments because she liked the sound they made as they hit the wall. And then there were the heirloom fabric ornaments that she attempted to flush down the toilet a few days later after filling the bowl.

K: Tell me you didn't laugh.
D: It was funny.
K: No, it's not funny.
D: Oh, it's funny when it's not your kid who is doing it.

They had discussed failed nap times and nearly snapping and slowing feeling like you are losing your mind. I felt this conversation was wasted on my husband. He usually makes it until 20 minutes into bathtime before bed before he starts freaking out because the boys have started this really awesome game of sliding down the back of the tub at the same time to see how big a splash they can send into the far wall before the wave veers over onto the floor.

And I don't even do bathtime. I guess that's because by 7:15, I'm already rocking in a corner, babbling inconsolably. At least today I'm not the person who is mourning her Christmas ornaments. We may be a small band of parents of ill-behaved, mischievous children but we know how to stick together. Now would be a good time to tell me your best story of "spirited" behavior by your child. I could use the company. Go on.


Bea writes...

OMG! I hate biters. My child has been bitten by couple of those oh-my-child-is-so-precious-don't-ever-spank-him kind of kids. Thank God, our school removes these kids after a 3rd bite and sends them home until they learn to behave in a group setting. Biting is unacceptable, period.

KristenAuthor Profile Page writes...

Bea, you are absolutely correct that biting is unacceptable and I apologize if I seemed glib in my discussion of it. In my preschool I am forced to rely on the experience and discipline by my son's 24 year veteran teacher of two-year-olds. Two of the incidents occurred in the first two weeks of school and this has been the first time in 5 months. While biting is never okay, the teacher elected to punish both the children since Nathan's bite was responsive rather than predatory. I look forward to having more of your comments here at Supersisters. The longer you stick around, the quicker you will see that I am one of the last people who would ever believe her children are "too precious" to discipline. As Nathan gets a little older, I hope that his ability to communicate will increase so he isn't displaying his frustration and anger in unacceptable ways like biting.

Lauri writes...

On Christmas Eve (yes, the DAY of the NIGHT THAT SANTA COMES) our 9 year old daughter hauled off and punched our 11 year old son causing lovely lovely holiday pictures! Why? you might ask ... "cause" was the only answer I could get out of either of them!
Good luck ...

ellen writes...

I am pretty sure Bea just said she hates Nathan. What? Has she already lost her holiday spirit? Did I read that right? My children are simply perfect so I do not have any stories (that I am willing) to share.

Jen writes...

Fingernail polish on the new read couch.

Crayons all over the walls.

Clothing sliced through with scissors.

Did you want me to continue?

(p.s. - I find it ironic that the security word I'm supposed to type below is "survivors."

nicole writes...

Don't know if this would be considered "spirited," but there was the time when my daughter (then 3) pooped into the heating vent, then blamed it on her baby brother who was too young to defend himself.

Now, I'm able to laugh about it. Then, not so much.

Bea writes...

To Ellen: My kids are normal kids, not perfect. But biting is just unacceptable. I'm sure if my kid had bitten your kid, you would raise stink at school and make sure that ALL other moms know who bit whom.
More time teaching kids, less time blogging! Peace.

Amy writes...

I am a teacher, so I do see physical "retribution" frequently. Of course this behavior is unacceptable, and deserves to be disciplined. But, children are not adults, and their reasoning capability has not quite yet matured. I am still teaching my first graders to use their words, express their feelings, and how to use calm down methods before reacting. Most all children will learn to not act out physically with time, but some children may take longer than others. My advice? Stick to a specific discipline plan for these behaviors, and keep in mind that this too shall pass.

Bea writes...

Now the question is whose child threw the heirloom ornaments in the toilet. Was it yours, Kristen or your friend's that you refer to in your twitter post?

ellen writes...

Bea - I was going to ignore your response to my comment but you opened that door wide open. I was really giving you the benefit of the doubt that you did not understand that Nathan is Kristen's child because your comment was pretty nasty if you actually realized that you were writing to his mother. I am sure your child has bitten or otherwise hurt another child too - you may not believe that but I would put money down it has happened (even in this economy it's a bet I'd be willing to make) - it happens to all of us - but not everyone goes around spreading the word on the bad behavior of other children - because most of us understand it just happens sometimes. Kids get frustrated. And if you are suggesting that spanking a child (teaching them to not bite by hitting them) is an appropriate form of discipline, well, we are all entitled to our own opinion.
As for what I should be doing with my time (teaching v. blogging) - well, I will stop myself here.
One last thing - you may not know Kristen, but she is very funny and sometimes a wee bit sarcastic - that is why I like her so much - and sometimes I am sarcastic too. Lighten up. Life will be a lot more enjoyable if you do. Peace, indeed.
Kristen - so sorry, I could not help myself!

Bea writes...

To Ellen:
Dear Ellen, breathe in, breathe out, no no, just calm down, no need to get all flustered. I just expressed my general opinion about biters and my experience with them so far. I appreciate you coming to Kristen's defense. It is lovely. I'm sure you'll have a lovely afternoon calling your girlfriends telling them how someone commented on this blog and how she said these awful things. LOL

Becky writes...

One of my favorite (I can say this now) episodes was when my twins were about 2, they were always in the same room as myself - I was home full-time with them. One day I was forced by nature to go to the potty. The bathroom was a mere 4 or 5 steps from where I was sitting in the living room, the twins were playing nicely on the floor. It was in and out. Then later, as I sat in my living room with them again, I was sitting on the couch folding laundry when I looked up and saw something purple dangling from high up on my curtains. Mmmmm - what could that be? When I investigated, I realized that in the brief time I stepped away, they got hold of some childrens scissors (I swear there were none that I knew of that they could reach or use)....but despite being so short, rarely ever using scissors (they did know how - they had amazing coordination with them), they cut holes all over the sheers and curtains on both sides of the front window. They must have also gotten up on the chair, which they were never allowed to do, to reach the height of cutting. If the scissors hadn't gotten stuck, who knows what creation they would have made. Because the curtains were pulled open, when they cut their 101 slits, when you closed the curtains, they turned into holes (kinda like the making a snowflake technique when you cut the design and then open the paper). To this day, we are in awe of how those 2 pulled off such a feat. So much so, I've never had the heart to replace the curtains. They still hang in our living room, cuts and all!!

Tara writes...

Who knew it could get so snarky over here at pbs?

"more time teaching kids - less time blogging" topped off with "peace".

Nicely played passive aggressive and condescending commenting there!

My child tore a sink off the wall ( I believe I was blogging at the time) trying to climb into it to look in the mirror. In the end the shattered sink was far more damaged than the bleeding 4 year old boy.

But -- he would never bite. Clearly, that is unacceptable. (as long as we're being snarky and all)

Bea writes...

Good to see that my comment created such reaction here and on twitter. Great! I think I will become a regular here.

Amber writes...

OK, my all-time favourite conversation with my (then) 2-year-old was about cereal up the nose. She kept sticking it up there, I kept telling her not to, and she kept telling me that it was OK, "Because it fit." Fun times!

My child was bitten several times (by the same kid) in daycare as a toddler, and I wasn't that upset about it. He sort of targeted her, the teachers dealt with it, and it resolved in a few days. Toddlers are barbarians, that's all there is to it. The two of them became the best of friends once he got over the biting stage.

Isabel writes...

Hmm. My spirited boy is almost 4 years old and it just never ends. When he was 16 months old, in an attempt to get some more sleep, I let him play around the room with me. When I finally decided to open my eyes, he emptied the small trash bin full of dirty diapers (rolled up, thank heavens!) and lined them up on the edge of my bed. When I asked him what he was doing, he said, "Ta dah!" I knew then I life was never going to be boring, and it hasn't.

Some weekends, I leave all 3 of the kids with their dad to run errands and by the 2nd hour, I get a phone call begging me to come back home. I'm just thankful my twins aren't AS spirited!

patience writes...

Becky...I LOVE that story and love it even more that you kept the curtains up.

When I worked in a church years ago we had this little boy in preschool that was quite a handful.

One time during Easter Sunday school service, the little guy slipped under the table and cut a hundred tiny holes in the teacher's skirt while she helped the other kids at the table. She was kind of uptight to begin with and was mortified. I had to talk her down while trying not to laugh the entire time.

Sheryl writes...

I have 2 very "spirited" little boys, the most recent situation consisted of 3 1/2yr old covering himself completely, his toys, some clothes with Eucerin lotion, because his hands were lathered up he couldn't open the door knob.
A couple of months ago, he found some of my lipstick and covered his brothers room with pink stripes and Curious George was given his medicine as well!
I LOL reading this post. Thanks for sharing!

Cheryl writes...

Can I tattle on my sister's kid? I find what her kids do much more comical than what mine do.

My sister was trying to teach my youngest nephew how to pee standing up like a Big Boy in the potty. She had read somewhere that you should put Cheerios in the toilet and encourage the child to "hit the target." It makes potty training more fun.

There should have been a disclaimer at the end of that article. My sister was feeding her kids Cheerios one morning and she walked out of the room for less than a minute. When she came back into the kitchen, my youngest nephew was standing on top of the kitchen table, diaper on the floor, peeing into his cereal bowl, and said, "Look Mommy! I did good!"

They didn't eat Cheerios for years.

Jess writes...

It's incredible how long it takes to clean up half a bottle of shampoo that has been dumped on the floor, how long it will suds and suds and suds despite repeated rinsing. I know this because my three-year-old granted me the pleasure of this experience yesterday afternoon. Thanks, child.

While I cleaned it, I reflected on tales of my youngest brother's antics at the same age, and wondered why his mischief was always more comic than messy. My kids go for the mess - the imppossible-to-clean, OMG-where-do-I-start mess - every time.

*mascara all over child and bathroom
*lipstick all over child and bathroom
*zinc-oxide diaper lotion, whole tube, applied directly to scalp and carpet
*entire bottle of toasted sesame oil dumped in pantry
*carafe of coffee (!!) turned into Lake Caffeine

The good news is that I can put them through college with the book of cleaning tips I can write...if they stop making messes long enough for me to write it!

Ivy writes...

I am Mommy to 2 lovely but often ill behaved children
(1 1/2 and 3 1/2). I run a daycare out of our house and have seen all sorts come through our doors. One in particular is a serious biter. I cant afford to kick him out, his mom is my best friend and i also watch his 3 (soon to be 4) other siblings. He started biting at around a year and is still doing it now at 2. myself and his parents have tried everything! They suggested at one point giving him hot sauce so after an incident i took him in the kitchen and set him on the counter and gave him his 'punishment' He liked it. Licked his lips and asked for more! since then we have moved up the hot sauce ladder thinking at some point it's going to be too hot, nothing works. I have given the child Dave's Ultimate Insanity sauce and his only reaction was a little shiver and then a big grin. The child has no taste buds! And still he comes running into the room happily playing, mouth open wide and you best not be bent over because he'll take a chunk out of the nearest obect he can get his teeth on! I love him though!

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Ann Marie writes...

Patience, I love your name. I know you did not mean to imply biting was okay.

My oldest "spririted child" is nineteen. He is studying software engineering, starring in a Shakespeare play, and he plays bass guitar (has been padi to do so professionally). He's an Eagle Scout, and a former comedy improv troupe member. He is good humored, usually the one pointing out to everyone around him that theire lives really do not stink, and let's count our blessings. He's kind and manages to draw in the "left out" people.

This kid once turned the sidewalk purple doing an experiment with potassium permanganate. His friend says he is "not just a person, but an experience". You know exactly what I mean!

We home schooled. I did not want him to be labeled negatively in school. he went to high schoo, and there, he blossomed, and now, in college, he is even more of a delight to everyone around him.

We have six younger kids, and I could tell similar stories about them, but you get my point.

I love spirited children. Raising them is hard work, but there's a beautiful, mysterious, dancing light at the end of the tunnel. Hang in there!

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