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Super Sisters

About the Supersisters

Jen, Kristen, and Patience

Three real-life sisters sharing their kids' antics, milestones and adventures through this crazy journey called motherhood. Find out more »

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Supersister Secrets Revealed

Posted by Patience on January 16, 2009 at 7:00 AM in Patience
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shhh josiah.jpg

As I promised from this post:

Who has a deep love for 80's rock ballads? Kris
Bad English, Warrant, Bon Jovi anyone? If you share this love, tell us your favorite in the comments.

Who is the mysterious 4th sister? Our sister Katie is a nursing student and aunt extraordinaire. She also happens to be a brilliant writer, so yes (to our reader Becky), we will try to convince her to guest post sometime.

Who was the homecoming queen? Patience, it's so embarassing.

Which sister has changed her entire outfit while driving in an old green Chevy Nova at 85mph? 2 sisters actually, Jen and Kris have switched entire outfits (even shoes) while one of them drove. It was impressive.

Who is the queen of "tips"? Jen, for sure. It's an older sister thing.

Danyelle, you were 3 for 3. Thanks for all your questions and look for answers in the weeks to come. Feel free to share any embarassing stories about your sisters in the comments, along with your favorite 80's rock ballad.


Gina writes...

Tesla, Love Will Find a Way (I think this may technically be early 90s)

Jess writes...

White Snake, Here I Go Again.

The Fourth Sister writes...

In addendum to the sweet definition of myself above:

I am a governmental consultant at the Florida Department of Health, working primarily on advocacy, policy and legislative affairs. It's a fancy way of saying I spend 45 hours a week putting out fires.

On nights & weekends, I attend nursing school and despite its rigorous program, I enjoy immensely.

Every other hour practically, I work as a nurse extern in a neuro intensive care unit. People often ask why or how I manage to fit another job into my schedule, but those 10 hours are the most fun I have every week.

My sister was very generous to say I am a brilliant writer. My writing is dreadfully dull - lots of reports, legislation, analysis, etc. Or at school, which unless you are interested in the clinical manifestations of chronic stable angina or whatnot - also a snooze-fest.

Lastly, any opinions from me will probably arrive here, in the comment section. A decade of politics has made me leery of the blogosphere and honestly, I am clueless when it comes to the mysterious world of kids. That I will leave to my exceptionally capable siblings.

Amber writes...

Poison, Every Rose has its Thorn

My husband recently made me a 'mix CD' of all my favorite hair ballads. It's one of my most treasured gifts. ;-)

Rock on!

Bryan writes...

Bon Jovi rules. Always would be the perfect song if you are looking for ballads. However, do not just connect Bon Jovi to the 80's as they are more than relevant today. There last album went #1 and they were the top grossing concert tour in 2008 so keep on rockin'!

Becky writes...

Bon Jovi, Bon Jovi, Bon Jovi! I moved from the big hair to the flat hair stages with them! I will be 80 and still rocking with Jon!

Sarah writes...

When Adam and I got together, we were very proud to discover that our new combined household had TWO copies of New Jersey and Slippery When Wet.
Still, I think Every Rose Has Its Thorn may be the best. I will also always have a special place in my heart for I Remember You.

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