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The Beginning of Everything and Other Good Things Babies Help Me Remember

Posted by Jen on January 7, 2009 at 12:01 AM in BabiesJen
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lyra grace

It used to be that we knew everything there was to know about babies in our house. We were veritable baby experts with a thousand baby tricks and a hundred baby books on our shelves and more well-researched opinions than any one household in America.

Then our babies turned into toddlers and all the fleeting discussions about a third passed and then we were parents of elementary school age kids and that was that. Now I ask silly questions like, "Would the baby like some pizza?" and "Do you think she'd like to sit here or there?" not having any recall really about what babies do and don't do. I honestly don't remember. All I wish for is that they feel included. And that they do NOT cry.

Crying, I do remember. Crying I still can't take even for one second.

This weekend I had the chance to spend a little time with baby Lyra, Patience's fourth (and final?) baby. We stared at each other for long spells until someone laughed or the other one smiled. She's something, that Lyra. She watches and waits to see where her dear ones are in the room. She sits quietly waiting for her moment, just in case you're curious to see her sweet, slow smile.

I like to think of babies as new friends. Lovely little people I am just this minute getting to know. I feel responsible that they are so new. I hope they know they are welcome in the world and that the people around them are glad they arrived, just in time. I think of this now when I meet grownups who eat pizza and sit wherever they want without a second thought. Each one of us used to be a tiny baby, I think. Each one of us used to be so fragile, so calm.

(Even you.)

I hope you will be gentle and kind to the crying, screaming, not smiling babies today--the one in your house AND the one in your heart. I hope you will think about the beginning when you were little like Lyra and needed the simplest things like someone to sit with you, someone to hold you, someone to wait for your sweet smile. You still need it. You really, really do.


Mary writes...

This is lovely. Thank you.

Lisa writes...

Excellent post!

I, too, love to look into the faces of babies and welcome them to our world. Have their souls been here before, I wonder?

Regardless of the circumstances of their birth, EACH and EVERY one of them deserve our utmost love and care.

Thank you for reminding us of these simple, poignant truths.

Amber writes...

Thank you for a lovely post. For the reminder to be gentle with everyone, even ourselves.

When I was pregnant with my first baby, I remember being struck with the thought that everyone came from the same place. Each person I met was some woman's baby, each person (no matter how seemingly insignificant) had a mother who birthed them. We're all sort of miraculous in our own right.

marg writes...

so beautiful. thank you. you so often say the words that i (didn't know) i needed to hear. thanks for being so brave and sharing so much. it means so much to me.

Valerie writes...

This made me tear up a little bit. It's so easy to get frustrated by a fussy baby. In the end we need to remember that their needs are so simple and should treasure the fact all they want from us is love.

Nikole writes...

Showing kindness and patience to the little one in my house comes rather easily. In fact, I'm often amazed at how far and wide my patience is able to stretch. But, it's the little girl in my heart that I need to be more gentle with. Thank you for a lovely post (as always).

kelly writes...

What you write is True.
And so soothing.
Good work.

Anne-Marie writes...

Your post made me smile :-) Lovely. Amazing how quickly we forget. My son is now 6 years old - I loved him when he was a quite little new baby but as he grows older I love & enjoy him more and more. I truly believe with children, as with many things in life "the best is yet to come..."

Best regards

Bet writes...

Wonderful, wonderful post.

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