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Walking the Parenting Fine Line

Posted by Kristen on January 29, 2009 at 8:37 AM in KristenRaising Boys
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My children never cease to amaze me. I walk this fine line between protecting them and letting them be free to be children. I guess I am always walking the line because I am forever trying to anticipate what the end result is going to be to some specific action.

Take the sledding, for instance. Ethan, while being a wild and crazy child, has his very sensitive moments. He is either falling down and laughing or falling down and assuming that the world has just come to an end. I am constantly trying to gauge what the final outcome will be before the event. Doesn't it sound like I am just trying to protect him like a good mom? Right? Actually I am just trying to avoid the 45 minutes of wailing for a crushed ego in case that is the emotion that chooses to surface. Because seriously, you mothers of girls who say, "at least you don't have the DRAMA all the time" really need to just knock it off. We know drama over here.

The picture above? Ethan started pulling Nathan in the sled down our ridiculously treacherous driveway. How treacherous is your driveway, Kristen? Um, my car, while being completely shoveled out, is stuck there until the ice melts. Sure I can try to drive it up the driveway but the last time I did that, I slid to the bottom and stopped just inches from the garage door. Inches. Whatever engineering scientist who came up with the slope to this driveway should be beaten with a wet noodle.

However, if you are nearly 4 and nearly 2, it is an excellent driveway for sledding. At their father's suggestion, Ethan began pulling the sled from the very top. About 2/3's of the way down, he slipped on the ice and when face first into the snow. The sled continued to go, pushing him down the driveway. His face was like our own personal driveway plow. When he got up after the last 20 foot slide on his face, he screamed, "AGAIN, NATE!!! AGAIN!!!!"

While I was glad to avoid the drama, I must say the window into my future was one filled with more trips to the ER. We've just added winter to the mix now. Oh, well.


suzanne writes...

Ditto, you said it better than I could! I feel like you are describing my three boys...! I even have one named Ethan too!

Amber writes...

We have a running joke that nothing's fun for our 4-year-old unless there is a risk of death or injury. And she's a girl. They're always pushing their limits, and I'm always trying to walk that same line.

Creative Play Muse writes...

It is a fine line, but at least your aware of it!

nick stoles writes...

You totally described the feelings of millions of parents worldwide. But sometimes, we've gotta let go & let them experience the knocks & falls. :)

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Julie writes...

Oh man, the comment about DRAMA is TOOOO true in our house, too. My Harrison is DRAMA king, although he gets some of it honestly, from his daddy!!
This is a great blog/post, whatever you call this thing.

parenting help writes...

I feel you are explaining about my two sons. It is better to explain the children about the considerable issues before going for outing.

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