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Things You Don't Say to a Pregnant Woman and Grand Prize Winners!

Posted by Kristen on February 16, 2009 at 8:37 AM in GiveawayKristen
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Normally, I would lift up my shirt and take a picture of my pregnant belly, but it seemed kinda weird to do over here and frankly, I'm a little creeped out about my outie belly button that miraculously appeared when I was 10 weeks pregnant. The Baby was like the size of a quarter at that point and I had an outie? Odd, I know.

This weekend was a busy weekend for us. We had a birthday party for the boys yesterday (more to come on that on a later day) and then I had to work a wine festival on Saturday. While a majority of my sales for my small business involves selling my tees online, my friend Wendy has opened my eyes to the world of craft fairs and shows. Opened my eyes in that if you attend a craft show or a fair, you apparently are there to spend money and if it is indoors, you are a relatively captive audience.

So there I was on Saturday in my little booth, selling away. I imagine in a perfect world at 36 weeks pregnant, I would have foregone this festival this year and waited until next year when things, I'm sure, will be SO much less complicated (hahahahaha). But thanks to this being the year that the dollar is not quite stretching as far as it used to stretch, I found myself under a mound of shirts, looking positive and cheerful and sales-y.

I had a FABULOUS day and sold out of most of my stuff. That is always good. But I had to pay for my successful day.

A kindly older gentleman stopped at my booth as I was sorting things out. With the air of an OB, he said, "You know, when you are this far along, you really should be at home in bed with your feet up on a Saturday."

My response? "If only Dominion Power would agree with you on that one rather than sending that pesky, 'we really weren't joking last month when we sent you that bill so you should pay us already' notice." We all laughed and he wandered away, enjoying his delicious looking Pinot Noir as my ankles swelled another 1/4."

His heart was in the right place and it was a lot nicer comment then the woman who stood three feet away from me and pointed me out to her friends and yelled "LOOK AT HER! SHE'S ABOUT TO POP!!!" In case you were wondering, I was NOT behind glass so I could hear her perfectly. She was (and this is lucky for her) outside of my swing range.

People mean well and we have all had a moment when our social filters are a little less effective than they should be. Share the best comment you have heard (said to you, said to a friend or, gasp, said yourself by accident). I know there is nothing to win today other than my undying love, but comment anyway.

Wasn't I cruel to make you wait for Friday's winner AND the grand prize winner announcement? HEY, I have heartburn. Cut me some slack. In the awesomeness of random number generator, our winner of the Philosophy Recipe Box was Commentor #1--Ann. Ann whose comment was thanking us for being a winner the day before. Ann, your lovely manners won you yet another something!

And the grand prize winners???? We made Jean pick the winners. We figured it was kinda like picking up your million dollar lottery winnings at the corner stop-and-rob. Everyone KNOWS you can only get your scratch off winnings THERE. You have to meet the BIG PEOPLE to get the BIG PRIZES!!!

Carrie wins the Graco SweetPeace (from her comment on Feb. 4 at 10:10 on the post Sing Me the Wintertime Blues) and Jess wins the HP Wireless Printer (from her comment on February 9 at 10:27 on the SuperWhy Super Giveaway post).

Thanks so much for everyone's participation. Don't ditch us because rumor on the street is that we are going to have a BIGGER giveaway right around the corner. Seriously. Trust me on this one.


Carrie writes...

Okay, this TOTALLY made my day. Especially since it's a holiday and I had to drag my pregnant self to work before 7 AM while my son and husband slept soundly at home. But to find your email and this post waiting for me just makes everything better!

I'm glad the sales went well, and good job not hurting the stupid people. Why are people so dumb around pregnant women? :)

Amber writes...

If you weren't out selling stuff, would you actually be able to lie in bed with your feet up? During my last pregnancy work was where I went to escape the craziness of life with a little one.

As for me, I had a co-worker lecture me when he discovered that I was (GASP!) foregoing a flu shot. I never get a flu shot, and he'd never cared before. If it's nosy and rude to say to a non-pregnant woman, it's still nosy and rude when she's pregnant.

Sarah writes...

Well, this isn't pregnancy related, but when I was trying on wedding dresses, one of the sales ladies said, "are you sure you don't want a little more support for your girls?" Nice.

When I was pregnant with my first, I wasn't as big as some people seemed to think I should be--I am tall and have a long torso, so I think there was a lot of room for the baby to go up and in before going out. My fundal height was measuring fine and everything. Towards the end of the pregnancy, someone asked me how pregnant I was. When I said "eight months," she got a horrified look on her face and said, "is everything OKAY with the BABY? You're not big enough for eight months." Thanks, because you know, with your first pregnancy, you aren't neurotic enough already.

trena writes...

Oh all the lovely things people say--whatever happened to people saying things like, "You're such a beautiful glowing pregnant woman!" ?


When I was pregnant with my munchkin, I had alot of problems with the lower joints in my back. Consequently, it made it kind of hard and extremely painful to walk with any kind of speed, especially at the end of my pregnancy. One day, I think the week before I went out for maternity leave and actually had the boy, as I was oh-so-carefully old man shuffling down the hall at work (my back cursing loudly at me at every step) two fellow employees walking behind me remarked just loudly enough for me to hear, "Oh wow, she really does walk like a pregnant lady". It's really lucky for them that I couldn't do much more than shoot the look of death at them.

Martha writes...

Besides the occassional "she's about to pop" comments...I think my absolute "favorite" comment came from a co-worker of mine when I was 34 weeks pregnant (lucky for her, too that she was out of swinging range). She said "you must be having a girl, because when you're pregnant with a girl, you spread wide. When you're pregnant with a boy, you carry all the weight in the belly." Well, I had the baby that weekend...6 weeks early... and he was a small but healthy BOY. And, I could still pull up my pre-pregnancy jeans when I came home from the hospital. So, HA! (I couldn't zip them, of course) But, yes, people do mean well. Thank you for reminding us.

nancy writes...

3 times I have been asked if I was pregnant when I was NOT pregnant.

When I was pregnant someone told me that they could really tell I was pregnant from my ass.

Another person told me they could really tell I was pregnant because I was waddling now.

Thankfully, none of these people were friends!

Valerie writes...

I heard from multiple strangers, "Oh, you're definitely going to have a c-section."

Even though they were right (10+lbs. baby), it made me really angry and terrified.

kelly writes...

when i was at the end of my first pregnancy, a coworker walked by my office--i was standing there talking to another coworker--and pointed at my belly and started laughing maniacally, saying, "oh my GOD! you look so funny! skinny legs and a HUMONGOUS stomach!!!" thanks.

both pregnancies people asked me on a VERY regular basis if i was carrying twins. and everyone told me i'd never make it to my due date (i ended up going past my due date with both).

i was a pregnant bride--a very pregnant bride; 7 mos. pregnant to be exact--and when i went, at 5 mos. pregnant, to the fabric store with my friend who was making my dress, the saleslady asked my friend if the dress was for her. when we told her it was for me, her eyes got really big and she stared at my belly for a moment. "oh," she said, "when are you due?" me: "october." her: "WHAT?! october??!?! you're already HUUUUUUUGE!!!!!" yeah, thanks.

Ryan writes...

My wife is 6 1/2 months pregnant now I also got a weird comment the other day. We were at a restaurant and a couple came by and said, "ooooh, you're gonna have a fat baby". I was like WTF??? What they didn't know is that we are having twins. Some people...


I just got my box of goodies that I won from the giveaways and my kids were thrilled! Thanks so much! I can't wait to see what you have planned next!

Laura writes...

This posting just made my day. I'm 28 weeks pregnant with my 4th child and am carrying much bigger with this baby. I just got off of a teary phone call with my husband who was consoling me after the 3rd comment I've had to endure today about my baby belly. It started out with the neighbor asking if I still fit behind the stearing wheel. And it ended with my mother-in-law once again asking me, "Are you SURE they have your due date right???? You are soooo big!"

Sarah K writes...

At 36.5 weeks I hosted my best friends wedding shower. Between fulfilling my hosting duties and trying to keep my kankles from getting any bigger, I was introduced to a beautiful woman. Right after I warmly greeted her and welcomed her she stated. "Oh My God. You are huge!"

I am normally quite patient with people, but that comment sent me over the edge and I not so warmly replied, "That tends to happen when you are 8.5 months pregnant with a human" and walked away.

Some individuals just don't think before they speak.

USA Shop writes...

This redeployment in the past few minutes made my time. I'm 28 weeks pregnant with my 4th spawn and am haulage much superior with this baby. I in the past few minutes got rotten of a teary phone call with my wife who was kindly me in the same way as the 3rd comment I've had to endure in the present day on the order of my baby abdomen. It in progress elsewhere with the fellow citizen asking if I still fit behind the stearing sweep. And it ended with my mother-in-law in the past again asking me, "Are you definitely they engage in your due appointment well???? You are soooo vast!"

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