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A Winter Wish

Posted by Patience on February 6, 2009 at 7:40 AM in Patience
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september 2008 083.jpg

"I wish that groundhog hadn't seen his shadow." Jack said. "I want Spring."

"I wish we could go sledding." Josiah chimed in.

Everyone wishes Winter would shower us with her white goodness instead of just being bitterly cold. Hats and mittens are no fun without snowballs. The stir crazy cabin fever is raging and wishes are all we have.

Here are my Winter wishes:

1. I gotta go with Josiah, snow would be lovely.
2. I wish the gym accepted babies under 6 months in their childcare.
3. I wish we didn't have to go out to school, errands, and do life so much.

A fun idea for winter wishes with kids: Write all your wishes (in words or pictures) on a piece of paper with markers or bright crayons. Tell your kids to close their eyes, make one more secret wish and kiss the paper. Then fold and cut into snowflakes to hang from a window. Use the scraps for snow play in doll houses and hot wheel tracks.

Do you wish you had a cookie right now? Maybe this guy or his friend Barney will magically bring you some? Leave a comment telling me your winter wish and 2 lucky winners will win one of these plush little guys along with some PBS stickers and other fun swag.


And don't forget that leaving a comment enters you into our kicking grand prize drawing for a Graco SweetPeace or an HP Wireless Printer.

Who are our lucky winners from yesterday who love preschool just as much as their children? Congrats to Sky and Johannah B for being our lucky winners!


Carrie writes...

My winter wish... I think it's that we are all done with snow and temps below 20. I live in Seattle and we're just not equipped to deal with real winter. And I wish winter would pass quickly, since I'm expecting a baby in 4 more months and I'm ready to meet her!

maria-donna writes...

nice winter wish list. you're surely is a young at heart person!

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Jen writes...

My winter wish would be for spring to be here. Tired of the big coats and hats. For a fairy to plan my soon to be 8 year-old son's birthday. Any ideas?

nancy writes...

I wish for the morning a/k/a "all day, every day" sickness to go away. No wait. strike that, I wish for a healthy baby instead.

Jenny writes...

My wish is for warm weather, so I don't have the debate every day about whether it is too cold to take my kids outside or not!! I can't wait for Sunday...almost 60!!

Sky writes...

My winter wish...

A huge snowstorm. I want to go sledding (and of course I'll take the kids...but I get the first ride down!) and have lots of hot chocolate. Today is looking to be 60 degrees. In Nebraska. It's February!?! Just one more big hurrah, please.

The Bearded Lady writes...

My winter wish is lots of cookies, love and happiness!!

Kristen K writes...

My winter wish is to appreciate each day, whatever the weather. To learn to appreciate what the cold brings...fires in the wood stove, hot chocolate, sledding when there is snow, the shape of bare trees, my daughter and I scattering bird seed in the snow for the birds and squirrels (and sometimes our dog).

Liz Aquino writes...

My winter wish is for there to be enough snow to make snow angels and build a snowman and then for all the snow to magically disappear each morning so the sidewalks allow me to run outside rather than the treadmill!

devan writes...

I've gotten my wish today -- 70 degrees in the Sunny South! :)

kelly writes...

a heated outdoor playground that doesn't have germs all over it.

Lauren writes...

I wish I had a pair of snowshoes...I love snowshoe-ing!

ann writes...

my winter wish is for the rain in southern california to keep up! i wouldn't mind at least another month straight (minus the traffic accidents)... this has been a dry year for socal, so the rain that just came in again (it was ~80 degrees earlier this week) has been so welcome!

Danyelle writes...

I would love to have a really great snow. So much snow that my husband gets stuck home and we can all build snowmen and throw snow balls and go snowboarding and sledding with the neighbor kids. Then we could all have hot chocolate. and live in perfect harmony. For a day. Then I wish for 70 degree weather so the snow can melt and they can all leave me in peace! Hee hee

My winter wish is for a big snowstorm where we get enough snow to close school for just enough days that we don't have to extend the year into the summer but that the snow is good enough for snowmen, snowball fights, and lots of sledding! And if the snow could come without the ice that made its appearance in the DC Metro Area last week, that would be greatly appreciated. Then bring on spring!

Karin A writes...

I wish for a bouquet of lilacs! Just to remind me that spring is coming in a few months....

Bella writes...

Don't shoot me ~ but my winter wish is for SNOW! We live in the south & go years without seeing the beautiful white fluffy stuff ... when we do we're lucky to get 2 inches.

I want my girls to grow up knowing how much fun it is to have snowball fights, sledding, the need for hot cocoa, and how cool mittens can be ;) Then again, I don' have to shovel the stuff so maybe I should be thrilled!

USA Shop writes...

My winter hope for is in lieu of a huge snowstorm someplace we follow an adequate amount of blizzard to close prepare in lieu of in a minute an adequate amount of days with the aim of we don't be inflicted with to lengthen the time into the summer but with the aim of the blizzard is fine an adequate amount of in lieu of snowmen, snowball fights, and lots of sledding! And if the blizzard may well occur with no the ice with the aim of made its facade in the sphere of the DC Metro Area only remaining week, with the aim of would befall greatly appreciated. At that time bring on spring!

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