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All You Need is Love (and lots of liquids)

Posted by Kristen on February 5, 2009 at 7:00 AM in GiveawayKristen
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Both of my kids are sick. It started out with the little one and a chest cough that makes him sound like Mickey Rourke the morning after a particularly difficult night out. I kept him out of preschool on Tuesday because I felt bad.

This was particularly magnanimous of me since I should probably admit that a very large part of me just wanted to send him to school. He only goes to preschool twice a week. Keeping him home means that my already slim me time gets cut in half. He was chipper enough, with no fever. But bless his heart, he was sick. We walked past his class to drop of his brother and Nathan's teacher was surprised I was taking him back home. Surprised but clearly pleased with my good mothering. And pleasing Nathan's veteran preschool teacher is no small feat.

I remember how I used to feel about those snotty-nosed kids I saw out in public before I had kids. How dare those mothers take those poor children out when they were clearly ill. It only took me about 20 seconds of motherhood to realize that it is possible to be stuck in your house for a good six months in winter if you are waiting for a day when your child's nose isn't running like a faucet. Schools have those fever/green snot/diarrhea rules for a reason. Anything less and the schools would be empty.

My first born woke up this morning with the same hacking cough. Today wasn't a school day so I had no moral dilemma. Nathan spent the entire day hacking up a lung and jumping off the top of the futon couch while his brother asked me to make him a "comfy fire in the fireplace" and snuggle him on the couch. Somehow I think I'll be dropping off one and bringing the other home with me again tomorrow. That "me" time? It's only a matter of time before they are grown up and I'm wondering where the time went. I'll just keep telling myself that.

OK, let me off the hook. Share that one time in your memory that you just may have taken that slightly sick baby out or dropped that slightly too snotty preschooler at school because Mama just needed a break. We have these awesome snuggle-able Grover and Elmo (along with stickers and other good stuff) to send to two lucky people who leave comments. And don't forget that leaving a comment enters you into our kicking grand prize drawing for a Graco SweetPeace or an HP Wireless Printer.

Oh. And our winners from yesterday? Jenny, Dana Fontaine, Susan F., Amber, Carrie, The Bearded Lady, Nancy, Leticia, Libby, and Ann get the SteveSongs CD! YAY!!! Thanks so much for sharing all your cheesy songs!


kelly writes...

how about the time, against our better judgment, we hosted thanksgiving at our house and our one year-old gave the ENIRE family the stomach flu? and by "entire" i mean immediate and extended family--me, my husband, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins...everybody. oh, and did i mention that everyone had come from out of town, so they all had to get on airplanes with the virus, puking and having the runs all across the united states? oh, and did i also mention that two of those people were my pregnant sister in-law and her two year old son, with whom she was traveling BY HERSELF? i am sure there is a special place in hell reserved especially for us.

Sky writes...

Johnny's first birthday. We had a HUGE bash, you know, the first baby, first grandchild. That was on a Sunday. Monday things are back to normal and off to daycare he went. He had a slight cough, but I thought it was from the weekend activities. No. He had pneumonia. I felt like a total schmuck.

Carrie writes...

It's more like- when do I not drop my son off at daycare with a runny nose. But all the other kids have one too. Between colds and teething, toddlers always have runny noses, I think!
My moral dilemma is more from the vomiting side of things- my son has a tendency to gag on his food and randomly throw up for no reason, and technically there's a "no attending daycare for 24 hours after vomiting rule"... But if he doesn't have a fever and actually look sick, I generally send him anyway.

Jenny writes...

I woke up sick yesterday and we all had an awful day together, mostly because I had less than zero patience. I was so relieved when all three boys woke up healthy today so I could send the two big boys to school and not have to tend to a sick baby.
I know I am very guilty of sending the kids to preschool when they seem healthy enough, but have a cough or runny nose or some other "minor" symptom. My rationalization..."it's only 3 hours!"

The Bearded Lady writes...

Hooray for the CD!!!! My kiddos will LOVE it!! Thank you for these incredible giveaways!!!

My situation is similar to Sky's. My older boy throws up at the drop of a hat. (reflux baby too!!) I am usually 99% sure it isn't The Tummy Bug so off he goes to school!

Kelly H. writes...

Yes, we have been guilty of the "she's probably coming down with something, but there is no fever or other real symptom (coughing up a lung, gagging on air, etc...) that we can point to yet, so off you go..." bit. At least half the time she fights it off before it gets worse. Usually we pay for it the next day...

nancy writes...

This might even be worse, morally. The day before we were supposed to see our favorite friends ever, who have 3 kids who LOVE our kid, my daughter had something that looked suspiciously like pink eye.

My gut told me it wasn't, but I called the doc anyway. She said she thought it sounded like pink eye and what to do and watch for, etc.

A good person would have called her friends and said "don't come - we have pink eye." I however, did not. I really, really, REALLY needed some grown-up time.

The good news is that I was right and she did not have pink eye. However, I still think I would get the bad friend award for taking the risk.

Kristen writes...

Sometimes you think you're all alone in needing that break from your kids. It's so nice to know I'm not alone.

Jennifer writes...

I faced the same dilemma yesterday and today. I have a two year old son, who has a runny nose and severe cough. However, I decided to take him out of daycare yesterday and today, eventhough it was mandated that I do so. Not only was I thinking about being a good parent to my little one, I was also trying to think about the other kids. The daycares are like a wading spot for viruses and bacteria, if we as parents don't make the painful and hard decision to remove them from that environment where they are likely to infect others then we inevitably continue the cycle of sickness. I just tried to remember, the right decision isn't always the easiest one.

devan writes...

I've actually had a doctor tell me, "you just can't keep them out of school every time they have a cough." I love that doctor! :)

Reeva writes...

lol i keep them in preschool even when i'm off work. I like them to keep to a schedule and it allows me to get some things done at the house :)

Mom of Faith writes...

You have been awarded the Honest Scrap and Hooked on Your Blog awards!


Becca writes...

My kids aren't in pre-school, but I admit, I have taken them to more than one library storytime or Little Gym class when they probably should have stayed home--all the while furtively wiping their runny noses every few seconds and making comments like, "this just started! you must JUST be coming down with a cold!" It's just so hard being indoors all day in the winter with two toddlers... I go stir crazy!

Kimberly writes...

ummmm, you saw me do it! Last May, I just HAD to drag my kids to the Kung Fu Panda party (plus I wanted to see my DCMM pals) even though one of my girls claimed she was not feeling well.

You may recall that my daughter was GREEN by the time we arrived. We had to leave early and then she puked on the Metro.

Mom of the year? NOT.

Woo hoo! Thanks for SteveSongs!

Yes, I am guilty. In December every kid in my daughter's preschool class was coughing. The cough wasn't bad, just a general cold kind of cough. Anyways, since everyone else was sending their kid, we sent our daughter. That afternoon the teacher sent out an e-mail forbidding us to send our kids to school coughing since she had just recovered from bronchitis. The next day I heard that there were only 6 kids at school!

But to justify it, I'm a teacher and see the sick kids all the time who have helped me build up my immune system!

Johannah B writes...

I used to drop my son off anywhere anyone volunteered to watch him. It was sad....but I needed the break so bad that I really let him be watched by just about any family, friend, neighbor, etc. If they said they'd watch him, he was there!!

ann writes...

this is TOTALLY understandable but kind of scary at the same time!

i was actually just thinking along these lines today. i'm a college student and i have my midterms on monday. today in class the lady behind me was sick and coughing everywhere. not only that but she coughed all over her hands and touched my clothes AND passed me things that she touched! normally i'm not terribly germaphobic, but i just CANNOT get sick right before/during midterms.

I never really thought much about it before, but its definitely not a good idea to let sick kids go to school because you don't know what kind of things might be ruined by an child's illness (especially if the family gets sick too)... things like exams, funerals, graduations, important interviews, things that can't be done again, etc. can all be ruined by being sick :(

Sam writes...

So far I haven't had many opportunities to send my sweet one to preschool or daycare sick, since I've been home with him for the past six months - but, I have had the weird thing happen where his nose doesn't start running UNTIL we get to our library storytime! Which totally made me look like the selfish mama!

Jess writes... against my better judgement...most recent...we will go with Tuesday. I kept him home Monday, we BOTH had drs appts, she said cough syrup and stealing his brother's nebulizer would be okay and enough for him.

I'm just getting over bronchitis, we had been out of town all weekend, I'm pregnant...I needed him to go to school. So off he went, which his pockets shoved full of cough drops and kiss on the head...and a reminder that I could come and get him if he really wanted me to, even though I knew he would never let on he was sick enough to need to go home!

Bella writes...

I think Noodle was about 6 months old when we both came down with some sort of evil. She was just in the beginning throws of the chest infection from Hades (and not knowing how bad it was going to be) I dropped her off at daycare while I went on to the doctor. I spent 3 hours getting my xrays, shots & several meds ~ then went back to pick her up. I figured it would be nap time shortly & I didn't want to come back out to pick her up later ... and then we wound up leaving to get HER to the doctor where she wound up on her first ever breathing treatment. I'm sure the other parents in her room would have killed me had they known my address.

Carol writes...

When my ex has our not so little anymore kids during the school week he almost always sends them to school. Fever, diahrrea and throwing up are the only things that keep them home. I, on the other hand, wish they never had to go to school and keep them home so much I get threatening letters from the school board. We are two extremes. In most things, really.

Ann writes...

Yep...took her out against my better judgement, and she puked all over the velour upholstery in my car...what a disaster! Learned my lesson real quick, and for about a week, the smell was there to remind me! UGH!

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