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Birthdays gone wrong

Posted by Kristen on February 12, 2009 at 8:06 AM in Giveaway
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nathanbirthday.jpgSee this little face? This is the face of my trouble. Bless his heart, yesterday was Nathan's birthday. He was very confused because we took cupcakes to school the day before to celebrate his birthday. This birthday thing with kids is very complicated. He didn't go to school on his birthday. So for two days he was very confused about the whole thing.

He wasn't confused enough to turn down a random cupcake here and there. In fact, he kept telling everyone else "Happy Birthday" for two days. I think he was thinking it was some sort of new holiday that we were celebrating with cake at every meal.

His brother, however, was ONLY on the cake plan and not necessarily on the birthday plan. Ethan's birthday is on Sunday but he has already gotten into the swing of the week long birthday celebration. So much so that he decided to help himself to cake today when I was lying down. Then he helped himself to the container of frosting. Next up, a cake mix. I know. Did anyone see that coming? A half of a bag of chocolate chips later and I finally realized what was happening.

He was on such a sugar high that when I yelled at him (oh, you know I did), he began to scream. Really, really loud. It was really, really ugly. Suddenly Nathan's happy birthday was not so happy anymore. I felt horrible because it was my fault for leaving him alone in the living room while I took I nap. I know, I know. Sometimes you just need a nap and who ever thinks their child will eat a powder cake mix during nap time? When we picked Derek up at the train station, I was crying, Ethan was crying and Nathan was singing Twinkle, Twinkle at the top of his lungs.

It is funny. Nathan wasn't upset and his special day wasn't ruined. He turned 2. He never noticed that we took his special dinner to go and brought it home and he never noticed that his birthday "cake" was a leftover cupcake from his party the day before. He never noticed that his older brother lost his mind on sugar. All of my expectations for the day were slightly wilted but Nathan didn't care. Look at this face. How many times do you think we as parents let our expectations get in the way when our kids could not care less? I'm guessing more often than I would care to admit.

Cyberchase DVDs, Activity Kit and Cards.jpg
Sagwa_JayJay_Combo DVDs.jpg
Share your birthday "FAIL" with us and you'll get a chance to win one of two Cyberchase DVDs or a Jay Jay or Sagway DVD (along with some fun other things). And remember that every day you leave a comment you get a chance to win that awesome Graco Sweetpeace or the HP Wireless Printer.

Kudos to Leticia for winning the ABC Activity Card set yesterday!!


Jenny writes...

We didn't have a birthday fail because we barely celebrated the birthday anyway! Last year I avoided the hassle of parties with friends because I was lazy, the boys didn't know they were missing out on anything and they were happy to eat cake and open a couple presents with their grandparents. Everyone was a winner! I'm thinking about switching to the party-every-other-year (or less often!) system permanently!

Danyelle writes...

My husband is impossible to buy for, so one year, I decided to invite the whole family to brunch at the best place in our area. I organized the whole thing, had a reservation (which is very hard to get-especially for 8 people) an wouldn't you know- my husband didn't want to go. It was the only present I got. Then a week later he felt bad that I didn't get him anything. Sometimes you just can't win.

The Bearded Lady writes...

I am the QUEEN of letting my expectations get in the way!! For my oldest son's 1st birthday, I had his aunt make a very elaborate 3 tier cake with specail emphasis on the top layer. This specail top layer would serve as his "smash" cake.

The cake was incredible, everyone oooohed and aaaahhhed and my son took one look at it and threw it off of his high chair.

Now, every year my husband says, "No expectations please."

Jess writes...

I have to say Jackson's 5 year birthday was the biggest fail. On his actual birthday I got food poisoning from his favorite restaurant and kiddos spent the next 2 days at my parents while I slept and puked, then we had terrible flooding and had to cancel his birthday party. We ended up meeting up with friends the next day at which point his little brother leaned into the cake the moment it got instead of the robot my mom painstakingly drew on the cake freehand with icing.

Sky writes...

K~you have a way with words! Sometimes, I feel bad for laughing...but only for a little while! That picture, absolutely priceless! I love the joy in his face!

There are days when I fail over and over and over. My big party foul for the day (so far) I didn't do laundry at 9:00 last night when I got off work (maybe because I was tired?), so my son didn't have his favorite jeans to wear. Nevermind the fact that there was another pair JUST LIKE THEM in his dresser. And I heard, "but it's not the same Mom". As he stomps out the door to start a wonderful day at school.

Chalk on up for mom of the year.

Kelly writes...

Oh,bless your momma heart! Haven't we all been there in one way or another. Many times when they were napping it was me eating the cake mix! LOL!

My birthday disaster was getting into a car accident with a telephone pole and some snow on the way to get the balloons for the party. No party happened as we were all at the emergency room. I tend to go over the top and the party would have been great without the balloons but NO! I had to go out in bad weather and get the balloons...ugh. One totaled car later and a banged up mama, our 4 year old son gets a watered down knight birthday party. Looking at the pictures you'd never know what happened!

Bellamomma writes...

God love her, Noodle got shafted on the whole birthday thing last year. I was bumping 30 weeks pregnant, sick as a dog & not in the mood for multiple small children ~ so her party was family only. The only kids were 2 cousins & they only stayed for 20 minutes.

The poor child didn't even get a cake ~ I asked my step-MIL to get an ELMO cake from their local bakery (the same place that did our wedding / baby shower & her first b-day cakes) SMIL screwed it up & just picked up an "Elmo cupcake pseudocake" from the Wal-hell ... NOT the same.

I owe the kid BIG on her 16th birthday.

Kari writes...

My biggest birthday fail would have to be when my daughter turned 2. I put her cake in the oven to keep it off the counter so the cats wouldn't touch it. Well, silly me forgot it was in there and turned the oven on for pizza and the entire thing was on cardboard and I didn't realize it until it was on fire. I felt terrible but luckily, a two yr old doesn't notice those things!!

Lauren writes...

Honestly, there haven't been enough kid birthdays for me to "fail" yet...although it's bound to happen.

However, my husband and I totally forgot to call his mother on her actual birthday ...until she called us later that day. Major guilt trip. We had already celebrated and given a lovely and thoughtful gift, but I still felt like a jerk.

ann writes...

what a great expression, classic! and, wow, dry cake mix... yes, i certainly did not see that coming.

i thought hard about this, but i can't think of any particularly interesting birthday fails.. just very average, standard things. kind of boring actually!

Ann writes...

UGH...all these great stories...
I shattered my leg a month before my daughters second birthday...everyone insisted on coming to our house to celebrate...(we have a very, very tiny house)
It was the very last day of November, and it was very cold outside. I was in a wheelchair, and that was about the only thing that fit in the kitchen...
We had guests outside on both the front and back decks, freezing because there was no room in the house.

nancy writes...

Before Xmas I WANTED this doll house for my daughter. She hadn't asked for it, didn't even know it existed, but I wanted it. I LUSTED for it.

She asked for nothing - seriously. Anytime she was asked, she would say that she had everything she needed. Finally she said she wanted another rubber duckie with soap around it. (Her grandma had given her one.)

It took me a while to realize that the gift needed to be about what SHE wanted not what I wanted for her. Not to mention that she saved me about 100 bucks.

She got exactly what she wanted, and was thrilled. Who's to figure.

Also - I have a Feb BD too - my daughter turns 3 on the 20th.

Katrina writes...

Well we have only had one birthday so far, and I think it went pretty well, but being 2 months pregnant and trying to throw a spectular 1st b-day something had to go wrong right? Well I forgot to invite my daughter's best friend to the party. A couple weeks later my friend asked when the party was going to be. I felt so bad that we had a little party for just the two of them.

Sarah writes...

This post reminds me of a picture I saw online once --a mother had slept in one morning or taken a nap or something, and when she came downstairs, her kids had emptied out everything in the pantry--flour, cereal, sugar, spices, pancake mix, etc.--all over the living room. It was funny, but also horrifying. I just spent 10 minutes looking for the picture and couldn't find it. I mean, I don't even know how they cleaned that up. So I guess be glad he ate it instead of pouring it out on the couch?? I know, I know, small comfort. Man, i wish I could find that picture.

Chandler writes...

Oh, no!! My son's second b-day is next month...Elmo! His first was all about what my hubby & I wanted, but now that he's old enough to have "likes", we're doing Elmo. 4-5 kids between 2 and 3 years old, a homemade Elmo cake, some finger paint in the back yard & Happy Meals...we're keeping it simple!

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