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Sing Me the Wintertime Blues

Posted by Jen on February 4, 2009 at 7:00 AM in GiveawayJen
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I've been leaving singing phone messages lately to supersisters who are feeling blue. Nothing sweet or dignified, I have to confess. No, I've been singing the cheesiest, most embarrassing ballads from the 70's and 80's. Barry Manilow, wherever you are right now, I still know every single word you ever sang by heart. Ditto, Air Supply. Lionel Richie, I really miss you.

My children have taken to shrugging their shoulders and returning to the latest episode of Judge Judy (Madeleine) or Sid the Science Guy (Carter). "I don't know what to tell you," Madeleine said to one of the neighborhood kids the other day. "She just starts singing into the phone for no reason."

Well, I have my reasons, and I don't mind spelling it out. We've had so many snow days and cancellations and national holidays and special occasions and teacher work days in the Washington DC area lately that school is starting to feel optional. The kids can't tell the weekdays from the weekends, and every mother I know is starting to lose it. To make matters worse, we're at that stage of winter where you start to forget there is any other season but winter. It seems unlikely that we will ever get out of the black hole of snow pants and layers and stray socks and piles of boots by the front door, and you can only eat so many pans of brownies and vats of yummy soup before you realize that you can't make winter go away by tripling your daily calorie intake.

This is why Barry Manilow is needed. This is why the phone singing is essential. Eating will not make winter go away, but singing will make it better. This much I know is true.

What cheesy old song on your answering machine would make you happy right now? Leave us a comment, any comment at all before 8PM tonight, and you'll be entered in today's Supersister's Valentine Giveaway--the latest greatest Steve Songs CD, the most delightful, refreshing, un-Barry Manilow-esque album ever. We have 10 to give away so lots of people will win today! And don't forget, anyone and everyone who comments on any post between now and Valentine's Day will be entered into a drawing to receive a very spiffy HP Photosmart Printer or the Graco SweetPeace.

Our winners of the awesome Word Girl tees from yesterday are...drum roll please... Nicola, Ann and Wife and Mommy!!!! Congrats!


I love "Annie's Song" by John Denver.

There. I said it.

JessicaAPISS writes...

I've always wanted to call someone and play Lionel Ritchie's "Hello." I still love that music video, so cheesy.

KristenAuthor Profile Page writes...

Jessica, you can always call me and play that...

Danyelle writes...

Fly Me To The Moon, by Frank Sinatra. It just makes me really happy. It was our first dance at our wedding.

Wife and Mommy writes...

"Open Arms" by Journey. Yes indeed.

Jenny writes...

"Good Day Sunshine" by the immediately popped into my head for some unknown reason and now it is stuck there, although Sinatra sounds good too!

heather writes...

Oh, that one's easy. "Close to You" by the Carpenters. My college roomies and I used to sing it to each other all the time... I can't remember why, but now, whenever I hear it or think of it, I get the crazy giggles. :)

Dana Fontaine writes...

Definitely "Walking on Sunshine" by Katrina and the Waves. Without a doubt, my 80s feel-good anthem!

Susan S. writes...

Not sure if this one counts, but I heard it the other day and it pepped up my afternoon: Bobby McFerrin's "Don't Worry - Be Happy."

devan writes...

"Might as well face it, you're addicted to love!"

And I love Steve Songs!! Oh yeah, and my kids do, too. ;)

Jess writes...

I hate to be a repeater...but gosh would it make my day to hear "Walking on Sunshine" on my answering machine!

Amber writes...

In the dead of winter "Here Comes the Sun" by the Beatles always cheers me up. But I'm not sure how cheesy the Beatles could every really be. For cheese, it's got to be Dionne Warwick & friends, "That's What Friends are For".

Carrie writes...

I'd have to say "Sweet Caroline" by Neil Diamond. My parents used to sing that to me- even though my name is not Caroline- they modified it a bit :)

nikki writes...

In our house we randomly break into song all the time - I think my daughter thinks we live in an musical! I love the europop song Blue by Eiffel 65. It's hard to listen to it and be sad. Actually it's hard to listen to and not move...I'm blue dabadee dabada...I'm blue dabadee dababa...

The Bearded Lady writes...

I couldn't agree more...Annie's song!!!! Our Houston PBS fundraiser was this last weekend and they did a tribute to John Denver. I watched every minute!!

You fill up my senses......

Sheryl writes...

From the Jungle Book,Balou's version of the "Bare Necessities" always brings some smiles around our house =)

Helen Jane writes...

"Hello" by Lionel Richie is my go-to answering machine message song. What a great idea!

kelly writes...

joe cocker's version of "you are so beautiful to me"--it's so multi-purpose, i sing it to my husband, my kids, myself...

Sky writes...

Okay...I've thought and thought. One song that just makes my day is Tone Loc's Funky Cold Medina. I was 10 or 11 when this song came out...but I still love it.

nancy writes...

"Seven little girls" When mt 3 year old sings this it ALWAYS makes me happy.

karin writes...

Reo Speedwagon - "Cant´t Fight This Feeling" or maybe Dean Martin's "Ain't That a Kick in the Head"

Or maybe "Sugar, Sugar" by the Archies.

Now you've got me on YouTube listening to old songs-- what a way to spend the morning.... lol

mary writes...

"Weekend In New England" or

"Even Now" by who else but Barry


Kristen writes...

For my answering machine I would put on the song that starts with the line, "Hello. I love you. Won't you tell me your name?" I have no idea what the name of the song is or who sings it!

Kimberly writes...

I can't think of anything but the new Kelly Clarkson song that has been in my head since last night. It's an evil curse...

Trena writes...

Gloria Gaynor--I will survive. Cheesy over-the-top 70's at it's very best.

I love the idea of calling a random number and playing Madonna's Beautiful Stranger!

Paula writes...

Cher's Believe--the one with the autotune turned WAY up. Pure cheese, but it makes you happy.

Jen writes...

Sir Duke by Stevie Wonder. My kids would like Thriller...the Vincent Price "rap" or Witch Doctor.

Jeannine writes...

Three times a lady was the theme to my high school prom! Good times.

Libby writes...

I agree with Trena - the first song that popped into my head was "I will survive." Anything from _Saturday Night Fever_ would do the trick, too, because it conjures images of John Travolta!

kristen writes...

Bon Jovi - living on a prayer..... a cheesy, top down high school song that would make me smile for the rest of the winter!!

ann writes...

Cheesy song... hmm... thats a tough one! Perhaps This Will Be Our Year. Does that even count as cheesy? Come to think of it... does that even count as a love song?! I need to brush up on my cheesy songs for sure!

Carrie writes...

I was so excited to see on the post this morning that I won one of these CDs! how should I get you my mailing address? Looking forward to having some new noise with which to attempt to drown out the toddler yelling :)

Jeanne writes...

Heellooo Baaabbbby! This is the Big Bopper Speakin' Chantilly Lace...and a Pretty Face...and a Pony Tail hangin' down.......
Well that dates me doesn't it?

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