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Sid the Science Kid Journal and Magnifying Kit and Becoming an Expert

Posted by Kristen on February 2, 2009 at 6:33 AM in GiveawayKristen
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Sid the Science Kid Kit_2-1.JPGEthan has taken to questioning everyone's qualifications on everything lately. He has learned the word "expert" from one of his shows (I'm not pointing any fingers but I may be nodding in your direction, Martha Speaks. Or would that be Word Girl?). Either way, he wants to know exactly where you stand on all information you share with him.

Ethan: Did you know that Dad is an expert? He is an expert about using tools.

Yeah, Dad is an expert in a Tim, the Tool Man kinda way. OK, so he is pretty good with the tools but I don't think Bob Vela is calling him any time soon to stand in for him.

Ethan: You are an expert too.
K: What makes me an expert, Ethan?
Ethan: I don't know. But I know that me and Harrison are experts too.
K: You boys are experts of what?
Ethan: We're just experts.

I'm thinking they are both experts at negotiating favorable dinner choices, at negotiating later bed times and experts at asking questions--if expertise is measured by sheer volume of questions.

So now here is your question of the day. Share with us what kind of expert your child (or niece or nephew or grandchild or your even what kind of expert you were growing up) to enter into our random drawing for one of these great Sid the Science Kid Journal sets during our fabulous Valentine's Giveaway. Please don't tell Ethan that they exist because he'll be trying to figure out how to enter himself. I am not quite ready for him to be a computer expert just yet. And remember that every day you comment, you are giving yourself another shot at the brand new HP Wireless Printer and the Graco SweetPeace grand prizes we will give away on Valentine's Day!!


Kristen writes...

My three year old daughter is an expert at interrupting every conversation I have. Especially ones with my husband. But she is also an expert cuddler and heart-melter. Thank goodness there is a balance!

Lauren writes...

My son is now an expert sleeper, after 2 years of being particularly inexpert in this field.

Danyelle writes...

My son is an expert at manipulation. If mom says no, he goes to dad. If dad says no, he calls his grandparents. He is also an expert in negotiation. These are not traits I can say I am particularly proud of, but at times they make me laugh. Which something else he is extremly good at. Making me laugh until I pee. And that my friends, is awesome.

The Bearded Lady writes...

My youngest son is an expert eater. My oldest son is an expert in Bugs!!

I would LOVE for them to become expert sleepers!!

Sarah writes...

My 4 YO daughter is an expert jumper--she has these crazy quads that she must have gotten from her dad, and she is often so active during the day that her legs ache at night. I used to think it was growing pains, but now I think it's just muscle soreness.

My 14 month old son is an expert nipple biter. Which is one of several reasons we are no longer nursing.

aimee writes...

My son is an expert on spotting and identifying every single truck we pass on the road.

Bec writes...

My daughter is an EXPERT at choosing the exact right moment to melt down, causing her parents to reluctantly leave a fun Superbowl party! Luckily, she also an expert at giving her bother and the dogs very long, loving hugs!

Amber writes...

My daughter is an expert motivator. She can get me moving when nothing else can. And my baby, well he's pretty expert at pooping at inopportune moments. ;-)

Kimberly writes...

My daughter is an expert in everything that is or is not cool. Usually said or done by me.

God help me, I have a tween.

nikki writes...

My daughter Karis is an expert in asking questions. While cleaning up the yard on Saturday I overheard her interviewing herself. She was pretending to be Hannah Montana's mom. It was hysterical! She may be a little Barbara Walters in the making =)

Jen writes...

My kids think they're experts in math (2nd grade)/bakugan, princesses and drawing, Cars & standing on his head. What a motley crew.

My son claims he know more about dinosaurs than I do and my daughter claims to be a running expert.

I personally am an expert on 80's hair metal.

Libby writes...

I challenge that *my* 5 yo son is The Expert at Question Asking. He's also an expert at anything to do with music ever since he was 2. My 2 yo daughter is an expert dolly caregiver and coming up with good ideas: "Hey guys, I have a good idea!"

Sky writes...

Johnny was (still is) the tool/mechanical expert. For his 2nd birthday he got his first cordless drill. Now he's moved on to more expensive tools, and he's 9. When he was 7 his grandpa gave him a lawnmower that didn't work. He took it apart and put it back together so many times I lost count. Last summer he was given a riding lawnmower...and Johnny did the same thing, except then he figured out how to make it go 30 miles an hour. *Sigh*
Pea on the other hand is a shoe expert. Oh yes, at the tender age of 17 months that girl hasn't met a pair of shoes she doesn't like. I'm in trouble!

Jenny writes...

My kids are experts at weaseling their way into things they want, but I don't! How do they do that....?

nancy writes...

My child could hold the world's record in consecutive questions asked. You may THINK you child takes a lot, but trust me, you have not met my child. It never stops. Ever. The child talks in her sleep. Seriously.

Sheryl writes...

My 3 1/2 year old is an expert in memorization, he learns something and doesn't forget it, talks nonstop until the next big thing comes around. He's definitely got a future in timeshare sales ;)

My 2 year old is an expert in giving hugs, he wraps his little arms a tight as he can around you and gives you just a little extra squeeze too.

And both boys are experts at making a mess with their toys ;)

ann writes...

Oh my, that Sid the Science Kid gear is adorable! As a kid I wanted to be a bug expert (this really grossed out my friends), luckily my parent's weren't grossed out and totally supported my love for bugs! Unfortunately, I actually wasn't a bug expert, but I did become quite an expert at collecting dead bugs I found in my back yard. ;)

kris writes...

My son is an expert at completing everyone else's thoughts... he knows everything before we do.

My daughter is a tenacious "finder". If something is lost by anyone, Kate will not stop looking until the item is retrieved. She could be a P.I. someday.

Carrie writes...

My son is so far an expert in doing whatever I tell him not to do... but he's only 18 months old, so I probably shouldn't expect much else. I'm sure I was an expert in something as a kid. Reading, likely.

ellen writes...

they are now experts at being the new kids at school.

Becky writes...

My son an expert at repeating every possible info-commercial and TV add that he sees as we shop in the grocery store and CVS! He loves to go shopping with me but it takes FOREVER because he has to stop and quote you a commercial on any product he recognizes (which is alot)! He also the same child who is an expert at every sport he sees or hears about - now he thinks he is an expert at skiing just because we visited a ski resort (but didn't ski)????

Johannah B writes...

My one son is expert in taking control of any situation - and this has been put to the test and he passed when Mom fell and he had to call 911, etc; and my other son is an expert at shirking any and every responsibility he can. However I still love them both alot.

Nichole S. writes...

My DD is an expert in drama since she could talk. She is also is an expert in challenging authority and leadership though by bossing her brothers and younger kids around. She is also well known for her silliness that makes us all laugh!

NicShop writes...

My 2 year old is the expert of Mischief. He can scale counters, tables, you name it quicker than Spiderman. If there's candy hidden anywhere in the house, he will find it and consume its entirety. He had almost flooded our house while I was napping. We had developed an unlikely relationship with Poison Control. His picture should be posted at every barber's with a warning: CUT AT YOUR OWN RISK. Visitors need to hide their purses because my son is a gum-raiding bandit. His older brother and sister are thrilled that they have their own personal Fall Guy. But luckily my DS has the biggest brown eyes and sweetest smile that makes us forget why he made us unhappy in the first place:)

Kori writes...

Where did you get the Sid Journals?

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