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Jen, Kristen, and Patience

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Supersisters Valentine's Weekend Roundup

Posted by Jen on February 14, 2009 at 9:00 AM in GiveawaySupersister Weekend Roundup
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name place holder thingys by carter

Happy Valentine's Day, all you supersisters and superdads out there surfing the web on this notorious day of love! Isn't it too bad that it's not required that grownups get the names of all the other grownups on their street and have to sit down for three hours at the dining room table and sign your name to store bought (or homemade) valentines? Can you just see yourself picking the pink one for Anne and thinking that this one is waaay too mushy for Bob who always picks up your paper across the street? If only the instituted thoughtfulness of Valentine's Day could be par for the course your whole life long.

Well, there's nothing stopping you today, my friends, from sending some anonymous love to the people that you greet when you're walking down the street--thank you Sesame Street for permanently etching that song in my brain forever. Here are some love-filled ideas along with some inspiring links to help you spread the love, no matter what's going on at your house.

Love Notes to the City.
This little idea sparked a lot of love and hope in not only my town but so many other cities (and countries!) around our globe. Take those leftover valentines that the kids didn't use yesterday, sign them from "the friend you haven't met yet" and leave them all over the bathrooms, bus stops, fitting rooms and deli counters in your neighborhood. I promise someone out there will be so very glad you did.

Need to salvage Valentine's Day from Hallmark? Wrench this commercial holiday free from all the store bought expectations and find out that love is alive and well at your house after all. Kindness girl (aka supersister Patience) has some great Rx to make your day great even if you-know-who is showing now signs of remembering the big Love day.

Feeling blue about all the love you lost or suspect might be permanently missing? You might be way more normal than you think. Superhero and mom Andrea Scher writes about a recent encounter with some dear friends who helped her see that when it comes to love, we're all in this together.

And last but not least, some of you out there are harboring big dreams that someday you will do something big and unexpected, something that will honor your life with your kids, something that will give you a chance to be wildly creative. Well these down-to-earth mamas in Richmond are inviting you to get out your video camera and tell it like it is when comes to love, life and most especially birth. Ricki Lake of the Business of Being Born is judging, so this is sure to be good, good, good. Not to mention filmmaker Abby Epstein.

And thank you all for participating in the Supersister Valentine Giveaway. Grand Prize Winners to be announced...


Sky writes...

Love the idea of Love Notes in the City! What fun!!

The Bearded Lady writes...

I love the suggestions for left over Valentines!! Love notes in the City will be fun!!

Carrie writes...

Thanks for the links, they look like great sites. I will go head over and check them out!

lauren writes...

Happy Valentine's Day, Supersisters everywhere!

Jess writes...

Using up the extra valentines like an awesome idea! I was lucky enough to have a husband who DID remember and has done more than his fair share!

ann writes...

happy valentines day supersisters (and everyone else out there)!

i agree with the others, the love notes to the city idea is really cute. i know of many people who collect "found objects" and finding something like that would totally make their day.

oh, and the giveaway was really fun! i loved the topics and i'm actually bummed out that it's over now!

nancy writes...

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

Jenny writes...

That is a great idea for leftover valentines, especially because what kid wants to give last year's valentines to this year's class?!

Katrina writes...

I LOVE the city valentine idea. What a great way to make someone you don't know feel special!

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