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SuperWhy Super Giveaway and Being Sick

Posted by Kristen on February 9, 2009 at 8:23 AM in GiveawayKristen
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A couple of nights ago I asked Derek if he wanted to give Ethan the cold medicine before he went to bed. Please don't look at me that way. I know the recalls and the warnings and the fact that the back of the box says "NOT FOR CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF FIVE WITHOUT A DOCTOR'S CONSENT." He turns 4 in a week and he has had the most horrific runny nose and chest cough for the last six days. It's so bad that the skin on his upper lip is so raw from wiping that I think he might need a skin graft. I know they normally take skin graphs from your backside but the child has no backside. I figured we were going to have to fix this thing pretty quickly because we clearly don't have the normal solutions to these grave problems.

I've tried the traditional methods of fixing this. I am forcing large amounts of liquids down him at a rapid pace. The trouble is, I have been gone most of the week working and even when you tell people, "he really needs to drink this entire gallon of watered-down juice before I get back," you still come home to it 3/4's of the way filled. I have given him soda (SPRITE, GASP!!) in my attempts to encourage him to participate in flushing this out of his system.

I have the vaporizer going in his room. The trouble is, if you have a child that insists on keeping the door OPEN all night, it sort of negates the success rate of the vaporizer. Forty-five minute long hot showers in steamy bathrooms? Check. The child has traded in his snuggly bear at night for a roll of toilet paper to wipe his nose. He honestly has been cuddling a roll of toilet paper. I feel awful.

So two nights ago I gave him some medicine to dry him out. It felt slightly like handing him a pack of cigarettes. In case anyone was wondering, it didn't make him sleep better and it didn't hype him up. So there goes THAT remedy for long plane rides. It did, however, seem to dry him out a little bit. I was hoping for instant and complete success that would make it seem worth going against the tide of public opinion, but something is better than nothing. He seems to be back to his cranky nearly 4-year-old self. The nose is still running but I think we are on the back end of this illness.

Tell me. Illicit low dosage cough medicine for extreme situations or no? You can flame me out if you want. My feelings won't be hurt. The Valentine's Supersisters giveaway of the day is SuperWhy DVD's for FIVE (you read that right) people who comment today by 8 p.m. Remember that every day you comment is another chance to win one of those fabulous grand prizes: the Graco SweetPeace or the HP Wireless Printer.

Our winners of the flash drive bracelets from Saturday go to everyone who commented on Saturday. YAY, you for checking out Supersisters on the weekend!!


Jenny writes...

I don't blame you at all for trying the medicine. Even though it didn't really work as well as you had hoped, you'd always wonder if it would have made the difference between a miserable sick kid and an almost-back-to-his-normal-self kid. I hope he's feeling better soon!

Carrie writes...

I would so totally have tried the medicine if I was in your shoes. It's not like you were giving him crack, or as if you hadn't tried all the other options. Hopefully the cold medicine will help and he'll feel better soon!

Lauren writes...

We had the same situation with our 3.5 year-old, with the addition of hives all over his face. We said "YES!" to the evil medicine (which my poor husband had to run out and buy in the middle of the night because I had, of course, thrown it in the garbage like a good mama). I felt guilty, but followed the dosage to the letter, and it really helped him.

Danyelle writes...

We are in the same boat over here. We too have tried averything and allof the old stand-bys with little result. I wish I had better advice. But lots of movies and love have made the mood over here a little better.

Tara writes...

From a family that uses Benedryl for every flight ... no judgment.

PS- Apgar is one of my word verification words ... maybe word verification is judging you?

Selfish Mom writes...

YES! The whole cough/cold medicine kerfuffle was a huge overreaction. Do what you need to do. And the key to sleepy flying according to my pharmacist? 1/2 of the normal age-appropriate dose.

Sky writes...

Johnny is 9, so of course we gave him the medicine because it was before they came out with that warning. He was always it seemed...I can't imagine life without giving him medicine. The kid was able to sleep, because he wasn't coughing. Thankfully (touch wood) Miss Pea isn't sick like John was. I'm sure it has to do with her not being in daycare. Eh, who knows...but you know...we are all just trying to do the very best for our kids. :)

Kelly writes...

Oh, sista, thanks for validating me as a parent! My look at you was one of smiles!

ellen writes...

I guess they did not send the medicine warnings to India - or I am totally asleep at the wheel (another not so great parenting technique) and completely missed it. But bring on the meds.

Sam writes...

I really don't see the problem, it's all about using the appropriate dosage. Poor little guy! Being sick is just miserable.

Kari writes...

No flames, I wouldn't do it myself but each parent is different! battling a cold myself, and I dont take meds either unless I have to because I hate the groggy feeling. : /

Jess writes...

I would totally give it to him...(says the girl who gave the cough medicine to her 3 year old this morning). My pedi will give me the right dosage for whatever it is that I need to give my kids...she has never said that cough meds were NOT okay.

devan writes...

dude, i so would have done it, too!

trena writes...

I say right on--I also agree w/all the other moms who said it's all about the correct dosage. A little common sense goes a long way toward making an appropriate decision for their kids. Just my two cents worth.

ellen writes...

I have a 2 year old and a 9 year old. The 9 year old was raised on cough medicine. I have given it to my under two year old (gasp) when he was wheezing from his bad cold and cough. No judgements here! You do what's right for your kid, with the knowledge you have and hope for the best!

Jess writes...

I just discussed this with my pediatrician about my 1 y/o, so please don't beat yourself up about giving cold meds to a 4 y/o who, after all, has a cold!

Her wise advice: TREAT FOR MISERY. So yeah, when a kid, no matter what the age, is so sick that it's causing them to lose sleep or making multiple layers of skin slough off, potential side effects are far outweighed by the actual suffering of the kid. Dose 'em up.

The ped sent me home with Dimetap samples and the correct dosage for my babe. "Treat for misery" is my new sick-kid mantra.

Libby writes...

No flames from me - I've never done it because I'm such a rule-follower. My pediatrician's office has always cautioned against them, even before the hoopla. Are you in a frigid area of the US? Here's another remedy: it sounds backwards, but getting them out into the cold air makes all that junk thinner and easier to flush out. Good luck!

Aviva writes...

I grew up with a doctor in the house during the era of "if they cough once, give 'em something." I see nothing wrong with properly administering medication to kids. The best treatment is usually more sleep and they can't get that when they're coughing!

Elaine writes...

You know, we all make decisions that don't always feel awesome to us. But to me, that's the sign of a thinking mom. Just guess how many mama's would have given it without a single thought? And would have totally doped up their kid when it didn't "work" to knock the little buggar out entirely? Yep. So you're in the clear, methinks.

That said, the few times I've tried it, it hasn't worked at all. So I don't bother. Sigh.

PS Word verification is "witching his". I seriously cannot make this crap up.

Mandy writes...

My younger daughter suffers from asthma, so I usually go the dr first before meds, unless she's wheezing and needs a treatment, but I wouldn't judge you. It's hard to see them miserable and you want to do what you need to, to make them feel better...poor little guy, how's he doing now?

Anna writes...

You can use tea made from thyme leaves and honey for cough syrup, just reduce the water more from the tea. No guilt attached.

ann writes...

I personally would not do it, but each parent does what they have to depending on their situation (your son's cold does seem worse than anything i ever had as a kid).

I also commented on a previous entry about someone coming to class sick, well, i did get sick and today is midterms. I feel terrible since I cannot miss them & I also don't want to get anyone else sick!

I would have given him the medicine.

Leanne writes...

Calcough is my go to medicine when nothing else has worked. And I've even resorting to trying onion juice, it works but your child will hate you.

Amber writes...

After you tried everything else, I think trying the medicine was the best option. If he wasn't going to get any sleep (and neither were you), then I would have probably tried it too. Hopefully he's feeling better soon!

Kat Bryan writes...

I don't blame you at all for trying whatever helps. As an adult who suffers greatly from cold syptoms each year, I really feel sorry for a child.

Amy writes...

First of all take a deep of the reason the warnings were given was some parents give their children OVERDOSES which can harm them!

And as a mom we want to take every possible means to make our little one feel better....that is called LOVE when used with wisdom!

I did give my son the cough medicine when he was 2....before the notices came out.....and it didn't really work :( So its not so hard anymore, cause it failed.

I was told that a humidifier can cause more congestion if its not properly cleaned.....can anyone really get their hand in the little hole to clean out all that gunk??????? I have used bleach in desperation but it had to air out for several days before we could use it!!

I just want to thank you for being so honest with all of us moms who have done something that we were told not to, but our motherly instinct gave us the ok!!

Hope your son is feeling better and mom didn't get the cold!

God Bless!!

It sounds like you have been doing everything you can so I don't blame you for resorting to cough medicine as a last resort! It's awful to have sick miserable kids and feel like your hands are tied! I hope Ethan feels better!

Bellamomma writes...

My jaw almost hit the floor last month when Noodle's ped said to give her half a dose of kids OTC cough syrup ~ I could have danced in happiness!! Really, there is nothing worse than hugging your kid & wishing you could give them something, anything, that would actually work to make them feel better. I wasn't making myself suffer through the same BLECK that she had, I was dopped up on sinus & cough meds ... and my 2 year old can't have anything just because she's not 5?!

I dosed her, she stopped coughing & the whole family finally slept (between nursing sessions with the new one). Sometimes caving to the call of Tylenol cold & cough is the best thing you can do.Crossing my fingers the sickies leave your house soon!!!

Evie writes...

I always tell my girls to trust their instincts as a mother - usually (almost always) they know best!

Shane writes...

No issue from me -- I've given my kids low-dose meds while under the "recommended age limit". Remember, those age limits are written with wide latitude for the pharmaceutical companies -- kind of like bridges built to handle more than 20 times the possible max load limit. And if you're maintaining constant supervision for reactions, no worries.

Wife and Mommy writes...

No judgment from me, you know. You'd tried all the non-medicinal remedies. You'd suffered. You did what you could.

Ann writes...

I have no problem with giving the meds...I would have done it myself given all the reasons everyone here has stated...and my own reasoning!

The Bearded Lady writes...

Raw honey with a sprinkle of black pepper is soothing and suppresses the cough.

However, cough medicine also works!!

nancy writes...

Actually, I have no idea. My doc (kind of a granola type) always recommends Benadryl (after he strongly suggests nothing). Benadryl will dry them up, and it is one of the safer things - it's been tested more than a lot of things yadda, yadda. It won't help the cough, but it will dry up the nose.

kelly writes...

i give my two year old two big shots of tequila and suddenly he doesn't seem to care too much about the runny nose. kidding.

we do pseudoephedrine (sudafed), despite the warnings, and are careful not to overdose. works great.

Becky writes...

My ped also recommended Benadryl since my 10 year old was a baby. Though they say most of those things don't work, it certainly has for my 3 kids over the years. I have seen it work like a charm in calming the nasal drip and then the coughing stops and then everyone sleeps. Also for the raw upper lip, just keep putting vaseline or neosporin (sp). I always slab a bunch on when they go to sleep and then in the morning. We rarely have chapped face. You did the right thing, you followed your mommy instincts!

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