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The Missing Tooth

Posted by Patience on February 20, 2009 at 7:00 AM in Patience
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jack's lost tooth.jpg

He just realized he had a loose tooth, we discovered two actually. This is how things go with Jack, he's too busy noticing what is happening in the moment to realize something small has been going on all along. It's a beautiful gift really.

He was convinced he should eat an apple to help the tooth break free. He doesn't even like apples that much but it's a small sacrifice for tooth fairy riches. The tooth was barely hanging on, but it was time to drop him off at school. We aren't sure but I think somewhere between the car and his classroom, the tooth was gone. This brought up so many concerns.

What happens now?
Does the tooth fairy still come?
How do we handle this with her?
Does she still deliver?
How will she know where the tooth is?

Josiah assured Jack that he probably isn't the first kid to ever loose a tooth, literally. He explained all he had to do was write her a note and he was sure she'd understand.

Dear tooth fairy,

I lost my tooth and that was my first one. Could I please have more money? because that was my first tooth and I was very excited.


"You should say 'your friend, Jack'. " Josiah advised.
"Nah, she doesn't even know me, it's good, write just 'Jack'." Jack said.

It's a good thing I know the tooth fairy. I have a hunch Josiah is right, she will understand.

Do you do the whole tooth fairy thing? How much money goes under the pillow at your house?


Gina writes...

Aw, congrats to Jack! That picture is terrific.
We always got a small amount of $ - coins, maybe a dollar, but one year my parents created this long spider web of yarn that started at the pillow and ended with two cabbage patch dolls. I still remember that tooth :)

Nikki writes...

My daughter's first tooth was swallowed! She was horrified but quickly recovered with the idea of a note in which, she asked for a whistle!?!?! Of course, this request came at 7pm on a Sunday night - not a whistle could be found. But Tina - yes, in our house she has a name - Tina the tooth fairy wrote a note back explaining that she would leave a whistle when the next tooth fell out. She was left with some stickers under her pillow and all's been well.
Lip gloss, Junie B. Jones book, Hello Kitty toothbrush, Disney pins, have all followed under the pillow - she now has lost 8 teeth and is barely 6 years old! We may switch to money soon!

Eleanor writes...

T.F. leaves anywhere from $2 to $5 in our house. It's always anyone's guess. One time, when my daughter was about 7, the tooth fairy must have been extremely busy because there wasn't any money under my daughter's pillow in the morning! When I went in to help her look, I "found" the money! Apparently it had "fallen" down the crack between her bed and the wall. Whew! What a relief. (that time the T.F. "left" $5 - I never asked her but I think it's because it was all she had on her :-).

KC in Lubbock writes...

5 dollars or so per tooth here, but I understand we're the best paying Tooth Fairy in my daughter's class.

kristen writes...

Did you know everyone has his or her OWN tooth fairy..... really how could one get it all done??? At my house, she leaves a trail of glitter fairy dust, and a special money - a dollar coin or maybe a 2 dollar bill. I LOVE the tooth fairy.

The Bearded Lady writes...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVe the idea of a glitter trail to where to loot is left!! We're still growing teeth at our house!!! Not losing.

Jen writes...

We haven't had a visit from the tooth fairy yet much to the dismay of my 2nd grader. He wants to lose a tooth so badly. Not sure what the TF will leave. I like the idea of the dollar coin.

V writes...

Aaah..Wish our tooth fairy had known the trend earlier :)...She had nothing but a 10 dollar on her for the first tooth. Unfortunately next one onwards my son is so disappointed she doesn't leave 10. Next one, we too had to "find" it in the crack between the bed and the wall!!

VMama writes...

Did he eat it with his apple?!

JessL writes...

When I was a kid, our local fairy paid at the rate of one quarter per tooth, with special teeth (molars, teeth that had to be pulled) fetching a half-dollar or silver dollar. I think our fairy will have a simple, flat rate of 1 gold dollar coin per tooth. Lost teeth? I can see my eldest getting into writing a note and drawing/cutting out a replacement tooth to put in our little box.

My 6 y/o son is over the moon about the TF (he has his first loose tooth), although he assured me in confidential tones, "I know it's really you, but we can pretend." That's just how my family did it; I assume my mom and I talked about it before the first tooth, and afterward there was never a word about who the real tooth fairy was, just a nudge and a wink and a "hey, mom, the Tooth Fairy forgot my tooth last night, could you remind her to get it tonight?"

I've heard of other family traditions, like notes in teeny tiny silver fairy print left for the child. I rather like that one and might use a little fairy dust, too. I wonder if we might mark the occasion with a special breakfast, too.

Becky writes...

For my oldest who is now 10 (his younger brothers haven't lost any teeth yet), when he lost his first few teeth, he would get a couple dollars and some small little thing - a few legos or chucky cheese tokens (which was hitting the jackpot to him). However, when he started losing teeth at a faster rate AND instead of him being fearful of the tooth coming out and it took several days, he was now ripping them out himself without warning - the gifts then stopped. He waits until he is in bed and starts pulling, then at 10 p.m. or so, he runs in to say his tooth came out! How does one TF prepare for that? We've had one lost tooth - a note did great. A couple times the TF "forgot", mommy "found" it one time, another time it was storming really bad outside that night and he was happy to know that the TF just can't travel in that kind of weather - she came the next night.

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