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Jen, Kristen, and Patience

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Try Something New

Posted by Patience on February 10, 2009 at 6:59 AM in GiveawayPatience
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birthday lucy puppy.jpg

Every morning since the new year, I have had this catchy little song in my head. Things, for some reason, really feel brand new. This newness seems to be catching on to other areas of our lives. Everyone in the family has decided to try something new.

Lyra is rolling.
Lucy is potty training.
Jack is taking a tree climbing class.
Josiah took up pottery.
I started photography.
Jorge just had his first guitar lesson last night.

"Papa got an electric guitar? That is so cool!" Josiah said last night with a rockstar light in his eyes. They sat on the couch playing with the guitar while Lucy turned the knobs of the amplifier.
Jack has been scaling doorways "practicing" for the next class while I take pictures of anything and everything. Lucy changes oufits and underwear at least 352 times a day. I can't decide if she will ever potty train or if it's just about her future career in fashion design.
And Lyra rolls and rolls and rolls. And everyone cheers. Every single time.

All of these new experiences from young and old bring a certain energy to the house. I'm realizing we expect the kids to try new things but I decided it's good for them to see us following our creative dreams too.

It's all very Electric! Speaking of electric, today's giveaway is an awesome t-shirt from the favorite show of everybody's childhood, The Electric Company.
This t-shirt could be yours. Leave a comment telling me what new thing you would like to try if you could. It's a new day, anything is possible.

The fabulous winners of the Super Why videos and activity books are Selfish Mom, Leanne, Anna, Wife and Mommy and The Bearded Lady.


Anne writes...

where would I start - skydiving, hiking down into the grand canyon, jewelry making, running enough to complete a marathon, piano, learning anything while living in Navajo nation. cake baking and decoration, photography. Wow, I have a lot to do, I'd better get off this computer and get started! Tree climbing is awesome!

heather writes...

It's a really humble thing but mine's baking bread. It's always intimidated me, but this year, I'm going to make it happen, because driving an hour to get to a decent bakery really isn't in the cards anymore.

kristen writes...

I just want to go to the zumba class with my girlfriend that she keeps inviting me to...... I am going to call her and make a date - NOW!!

Kristen writes...

Your photographs are beautiful...good job!

Stacey writes...

Today was the first time I've read a Supersisters article, and I loved it. You have a great writing style that is fun and light-hearted. As for me, I'd love to do all the great things my children get to do...sleep in on Saturday, gym, karate, visit my friends, take art classes, you name it.

Jorge writes...

Oooh... I soooo want that shirt, but I'm sure there are some kind of rules preventing the husband from winning right?? I'm happy we are all trying new things!!

Lauren writes...

Oh! I'm pregnant right now, but I REALLY want to learn how to snowboard. It'll have to wait until next winter, but I WILL do it!

Sky writes...

I would like to learn to play the piano. I love to watch fingers fly across the keys, yet every time I sit down at the piano...i just peck. Someday though, someday.

Carrie writes...

The bane of my existence is my inability to cook well. So if I could magically be given the ability to cook well, that would be a fabulous new thing. For me and my family! ;)

I'd also love to be able to learn to do a cartwheel. Never caught on to that as a kid.

nancy writes...

I'd join Josiah in that pottery class. I've always wanted to mold something on the wheel - it looks so cool.

Or go back to school. I'd spend my life in school if the pay were better. (I already have an undergraduate degree and a doctorate, but can you ever have too much education?)

Libby writes...

It may sound boring, but I've always wanted to learn how to sew! (Beyond the one project I did in 7th grade Home Ec). I'm super short and so being able to hem my own pants would be fun, time saving, and economical in the long run.

Amber writes...

I would love to skydive. However, with the babies it's a dream that will need to be put on hold for a while. Like probably a decade or two.

Nikki writes...

That is my favorite song right now! "I woke up this morning feeling brand's a new day!" My husband has a new job, my daughter has a new smile - losing teeth like it's going out of style, and I would love to learn how to drive a motorcycle. I guess I might have been born to be wild!

ann writes...

whoa, what a cool looking shirt! something i'd like to try... hmmm.... there are so many things! but i would definitely have to say learning how to fix my bike!

devan writes...

I think I would be good at painting.

Sam writes...

I would like to learn to knit! I know there are tons of videos online and I've gave them a halfhearted effort around the new year.

Woohoo! The Electric Company!

Danyelle writes...

I would like to take an Italian class. I've always wanted to to learn Italian because I am pretty fluent in Spanish and they are similar. My son is bilingual and I think it would be great to take Italian with him when he gets older. Then travel to Italy and Spain together.

Amy writes...

I actually did the whole "try something new" thing almost a year ago, which was belly dancing. I am super self concious, hate my stomach, and have never been much of a dancer...but I tried it anyway. Fast forward...I am still dancing, bought my first costume, and may be preforming live in the next few months. I am not sure what I will take up next, but I highly advise anyone...if you feel it, go for it!

kelly writes...

i really want to try my hand at some gardening. for starters, i think i will plant some lettuce and herbs in the side yard...

Karin A writes...

Ice skating-- wish I had learned when I was a kid.

Jenny writes...

So many good things have been mentioned already...snowboarding sounds fun and I've always wanted to know how to play the violin. If I could do something and do it well, it would be to scrapbook. I've always felt it was way too daunting to even start and now all my kids' pictures are trapped in memory cards or computers, maybe never to be seen again!

I'd love to learn how to be a better knitter and actually make time to sit down and create some beautiful handmade things. And come summer, I'd love to learn how to dive since I never learned as a kid!

Elaine writes...

I'd really like to try living in peace. All I need is five minutes.

The Bearded Lady writes...

I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to do the zumba class as well!! I ventured out to Body Jam last night and my hopes of becoming a hip hop dancer were hilariously dashed!!

Sarah writes...

Does the picture of Lucy with a puppy mean you guys got a dog????!!!

PatienceAuthor Profile Page writes...

Nope, no dog yet. We are still living vicariously through friends and neighbor's canine love. Jorge is still on the hunt.

JessL writes...

You and saved me today, turning a horrible day into a new day. Thank you!

Ann B writes...

I'd like to try those new celulite pads that have hit the market...sopposedly, you stick them on and they help rid you of celulite...interesting....

Is that T-Shirt still available? If so, please email me about it. I would like one.

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