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Tips for Teething

Posted by Patience on March 31, 2009 at 5:49 AM in BabiesPatience
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her first tooth

One down, 31 more to go. Lyra looks perfectly happy, but this poor baby has been completely miserable. The craziest part of teething is that you are never sure it is why life is turned upside down until they actually pop and then it's over. So we get to blame everything on teeth for the next 2 years.

After 4 kids, I'm still collecting remedies. Here is the list so far:

Frozen washcloth
Frozen bagel
Teething rings
Teething tablets- do they really work? I've never tried them.

Help a tired sister and cranky baby out. Tell us your soothing tips in the comments.


Vanessa writes...

The homeopathic teething tablets work for my second child but didn't work for my first! I found that you have to administer them consistently in one day to see a difference, though (not just a one-time deal).

Good luck! It breaks my heart that teething has to be so hard for the little ones!

While teething the calcium mass of teeth pushes the gums to open wide and creates a way for its sprouting out. This causes the itchiness in gums, which makes baby to gnaw any object that is within reach. This biting and chewing puts the pressure and friction felt like scratching on the gums and usually is relieving for the irritable feel to baby.

Your Baby looks Cute...

Sara writes...

The only thing that seems to work for my son is constant nursing. c.o.n.s.t.a.n.t. we're actually waiting on 2 teeth that seem ready to sprout any day now, and yup, its tough. But sweet Lyra knows she is so loved, and that is definitely the best medicine of all. Frozen washcolths are a good second though.

Michelle writes...

I am so right there with you sister! My son got his first tooth a few weeks ago, and I think we are working on tooth number 2. We are taking the orajel and baby tylenol route when it's really tough. He refuses to put anything in his mouth when it's really painful, but lately he has been chewing like crazy on the plastic/rubber-like corner covers on our coffee table. They seem to be the perfect height for him to teeth-on-the go. Best of luck and I'll be thinking of you at 2 am! :)

Allison writes...

Well there only are 20 baby teeth so technically only 19 to go... no need to make things even worse than it is :). it is true that you only realize in retrospect and it gets to be the scapegoat for the next 2 2.5 year old now has all hers, thankfully. Camilia seemed to work a bit (came in gel capsules).

I had a friend who swore by the teething tables for her boys but I tried them for both of our kids and they didn't seem to do anything. Instead my kids reached for tools from a plastic Little Tykes set that we had. The chubby handles and hard plastic made them perfect for gnawing on. Go figure!

Valerie writes...

Even though JR is just under 5 months, he's already got a little white "bud" showing up.

I've found that putting a cloth diaper over my finger and just letting him gnaw on it for a while helps the most. The chewing seems to help his gums and the close time with Mama seems to calm him down.

David Bookman writes...

Your baby may feel some discomfort and become cranky and irritable in the beginning when teeth push through the gums.
One of the method for relief is by using a ice cube. Put a ice cube in a clean cloth and rub it gently on baby's gums for few minutes. Best DC Bookman

When it comes to teething, I always advise that moms try amber teething necklace. These are not teething toys and kids aren’t supposed to chew on them, so no more worries about lead content and the like. A lot of online childrens boutiques sell the amber necklaces and they are even sold in pharmacies in most Baltic regions. Amber beads are said to instantly relieve the baby from teething pains and discomfort because they have therapeutic and soothing properties. The amber beads would warm up when they are worn and when they touch the skin, and they would release oils that would go into the system and bring magical relief to babies.

janna writes...

that amber necles thing is just realy stulid spuding to me

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