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Babies Grow Up So Fast

Posted by Kristen on April 27, 2009 at 6:36 AM in BabiesKristenNew BabyRaising Boys
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The funniest thing about babies is that a baby's specific size is just a comparison to something else. Yesterday I walked past a woman with a baby that looked to be a couple of weeks younger than Mason. The baby girl's head was proportionate to her body, not like Mason. She was a little baby and her head seemed so little. Her mother commented to someone else that the baby had grown so much. All I kept thinking was that Mason was never that little.

Then someone commented about how little Mason was. The woman asked what he weighed when he was born. "9 lbs, 3 oz." I replied. She was shocked. I then heard the familiar refrain. "What a big baby. I guess I had forgotten how little babies are when they are born."

My oldest is only four, but it seems that this never ends.

"He's so tall for his age."
"He's so skinny for his age."

And don't even get me started about comparisons WITHIN the family. Even I am slightly guilty of this (as in, "your brother could hike a mile when he was your age. Why do I have to carry you after 40 feet?").

My boys are who they are. I don't think they will be 30 years old, talking about how tall they were when they were 4. Maybe they will. I don't know. But sometimes I wonder if all the comparison conversation isn't just a waste of time. They grow up so fast. Maybe we should talk about it less and enjoy them more. What do you think?


Steve writes...

Well said, comparison, though entertaining, is limiting to both them and us. Enjoyment is the way to go!! There are better forms of acknowledgment to entertain ourselves.

Danyelle writes...

This reminds me fo that "My Kid is an Honor Student" bumper sticker. And we wonder why they are so competative. I had a friend who did this incesantly. She was always comparing our boys. She was so worried that her child would be autistic that it kept her up at night. If my son pointed before hers, she worried. If he walked before hers, she worried. It became so overbearing that I am no longer friends with her. Let them be children. Let them be who they are. Tall, short, big head, small head- they are all little gifts to be cherished.

I havent a kid but I have a nephew where I consider my own,, Very adorable.. cutie,,,

julia writes...

I dont have a kid but I have a nephew also and 2 neices. They have grown up so fast. Most babies are tiny when thay are first born others arent so small. I was pretty small when I was a baby so yeah. Lets just not get into that subject. I love all types of babies there so small and Cute.

Amber writes...

Aw, that's a great shot of Mason!

And I think you're right. It won't matter who walked first, or who liked peas and hated sweet potatoes when they're adults. I think as mothers we can be forgiven for fixating a little on our kids, it's sort of our job. But it's also important to maintain perspective, and not let the comparisons and measuring-up get out of hand. For one thing, it's a sure-fire way to create sibling issues.

Eleanor writes...

I agree wholeheartedly. Now, if we could just get a few grandparents out there on board with the no comparisons thing.....

bark off writes...

I totally agree with you, i have a 3 year old daughter, i just love the way she is moving in the house, its such a great feeling.

Alex writes...

Totally agree, they grow up so fast, I wish it felt that way when I was little

Lindsay writes...

It seems to me that people feel that it's socially acceptable to comment on both the size and skills of your children and (as I'm finding with my second pregnacy) pregnant women. People I don't even know ask if I'm carrying twins. It's real good for the self esteem. People ask when I'm due and are shocked when I say I have another two months. I am huge and I haven't even gained all that much weight - it's just a big belly.

To my family, friends, and strangers: It is not polite to joke or comment on the size of a pregnant belly. Also, i am sick of hearing about how skinny my son is. He is completely healthy and eats like a horse. He's just an active kid. I'm sorry that he spends his days exploring the parks and the world around him instead of sitting in front of a TV or whatever you'd have him do to plump up. The kid's barely a year old and he's never even had a cold. I'm really on the verge of making snarky comments back - trying to be the better person!

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