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Raising Boys is Different From Raising Girls

Posted by Kristen on May 28, 2009 at 7:00 AM in Raising Boys
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296.JPGThis life I am living is not familiar to me.

Growing up there were the four girls. When we fought, we yelled. Rumor on the street was that the two youngest may have actually exchanged blows but I can't believe that. We just yelled. And sulked. I did a LOT of sulking in my time.

Now I have three boys. Grant it, the baby isn't really doing anything just yet, but those older boys? They know how to rumble. The best part is that they aren't fighting. They are playing. It started last week when Derek mentioned to me that the boys were getting rougher and rougher. I was all "whatever" because I barely know my name these days let alone what craziness is going on around me.

Until today. Today the boys were climbing all over me when I was trying to nurse Mason. Mason doesn't seem to care that there are four people attempting to occupy the same space at the same time, but I have had all I can take of everyone on top of me. We need no distractions around here.

K: Why don't you boys wrestle?
Ethan: Okay, Mom. Nate, let's wrestle.

Nate proceeds to go over and lie down in the middle of the floor. Hello, submissive.

But two seconds later there is a rumble across my living room floor. It is all arms and all legs. I sat there in complete disbelief. Somehow we had crossed a line from a toddler and preschooler doing a little shoving to all out wrestling moves. I actually watched Nate drop his center of gravity and charge Ethan at his waist, sending him flying.

If there had been a fly in the room, he would have had complete access to the inside of my mouth. This went on for five minutes and they were laughing hysterically. I was wondering who was going to end up in the emergency room. In the end, no one got hurt and they just moved on to some other form of mischief.

I know I am supposed to encourage them to get their energy out and this turned out to be a relatively harmless activity, but I thought I was going to have a nervous breakdown with all the body slamming. This isn't exactly how I envisioned raising boys. Am I the only one who is surprised by this motherhood thing?


Missy K writes...

Nope, I have the same reaction, and my husband, one of three boys himself, jhas to talk me down. It seems so rough and aggressive, but rarely does anyone get hurt, and they love it, thrive on it.

I'm usually peeking around my fingers.

Amy writes...

I never really comprehended the difference after my son until I went on to have 2 daughters. They're a world apart, but I love the differences. when he was really little a close friend had a daughter the same age and she'd just look at us like, "boy is he trouble" or something of that nature. then she had a son and I had my, "told ya so!".

Steve writes...

I was spared the experience lolol, 4 sisters, a much older brother and then my own 3 daughters. But there is a common thread that connects us all...

Manic Mommy writes...

You are so dead on. We had Wrestlemania here last night, too - with Daddy. We just got HRH's staples removed from the side of his head on Tuesday. I'm thinking of getting frequent flyer miles at the ER.

They are just. wired. differently.

John writes...

wrestling is why you have brothers

Jess writes...

"Get their energy out..." lol. It is never out. Never! My three boys seem to have some kind of automatically winding inner workings, the more they move, the more energy they have.

LifeAsIKnowIt writes...

I have two boys -ages 4 and 7 and am constantly amazed at how these two boys interact and play.
I was really concerned at the aggressive play for awhile until I realized it's just their way of processing what they need to process and get out of their system
So - yes, I too live in a house of boys (even our gerbils are male ;))

Wade writes...

This is so true. Although I am the only guy in the house, I notice how different my daughters are than our friends sons. It's totally different.

jen lemen writes...

i share the same level of shock--seriously--when my kids manhandle each other or when they play really rough. it just wasn't how we played as kids *at all*

John writes...

Boys are usually rougher by nature and that's who they are. They wrestle and fight...that's what we do as well when we were kids, and it's not too much trouble. It's how they learn. They're much more active than girls, and I enjoyed playing with my sons as much as my gentler daughter.

DIY Solar Panels writes...

After having 2 girls, I actually thought we were doing something different after our son was born. The girls were quiet and our son was bouncing off the walls. After talking to other parents of boys I just wrote it off to boys being different than girls. Anyway, I can relate...

DIY Solar Panels writes...

I have to agree, this is entirely true. My sons are the exact opposite of my daughter. It is really interesting and fun to contrast the behavior of both my sons and daughter.

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