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I'm Wondering if My Ears Will Explode

Posted by Kristen on June 4, 2009 at 6:55 AM in Raising Boys
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143.JPGWhy does a stop sign mean stop?
When I get old, how will I know how to drive?
What happens if I am driving and then I am on the sidewalk?
What's a "driver's manual?"
Why do you need a driver's book if everyone knows that a red light means stop? That's silly.
What are those shiny things on the mailbox?
If the water makes things go away, why do the lights stay?
What makes the lightning?
Why are you in this lane?
What is that restaurant?
Why do you call it a "fern bar?"
Is that a tweet, mom?
Why are there hospitals in the sky?
Why do these mailboxes glow in the dark?
Why doesn't our mailbox glow in the dark?
Why don't we have reflectors on our mailbox?
Why don't we have glowing mailboxes on our street?
Why don't our neighbors run over our mailbox if we don't have reflectors?
Am I doing too many tweets?
Where is that BINKY of Mason's?
Why does it say "no P?"

This is roughly 1/3 of the questions he asked on the 12 minute ride home. I don't think he even breathed between questions. You know what would be an awesome post? If I put the answers that I was thinking IN MY HEAD right in this post. However, this is a PG site and not a rated R site. At one point, we just started to laugh and couldn't stop because he didn't even wait for my answers before he started another question. No wonder I have lost my mind. This four-year-old never stops. This four-year-old is crazy. And it's making me crazy.

What kind of questions are your kids asking you? Do you remember when you used to drive in your car and have silence, because I don't even remember those days.


Patience writes...

That kid is so smart....he.never.stops.
I love him!

Jess writes...

Oh, I *wish* I couldn't remember the peace that presided in my car (or at my breakfast table, or anywhere else) before having children. It's one of life biggest cruelties that I do remember it.

Lately my own almost-4-year-old has been asking me to define things. But not big lofty things or new words. Simple things. What is a bird? What is a song? What is yellow? Things he already has experience with, so I'm not at all sure what he's really asking. It's almost as if he expects me to boil down into three words what the essence of a thing is, and hand it to him. I'm failing dramatically to produce the caliber of info he desires.

Maria writes...

It reminds me of my 4 year-old son. He always ask me why Mr. bean had teddy bear.

NYC Male

Sky writes...

I remember when Johnny was 5, the kid would never shut it. Sometimes, I'd just flat out tell him I needed 3 minutes. Just 3 minutes of quiet so my ears could take in everything he just said.

It worked...for those 3 minutes then he'd start up again.

Pat writes...

Why are you asking me this question?
Do you want me to type my answers with both hands, or just one?
Why did you use that computer to type this, not the other one?

- Dad to a 6.5yo girl and 3yo boy

Eleanor writes...

Oh yeah. There are days when I can take it and go with the flow and there are days when I think that if one of mine asks another question or makes one more comment, I might have to be put away somewhere with soft walls and locks on the doors. Sometimes I ask for breaks because "my ears are tired." Sometimes they comply. Sometimes they don't. Mine are not little anymore. They are 8 and 11. They are extroverts. I am not. I enjoy silence. Oh boy.

anne writes...

Oh the wonderings of a four or five year old! I remember well the days of 78 questions - every ten minutes. It drives your crazy (thank goodness for bathroom doors with locks, oh that's right you can't do that either, smile) Well, it's a sign of intelligence, thats all. And now I need to have the radio on when I'm in the car because silence makes me crazy :)

Jess writes...

5 was worse.

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