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No Wonder We Always Go to the Emergency Room

Posted by Kristen on June 2, 2009 at 6:57 AM in Raising Boys
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That's what you were thinking when you looked at this picture, right? I'll admit I was sort of thinking it too when it was happening. The only thing is, I couldn't really see how this kind of activity could make you end up in the emergency room. I guess falling short and putting a tooth through your cheek? Maybe? I didn't think about that then.

I suppose I should have a predisposition against this kind of activity since I had that incident when I was about 11 or 12 and the middle table between the beds jumped out at me while I was sleeping and left me with a gash which gives my nose the character it has. However, I was asleep and that was before the big litigation boom in the early '90's. My mother says now that we should have made them fix my nose but I kind of like it. I can say I got in a big fight and that's how it happened if I want to sound tough. But back to the bed jumping.

I wish I had a picture of Nate doing it. The "trainwreck," as I am now referring to him, could do it too. I'll admit I was shocked. That's quite a distance for his fat little two-year-old legs.

Part of me knew I was supposed to give them the speech about respecting furniture (especially furniture that is not ours) but the other part of me thought, "this is a one-night vacation, pared down from a week because that's all we can do these days. Jump away."

And so they did. Sometimes you just ditch the propriety in hopes of one day hearing, "and my mom and dad used to let us JUMP ON THE BEDS WHEN WE STAYED AT A HOTEL. THEY WERE SO COOL." It's a shot.


Jess writes...

Isnt that half the reason that you stay at a hotel? To jump on the beds?

kate writes...

to this very day - i still remember our mother catching me jumping on the bed when i was supposed to be napping and instead of yelling at me, got right up on the bed and starting jumping with me.

best. memory. ever.

Sarah writes...

Hotel beds are totally made for jumping.

John writes...

Vacation is for getting energy out.

Patience writes...

it's been confirmed, hotel bed jumping is a must...and supersister parents rock hard!

Ellen writes...

Remember when you left me in the hotel room with the boys way way back at the end of February? The Kamikaze and Trainwreck were doing their best imitations of "The Flying Squirrel." No FAILs! and the beds survived just fine...

Amber writes...

I admire his ambition. The way he's just jumping in. I bet you that will serve him well in adulthood. And I wish you well on that journey. :)

YMGH writes...

When our kids were growing up we had a "no jumping on the bed" rule. Frankly, as a grandparent it sounds ridicules now, like many of the things you did as a parent when you were younger.

But when our youngest was sad or down, I would take her to our king-sized bed, close the door and we would hold hands and jump until both fell down laughing. She loved it and so did I!

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