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Soap-flavored Marshmallows

Posted by Kristen on June 8, 2009 at 7:07 AM in Raising Boyspicky eater
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The kid only wants to eat junk. As a junk-food-junkie myself, I get it. As a mother, I just want to shove broccoli down his throat.

Ethan: I'd like marshmallows for dinner.
K: What?
Ethan: Marshmallows.
Nathan: Me want 'em too.
K: I don't think so.
Ethan: I think that is a GREAT dinner, Mom.
K: I don't think so. There is no nutritional value in marshmallows.
Ethan: But they are SO good.
Nathan: Good, Mama.
K: No.
Ethan: Please?
K: No.

Ten minutes later I caught him sneaking into the marshmallows. He and his brother had at least three a piece before I found them. I got mad. Really mad. I threw them in the trash and put them in time out.

Time out being a time-honored tradition of useless discipline. Or maybe I'm doing it wrong.

While they were in time out, I dug the marshmallows out of the trash. I squirted a little Dawn Dishwashing Detergent in the bag and threw it back in the trash. I covered them up with more trash. Sure enough, three hours later I heard a hacking in the kitchen.

K: What's wrong?
Ethan: These marshmallows taste TERRIBLE.
K: Did you take them out of the trash?
Ethan: Um, yes?
K: You dug them out of the trash. You ate garbage.
Ethan: I didn't eat garbage. I ate marshmallows.
K: They were in the garbage.
Ethan: Why would anyone throw good marshmallows in the garbage?
K: Because people were TAKING them when they weren't allowed.
Ethan: They tasted horrible like soap.
K: How do you know they tasted like soap?
Ethan: MOM. I know what SOAP tastes like.

I don't know what disturbs me more. That fact that he ate marshmallows out of the trash or the fact that he correctly identified the soap taste in his mouth. Either way, here's hoping he won't dig food out of the trash again.


Amber writes...

You know, it only takes not rinsing your hands very well after washing for a kid to know what soap tastes like. I wouldn't worry about that too much.

And I bet he won't dig food out of the trash again (at least not anytime soon).

Patience writes...

Can I just say that I would have totally dug the marshmallow bag out of the trash too? I know, I know, but marshmallows ARE really good.

trena writes...

I'm pretty sure that I tasted soap (on purpose) a few times when I was little--I can distinctly remember one brand of soap that was in the bathroom that was pink and looked so much like a big square hunk of candy & it was always a massive temptation to just take a bite. Luckily it usually only takes a taste or two to cure oneself pretty quickly.

As for the veggie thing--we're pretty lucky as Owen likes most veggies, but I have discovered that I can double the amount of veggies/good food/not junk that actually gets in him if there is some sort of sauce to dip whatever it is into. Might work at your house.

Good luck--Ethan (and I'm sure Nate too :)) sounds so smart!

JL writes...

Thank you for this. Anyone who visits my house thinks I am the OCD *that mom* for keeping my trash can on the other side of the gate from my kitchen that separates my kitchen and dining room. Your blog post explains it all :) My alley cats (read 3 y.o. and 18 m.o.) love to go dumpster diving.

Jess writes...

Mmmm, soap! I'm with Patience, I'd have a soapy marshmallow mouth as well. Let's hope that my crew don't get any dumpster-diving ideas. It's bad enough that the toddler thinks the trash can is a fun place to stash toys.

Just catching up on my reader and I have to say this is the funniest thing I have read all week! I have a marshmallow-a-holic too and am thinking that this will happen in our house. I suppose that's what makes it hysterical!

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