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The Three Year Old Hairstylist

Posted by Patience on June 26, 2009 at 12:07 AM
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crazy girl.jpg

She begged me for these hair elastics in the store. I gave in wondering how they were ever going to work with little fine hair. Somehow, out of sheer will, we got every last one worked into her hair for the last 4 days straight. She called them her "pretties".

Hair has been on her mind a lot lately. She asked Josiah to hand her the travel art box scissors while we were driving the other day. All I heard was, "No Lucy, you can't cut your hair." One lecture explaining the joy of the salon later, I thought we had nipped that playing hairstylist thing in the bud. A few days later while coming home from picking cherries she asked the boys for some paper and scissors. I didn't think too much about it since the paper was involved and she was in deep love with the "pretties".

Yep, you got it, beside a chunk of hair missing on the top, she managed to actually layer the sides nicely. Hair was everywhere, all over the car. The three year old hairstylist couldn't resist. I would show you but she won't let me take her picture yet.

Tell me, I know you have to have a kid hair cutting story or a bad haircut story yourself. Lucy will listen, its all part of the job.


Amber writes...

My daughter cut her own hair shortly after her 4th birthday. It was pretty bad - she somehow managed to get pieces around her whole head. It sort of looked like she'd gathered some of it into a ponytail and cut, in a jagged and 4-year-old fashion.

There was a lot of crying involved in the 'fixing'. She wanted her long hair back. There was no getting it back. I doubt she'll make that mistake again.

Luckily it is only hair.

Jess writes...

Indeed, only hair! I wonder, why do we all (me included) have so much attachment to our own hair and our kids' hair?

Kiddo #2 recently informed me that he cut his hair. I didn't believe him, since it looked normal. Started running my fingers through his hair, and big fluffy chunks were coming off in my hands! Aack! I still couldn't see the cuts, until I liftd the top layer and saw the little chunky nearly-down-to-the-scalp bits beneath. Apparently he held not one but two pairs of scissors up to the sides of his head and snipped.

When I was somewhere around age 5 or 6 I cut an EYEBROW off. I remember doing it, too. Not sure why. Also not sure why I lied about doing it. Who me? Eyebrow? What are you talking about?

Christa writes...

Oldest boychild gave himself his first haircut during the winter. He was six. He swept up the hair into a neat pile and proudly proclaimed, "Look Mama, doesn't my hair look great? My hair was getting in my way and I didn't know when you were going to take me to get it cut. So I did it myself....and I even cleaned up! And aren't you proud of me? And don't I look great?!!!!" It was the classic high, straight across bang cut, with long sides. It reminded me of theater curtains. But he was so dang proud of himself and he cleaned up!!!!! The most important thing for me was that he liked how he looked and kept admiring himself in the mirror. So, I went with it. The next day, I admit, I did a little trimming, but did not give a negative reason. When I look in the mirror some days and don't feel so good about my hair, or how tired I'm looking, I remember that dear theater curtain haircut and how happy and proud he was. And I try to be as happy about how I look.

Becky writes...

One day I sat down on my bed and noticed a large patch of blond hair. At first I thought it might be off a stuffed animal as I hadn't noticed any strange hair dos. Then it dawned on me that I had 2 blond haired boys and maybe my OLDER son (about 7 or 8 at the time) might have cut his baby brothers hair. No, everything was in tact. Then I took at look at the older one, the very top of his head had a HUGE patch cut out of it - right to the scalp! I got mad thinking he had done it. Nope, his 2 1/2 year old brother had done it. Didn't seem to phase the older one. Yes, its true, my twin 2 1/2 year olds mastered scissors very early on....except the one we had were those safety preschool scissors that barely cut paper? Yet, not only did the cut off their brothers hair BUT also cut up my living room curtains and sheer!!! Bad mommy for thinking she could take a potty break!

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