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True Confessions...

Posted by Patience on June 12, 2009 at 7:00 AM
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Since we are admitting to swearing and other parenting taboos, can I have just a moment to vent? You can join me if you like.

Here is my current parenting pet peeve: It drives me absoutely nuts when my children sit on the floor and wrap their arms and legs around my leg. Where did this come from? Who taught them to do it? Is it a game I am unaware of?

How about the constant wardrobe changes of three year old fashion divas? More and even more laundry. Let's not even discuss leaving barely used towels on the floor.

These sort of activites send me straight to my guilty pleasures. See that cake above? I am dreaming about it today. What are my other guilty pleasures you ask?

Reality televsion- please don't tell anyone
Obsessively checking facebook
Large slices of pie or cake
Listening to extremely old cheesy love R&B music

Please feel free to confess both your parenting pet peeves and guilty pleasures in the comments below.


Ann writes...

That cake looks heavenly -- can I have some too? Please?

ParentopiaDevra writes...

My guilty pleasures are:

Judge Judy and The People's Court. Why do you ask? Well, because their problems will never be mine so it's utterly escapist for me. I know I won't be getting my boyfriend a credit card, nor will I be bailing him out of jail because his parents asked me to. I also know I won't be buying a boat that doesn't run or getting into a catfight because I had too much to drink.

My other guilty pleasure is chocolate. Now my screen is all wet from licking that cake! Nom Nom Nom

Amber writes...

I'm right there with you on the constant wardrobe changes. But what drives me over the edge is fake crying. My 4-year-old has started to do this, and it's very obvious. She's not that good at it. So. Grating.

My guilty pleasures are chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate. And Twitter. And mindless TV. I mean, so bad it makes you want to cry but you don't have to think at all TV.

Jess writes...

What bugs me the most? Calling "" across the house. Just move your feet and come talk to my face!

Guilty pleasures? Way too much sugar and way too much screen time. ;o)

Becky writes...

Oh my goodness, we are on the same guilty pleasure trail - between the reality shows, excessive sweets and on and off facebook dozens of time...that is exactly what stress, anxiety and too much mommy and child time do to me!!! We're in the same boat! p.s. I have a 6 year old that still will come up behind me a grab me on the legs with his entire body - okay, it was cute when he was 2 but now that he is 6, it almost knocks me on the floor. No matter what I say or do, the impluse is just too great for him, he has to do it! Though it has gotten alot less.

trena writes...

Things that drive me right up the wall with my almost 3 year old--telling me, with great drama/tears/hysterics, that he either wants something that he really doesn't want or vice versa. Aargghh, if you don't want it (or you really do want it) just tell me right off the bat and we'll both be happier.

Guilty pleasures? Being uninterrupted in a bubble bath long enough to be able to finish the crossword puzzle and excessively checking my etsy page to see how many people have checked out my stuff.

YMGH writes...

So they are teenagers now and they probably could do their own wash but due to OCD you keep the wash going and deliver piles of clean clothes to the end of their beds (have to put away before sleeping..right?) find the clean mixed with all the dirty clothes on the floor, which you are now picking up to be washed. 40 years later........why did I care so much and why didn't I just let them run out of clothes??

The other comments here...yes, most are are old memories (and were irratations to me too)...but now..well my dad used to make a comment all the time when we were young, it made my sister and I crazy.. "You're livin' and you don't even know it" Dad was right!

YMGH writes...

Oh I forgot...The guilty pleasures??? Pleeeeese!! Just earn them every day!!

YMGH writes...

Oh I forgot....those guilty pleasures??? You gooooo for them, you earned them!!

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