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Super Sisters

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Jen, Kristen, and Patience

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A Real Day

Posted by Patience on July 28, 2009 at 7:59 AM
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museum kid collage2

I miss the alarm clock and oversleep which makes me miss the ever important uninterrupted writing time in the wee hours of the morning.
The boys wake up crazy early and want breakfast, pancakes.
I promise pancakes, after I finish writing the article that is now 2 weeks late, yes 2.
Someone "accidentally" wakes up Lyra.
I throw cereal bars in their direction, hold/nurse a squirmy baby and try to write.
It doesn't work.
I feed the baby green beans, bananas and cereal bars in her high chair while I try to write.
She eats half, throws the rest on the floor and cries.
This wakes Lucy up who always wakes up kinda grumpy.
Lucy wants pudding for breakfast.
I say no and offer her a cereal bar, much drama ensues.
I search for a diet coke desperately in need of caffeine.
Jack insists I look at the new lego catalog. He and Josiah retreat to discuss money making schemes.
Lyra cries to get out of the high chair, 4 people have now stepped in the green beans all over the floor.
Lucy is still wailing over pudding.
I offer a Martha Speaks episode in hopes of returning to writing as I am now 20 minutes from my most recent deadline.
The phone rings, a call I must take.
Josiah strategically asks for a popsicle during a vulnerable parenting moment, I cave.
Everyone has popsicles.
Jack and Lucy fight over a spot on the couch.
I search for the diet is 7:48am

Tell me you have these mornings, days, whole years? Give me your real day in the comments.


Gina writes...

We all are dying to comment on this one, but the real mornings are getting in the way! More later..... during naps, I hope.

PatienceAuthor Profile Page writes...

I know YOU know G!

nicole writes...

I only have two kids, but yes, many a morning feels just like this. It's the part of motherhood that's not mentioned on the brochure. :)

PatienceAuthor Profile Page writes...

I would really love a copy of that brochure...I can't remember what it did tell me. :)

Kelly writes...

I'm dusting and polishing my mommy of the year trophy to send it your way...uh, wait, Anna's wearing her shirt backwards and has no panties on under her skirt. And my son, while I'm typing this, is trying to sneak candy for breakfast. The t.v's been on since 7 and...on second thought I really like that trophy.

PatienceAuthor Profile Page writes...

You always make me laugh Kelly! :)

Amber writes...

It is currently 7:09 am here. My baby's bumped his head on the stone garden wall outside and hamstrung himself on an electrical cord so far this morning. My 4-year-old is demanding space on my lap and my kids are poking each other. No one has eaten yet, and I am sort of angry the kids are even awake. It is 80 degrees in my house right now, I have no air conditioning and it is supposed to reach 93 today, or 106 with the humidex.

I'm pretty sure I'm having one of those mornings myself.

PatienceAuthor Profile Page writes...

No air conditioning Amber?! oh dear...

Valerie writes...

Yes. Particularly the part about putting the baby in the high chair and feeding her as you try to write. That was me this morning. And this afternoon.

Then today, I put the baby down for a second and he looked at me, his face collapsed into tears as if he was saying, "Can you please just sit with me? I miss you."

So I sat. And we both cried.

PatienceAuthor Profile Page writes...

I know...*sigh* sometimes I feel like I'm spending half my day managing them so I can get something done when I should really just let it go and play.

Crystal writes...

My morning was similiar, it started at 6. While trying to find something clean to put on my two boys (my 4 year old likes to hide clothes) my youngest has found my digital camera so I try to get that back as he is going thru the house taking random pictures. My 6 yr old is trying to brush his teeth & instead of doing that he is playing with bath toys & spills water all of the floor. I finally got them both dressed at 930. Than we had cereal afterwards I try to get them to watch cartoons so I could get dressed. Once that was accomplished I discovered my 4 yr old pulling blankets & sheets off his bed & emptying his dresser again. I just know it's going to be a very long day.

PatienceAuthor Profile Page writes...

what is it with clean and folded clothing (especially in drawers)? it's like a toddler's personal invitation to mess...I hear you!

Anne writes...

Is there any other kind of morning? Really? I mean...
(pause in typing to put out fire, really!) I was typing the above I noticed that the grill was ON FIRE! See, it's not just mornings and you're not alone. All we can do is laugh!

Allison writes...

5:40 a.m. H. wakes up. This is usually when he wakes up and gets in bed with us and nurses, but this morning I am going to try to get up and exercise, and I only have fifteen minutes until the alarm goes off to get me up to do that. So, P. goes to get him, and I go get a sippy cup, hoping it will satisfy him. In the kitchen, I can hear him wailing, completely outraged, something that sounds like “AMA! AMA! AMA!.” I go back in, get in bed, take him from P., and nurse him for fifteen minutes, hoping this will be enough time for him to fall back asleep. Getting out of bed, P. asks me to find H.’s bear, then sits up and roots around in the bed for it, and I know that all hope of sneaking out quietly and having him go back to sleep are lost. Get out of bed at 5:58. Hair in a clip, change into work-out clothes. No shoes. Forty minutes of Gilad on Fit TV. Get sippy cup of milk for A. Back into the bedroom at 6:45, where H. has spent the last 45 minutes wide awake, and has just been joined by his sister. Kisses to the babies. Sit for two minutes. Into the shower. Out of the shower. Get A. out of bed, put her blanket and pacifier away (to much shrieking), try to get her to go to the potty. She sits for a few minutes, with no progress. Change her pull-up. P. changes H.’s diaper, then gets in the shower. Today Show on. Brush hair. Both kids come into the bathroom, H. falls and bumps his head on the tile floor. Crying. I pick him up, walk out, run into A. Crying. I tell her I didn’t hurt her. She doesn’t believe me. Get dressed. P. out of the shower, removes the contents of the bottom drawer of his nightstand because H. keeps getting into it. Make bed, with A.’s and P.’s help. 7:20 a.m.: Into the kitchen. P. makes coffee. Cereal for everybody. Two pieces of toast for me. Banana for A. 7:50 a.m. Back into the bedroom to do hair and makeup. P. empties the dishwasher and makes lunches for both of us. H. comes to visit me. A. goes in her pull-up, P. changes her. 8:04 a.m.: Nanny arrives. Gets kids dressed. Gives them yogurt. We discuss dinosaurs and marbles with A. 8:15 a.m. Pour coffee into two travel cups (both for me). Kiss P., H., A. Out the back door, to the kitchen window for final waves. 8:20 in car to drive to work. Actually, a pretty smooth morning.

mary writes...

Personally, I think the fact that your children touched a vegetable (even with their feet) before 8:oo a.m. makes you a stellar mother!

kelly writes...

caleb ate pudding for breakfast this morning and i am not even kidding you. it's made with milk! ...right?

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