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Other People's Delightful and Spirited Children

Posted by Kristen on July 30, 2009 at 7:06 AM in Connecting with kids
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There is a common occurrence in our family. I write endless stories on the Internet about how crazy my children are and then I take them out in public where they behave perfectly. Okay, not always perfectly but tolerably well and certainly not with the breadth of evilness whereby they operate in the comfort of their own home. I constantly hear "I don't know what you are talking about with these children. They are a delight." My mother reminds me that I would rather have them misbehave with me than to do something really horrible out in public.

My friend has a similar problem with one of her two boys. Just last month Q put an entire container of sausage gravy into the dryer. His ready-to-pop-with-baby-number-three mother was not amused. I'm pretty sure dad had to come home from work early to clean up the mess and to, shall we say, save a life of one or to save the sanity of another.

Having met his mama through work, Sunday was the first day I got to meet these children of hers that I know through the Internet, Facebook and lengthy end-of-my-rope text messages.

And might I say, I have absolutely no idea what she is complaining about with this child. He is absolutely delightful and a perfect angel.


Shelly writes...

That's too funny! I have the same thing happen with my girls.

Daddy of Q writes...

Nope... daddy was home for this one. I still couldn't believe that there was meat in the dryer. Luckily, the dryer was empty.

His excuse of "some kind of little boy" throwing sausage gravy in the dryer was quite priceless.

Let's be fair, that this is also the child who gets a dozen of eggs out, and throws them on the floor screaming "Eggies! HAH!" before he commits egg murder.(Last egg murder incident was september of 08)

... and whom also took a screw driver psycho style to my ipod (Ipod murdered in July of 2007)

... and finally, a few days before this incident, grabbed my underwear and pulled upward attempting to give me a wedgie. His response of "Momma, I just gave daddy a wedgie" was enough to do it.
Mom was rolling her pregnant self all over the floor laughing and crying as we were trying to get thing 1 and thing 2 ready for bed. I even found it somewhat amusing.

Needless to say Q is the living embodiment of judy blume's "fudge". I think we've decided to read the books to figure out what in god's green earth the boy is gonna do next.

John writes...

Looks innocent to me.

Jene' writes...

My daughter is the same way. I was surprised (if pleased) that even our friends who stayed with us for a few days commented on her general mellow-ness. My response: that's not quite the word I would choose, but I'm delighted when people are charmed by my daughter.

Also, those end-of-the rope FB posts and text messages are a real sanity saver for me. They do, however, seem to constitute the other side of this particular coin: the people who've never met your child who think that every moment of your parenting life must be hellish!

Sarah writes...

Oh my goodness this is my child! He can be such a handful for me, yet anyone who has ever watched him always comments on how mellow and wonderful he is. I get daily reports from his daycare that he is just the best behaved kid and they never have problems with him. He is the most liked in his class by other children and they constantly comment on how mellow he is. Where is this kid when he is with me? Where can I go to talk to other parents that deal with this? I really need an out. I constantly struggle with how to handle situations and which way is the best way to discipline my spirited child. It's a constant battle in my head on how to deal with situations which is difficult because I know consistency is key. Help!

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