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Road Tripping With the Kids

Posted by Kristen on July 20, 2009 at 6:44 AM in Family ActivitiesRoad Trip
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I went to the craft store to pick up some things for the trip. It was only when I reached for the glue that I realized I had lost my mind. Glue? In a car? The worst thing that has ever happened to me is getting a minivan. I treat it like it is the living room. Derek freaked out and said, "You can't give the kids a glue project in the car. That is crazy." He is exactly right so I put that glue right back and bought those alphabet stickers in the tub. I think there are about 500 in there and there appears to be an inordinate amount of X's. Whatever. There will be a lot of kisses on paper then.

I also bought those dollar paddles with the ball attached on the stretchy string. I envision getting to the West Virginia border before someone figures out how to bounce the ball so hard that it extends to his brother's seat and most likely on his head.

I proposed an elaborate tubing system between the seats so the boys could send their cars back and forth but then I was reminded of that special on television about people getting impaled in car accidents with things like tissue boxes. I think we'll have to settle for the usual imaginative play instead. When I told Ethan we were going away, the following conversation ensued.

K: Ethan. Did you know we are going on a road trip this week?
E: What do you mean?
K: We are going to drive to Chicago this week.
E: Where is Chicago?
K: About 700 miles away.
E: But we can't, Mom.
K: Why can't we?
E: I'll probably have to go to the bathroom.
K: We can stop if you need to go.
E: Mom. I needed to go to the bathroom for so long today and you wouldn't stop the car.
K: That's a good point. But I promise that I will stop to let you go to the bathroom on our road trip.
E: After a long time?
K: Probably.

I'm really going to work on that. No one wants to be remembered as the parent who wouldn't even let the kids out of the car on gas stops (looking at you, Grandpa). Did your parents stop the car when YOU needed to go?


Carrie writes...

You're driving 700 miles with three small boys? Wow. You are a brave woman. Good luck!

Amber writes...

That sounds like an ambitious trip. I hope that it goes as smoothly as humanly possible.

As for bathroom breaks, I seem to remember that my parents would pretty much always stop the car. But given my resistance to squatting beside the highway I was more likely to wait for an actual bathroom myself. At least once I was 5 or 6 years old, anyway.

mary writes...

My husband carries a vivid memory of a family road trip where his father refused to stop because my husband had to go to the bathroom. He said he was in so much pain because he really had to go. Whenever we traveled if any of our kids said they had to go--he ALWAYS stopped. It did not matter if we were "almost there"-- he stopped.
In my father-in-law's defense he was traveling with 8 kids on board--yes 8! so I imagine if he stopped every time someone had to go--it might take a couple of extra days to get there!!
I like to imagine what kind of trip it might have been if they would have had a couple of bottles of elmers glue to
pass around. The family that sticks together--well quite frankly sticks together!! Have you given any thought to glue sticks? They might be confused with chapstick and then you might have a quieter ride?

trena writes...

Three words: empty pop bottles.

Or, if you're my aunt with 6 kids, 3 who are boys: empty Sam's Club sized Skippy Jar.

Good luck and here's to surviving with your sanity intact.

Micha writes...

This is hilarious! You are brave, but I think you can make it. When I was a child, I'm pretty sure that I never had to go to the bathroom on trips. I think I was so excited to go, that if we stopped it would slow us down significantly.

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