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October 2009 Archives


Real Four-Year-Olds Don't Eat Quiche

Posted by Kristen on October 5, 2009 at 6:46 AM in picky eater
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spidereat.jpgI was always a picky eater. I just really didn't like food. My pediatrician Dr. Brown used to tell my mom that as long as I ate one good meal every two weeks, no worries.

Now the thought of only one good meal every two weeks makes me hyperventilate as a mother. Of course, look at me. It's not like I miss a meal myself these days. I turned out alright.

I think it has made me even more laid back about my kids and food. You don't have to like anything and you don't have to eat anything you don't want to eat. The pesky downside? You also aren't getting anything until the next meal. This is not a 24-hour diner I am running here. God bless all you mothers who are cooking multiple meals to make sure that everyone in your family is eating healthy and eating what they like. Me? It sure is a very long time until breakfast and yes, your brother does have permission to gloat as he eats his dessert.

Tonight I "made" Ethan eat zucchini quiche in order to get his dessert of homemade apple sauce from our apple picking extravaganza today. He didn't realize that apple sauce doesn't constitute true dessert in my book but far be it from me to judge what will inspire you to finish your dinner. And he did it.


What's Your Superpower?

Posted by Patience on October 2, 2009 at 7:00 AM in Talking with kids
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I'm convinced all kids believe in super powers and I have to confess, I do too. I had a chance to ask everyone's red friend about his special super power. His answer melted me. This is a really fun conversation starter if you are looking to connect with your little people. Check out this great guide about talking with kids too.

So Elmo and I have told you our superpowers, now you must tell us yours.
Fill our comment section with the superpowers of you, your kids, your dog! Everybody wants to know!


Four Fun Car Games for Preschoolers

Posted by Kristen on October 1, 2009 at 6:58 AM in Car Games
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lick.jpgThis is the ride Mason finds himself in the most these days. This is, in fact, a baby doll stroller. His brothers don't care. Neither does he. He does seem to mind when they lick him on his head however. I have no idea why they do that. This has nothing to do with this post but I thought the picture was hysterical and horrible, all at the same time. Back to our regularly scheduled programming....

We have been looking for better things to do on our 25 minute drive to school in the morning. Lately we have been shaking things up a little by passing the time in ways other than throwing heavy objects at one another in the back seat. Here are four things we like to do in the car on the way to (or from) school.

1. I spy with my little eye.... Tried and true. We are working on colors over here since we realized recently that Nate doesn't know one color and we had practically taught Ethan how to read by this age. So colors it is. The down side is that we live in a land of a LOT of green. This, of course, is wonderful environmentally but it makes "I spy" a little less interesting.

2. "Whatcha gonna learn today?" Taken from our favorite, Sid the Science Kid, this is a great guessing game about what we might learn at school today. Lately the discussion rarely strays from dinosaurs, and I'm pretty sure we have Dinosaur Train to thank for that one.

3. High point/Low point. Best discussed after school, this gives your child a chance to process his day and to develop an ability to express/identify the good and the not-as-great in his day. It is normally pretty easy to say what was the best part of your day but it's great to show that your "low point" somehow seems a little less sad once you put it in the same story as the "high point."

4. Tell me a story. Pick a subject (how about dinosaurs? sigh) and everyone has to tell a story. You can identify exactly where everyone in your family is developmentally based on the direction the story heads (please, no more potty stories).

What do you guys like to do in the car?

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