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Fall Family Activities on a Budget

Posted by Patience on October 23, 2009 at 8:18 AM in Family Activitiesfamily finances
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acorn family.jpg

We had our first fire of the season last week. The kids asked for hot chocolate and marshmallows. The leaves are doing that swirly thing in the air that makes me so happy and we have a daily discussion about Halloween costumes. Fall is in full swing.

Limited finances doesn't have to mean limited family connection. Here are a few low cost ideas for your crew:

1. Acorn Families- Gather acorns or any other round or oval shape things falling from your trees and create a family. We drew faces on ours with sharpies and then hot glued them to sticks we found. It was fun to see the kids different faces and shapes of the acorn variety.

2. Pick apples and pumpkins- Go on an off day to your local produce of picking choice at the end of this harvest season. There are still a few apples and tons of pumpkins. Pack a picnic lunch and take the long way home so you can soak in the beauty of the changing leaves.

3. Turn off the lights. Start a fire or light lots of candles and turn off your lamps for the night. Tell stories and drink apple cider. Make cookies earlier in the day to share. Play charades, twenty questions or even indoor hide and seek, your kids will love the play and will barely miss being unplugged for an evening.

4. Share a meal. Invite a family over for dinner. Pick a neighbor or your child's friend and share the cooking or have a potluck. Have a lego or polly pocket dinner, put a bowl of legos on the table just like the food. Every person can take a few pieces and make something in between bites. Take a picture of each person's creation at the end of the meal. Kids love when something fun ends up in an unexpected place.

5. Go on a moonwalk. Bundle everyone up on a weekend night and take an evening stroll to look at the moon and stars. A full moon is the best but not necessary. Learn about constellations and try to find them together. Buy one pack of glow in the dark star stickers and create your own sky in your kid's bedroom when you return. Moonwalks make for great memories.

Got any other favorite family connections? Please share in the comments.


Anita writes...

you may want to cook the acorn just for a little while. They can be infested with weevils.

CouponBootCAmp writes...

Turning off the lights sounds super fun! I remember one year my sister-in-law hosted a Halloween party at her house. For fun she hid, in plain sight, glow in the dark painted rocks in her basement, turned out all the lights, gave each child a flashlight and let them try to find the rocks! All the children, even the older ones, loved it!!

Kim writes...

This is adorable! It reminds me of the fun things we have made with pom pom balls and googly eyes!

We have always opted for cooking fun things -- like mummy dogs (hot dogs wrapped in breadstick dough and baked in the oven) and pumpkin cake (2 bundts together and frosted to look like a giant pumpkin).

Cheers for Autumn!

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