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How to Make a Buddy the Dinosaur Costume of Dinosaur Train Fame

Posted by Kristen on October 19, 2009 at 10:00 AM
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We have a little excitement here at PBS Supersisters. Did you know that PBS Parents has all the instructions for making your very own Buddy the T-Rex costume with some help from the creators of Buddy?

Can you believe I'm trying to make one? The title of this post is a lie. What it should say is "What Not To Do When Making a Buddy Costume." But I was trying to stay lure you in with positivity.

Despite how excited you are about sewing, do not sew the inseam of Buddy's legs closed.
This seems like a no-brainer and you will be unpleasantly surprised at how long it takes you to rip the seams out with a pair of kid scissors because no one put "seam ripper" on the list of items needed. Even more annoying? That you did it to both the front AND the back.

Do not become overwhelmed by the thought that the costume was designed by the brilliant minds at Jim Henson Creature Shop. As Derek watched me cut out the pattern, he pulled out the old, "WHERE did you get this idea" and I was all "it's a costume from the people at Jim Henson" and he was all "you mean the people that brought us Kermit the Frog" and I was all "(insert inappropriate words) no pressure here now, Babe. Thanks."

Don't be afraid to ask for help from a person who may or may not know how to sew. I called Susie Sunshine. "Can you help me with some sewing questions?" She said, "I know nothing about sewing." Me: "But you make wrap around skirts!" She said, "Okay, what?" Me: "Aren't you supposed to pin the pattern to the fabric or something before you cut it out? The directions don't say. Probably because it's the equivalent to "Breathe in" for the sewing world." Her: "Yes. Wow, I was helpful." Me: "Yes, you were."

Wanting to impress is a powerful motivator. PBS asked which one of us wanted to do this. I jumped in and offered because 1) my kids worship at the altar of Dinosaur Train, 2) I have a new sewing machine for sewing labels in my clothes for work and 3) I'm insane. How hard could it possibly be? I mean, I made those kickin' throw pillows for my apartment back in 1999 and how about those awesome place mats I made in the third grade? And maybe I just want to impress the girl who can take a cloth napkin and a paper clip and make it into an award-winning costume. So far the directions have been pretty easy to understand and thank God for pictures. It helps when you erroneously sew Buddy's inseam closed. See above.

Make this costume at night and under all circumstances, don't tell your children you are doing it. They will find out soon enough. I really don't need to explain this, do I?

Not only am I making a Buddy costume for Nate, I am also going to be able to give away the one MADE BY THE PEOPLE AT JIM HENSON (the one worn by the cute little dinosaur you see here). Oh, yeah. So come back on Thursday to enter for your chance to win that one. And to see a picture of mine, which will hopefully be done by then or I'm going to get fired.


john writes...

With the legs sewn together it could have been a hoping dinosaur!

Melissa writes...

Good luck with that.
That which does not kill you shall make you stronger. C

Aimee writes...

Love it! Great advice! I might just try this myself:o)

April writes...

I am not new to sewing, but I am completely self taught. My son, like yours, loves Buddy so I thought I'd give this a go. I have to say I am not impressed with their directions. I only knew how to sew the legs (and I haven't done it yet, but will tomorrow) b/c i've made bandanna pants for my son. And I just spent forever trying to figure out the zipper. It is not an overlapped zipper, but a lapped zippper. but they refer to it as an overlapped and if you google how to do that, you can't find anything. But if you google lapped zipper, wha-la! I'll keep you posted on how this goes.

Vanessa writes...

This is great! I decided to make one for my 2 year old, except I made my diamonds standing up like spikes. Speaking of seaming the legs wrong, I turned a pair of wool pants into a "skirt" once when I worked in a costume shop in college. Only made THAT mistake once!

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