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The H1N1 Vaccine In Schools

Posted by Patience on October 20, 2009 at 7:23 AM in health
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We received information and permission forms in our children's backpacks about the H1N1 vaccine last week. I read them like every other concerned parent in America. Even after pouring over the information, I had one sticking point. I just could not imagine my child having something medical done to him/her without me being present.

I also wondered how exactly 400 children were going to get shots without it being a total emotional and a possibly traumatic event. We decided to wait to get ours at the doctor when we could be all together. If I am honest, I also wanted to see it distributed nationwide for a few more weeks.

The kids were relieved as I dropped them off at school yesterday to be spared from the shot for a while longer. All day I wondered how it was going, feeling for all involved in the process. The second the kids hopped in the car I asked them how it went. The carpool kids shrugged their shoulders and said it was fine, it barely hurt. My kids said only one child cried, it seemed pretty smooth. Kids are more resilient than we give them credit for sometimes.

Have you had the vaccine distributed in your area and school yet? Will you have your child vaccinated? Tell us in the comments.


Dawn Crim writes...

I was always a beliver in vaccines until my baby and I were injured by them in 2007. I would later learn I had 3 other victims in my family after reviewing medical records, baby photos, and baby books. Nobody in my family will ever receive a vaccine again. Not only is there no scientific evidence that they work (yes you read that right), but they cause disease - to include cancer.

I have 2 suggestions: Read "Vaccine Safety Manual" by Neil Z. Miller (over 1,000 sources cited) and "Fear of the Invisible" (many credible sources about Vaccine Safety meetings over the years). You will blow your mind to learn that our government officials KNEW 10 years ago that vaccines were causing breast cancer and numerous other problems.

As far as the Swine Flu goes, elderberry extract is a natural potent preventative measure. Extremely safe too. I wrote an article on the H1N1 Vaccine. If you think that vaccine's ingredients are scary, they are in most vaccines. And the nasal spray leaves you contagious for at least 3 weeks according to the manufacturer (see page 19 of MedImmune's package insert).

Do your homework parents. Don't take my word, the media's word, or even your own doctor's. Vaccines injure and kill more people than you realize.

Suzie writes...

Not only are our kids not getting vaccinated in school, but the doctors aren't even getting enough in now to vaccinate them. The county originally was planning on several sites around the county where they would be vaccinating school aged kids, but they called those off today and have ONE site where you can go if you are high risk. Our pediatrician's office only got enough to vaccinate the most high risk patients, and then healthy 6-24 month olds will be next, followed by whomever wants them if they get enough doses. Not sure how I feel that entire schools are getting vaccinated when we don't currently have enough here to even take care of the youngest. Hopefully the virus won't hit our school before the local community has access to more doses!

Anna writes...

No, I am not getting it for my children. There are documented reports that Novartis (and maybe others) are using cancer cells in these vaccines. They have rushed these out with not enough time to do effective trials. Why would I want my children to be guinea pigs? This country treats vaccines as if they are safe, yet 10,000 children have had a vaccine injury(meaning injury, permanent physical or mental injury or death) that have been paid out a claim from the National Vaccine Injury Board. My children have had some vaccines on a carefully spaced out schedule but they will not get this one.

kate writes...

i will wisely stay far away from discussing vaccines.

i will say, however, that this is an excellent opportunity to teach children (and adults) the importance of handwashing - still the number one way to avoid any infection.

Bobby Digital writes...

If you read the governments own documents it tells you right there the vaccines aren't safe.

Go to the website and read the package inserts for the H1N1 vaccines.

There is nothing good that your body will benefit from having a vaccination plus it will hamper your immune systems own ability to fight diseases and from the FDA's own documents there are huge links to Gullaine Barre Syndrome and other neurological disorders when taking these vaccines.

It's all right there in print for you to see but not many people read or do their homework anymore..

Go back to 1976 when they had another Swine Flu Pandemic see the results for yourself the vaccines back then weren't safe, they were never safe and aren't meant to be.

Chels writes...

-In reference to there being no scientific evididence for vaccines - that is very untrue. Many of the top killing diseases have nearly been eradicated due to vaccines including polio, diptheria, etc. You rarely ever hear of those every happening anymore - becuase of vaccines.

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