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Fun in the Snow

Posted by Kristen on December 21, 2009 at 6:26 AM in Raising Boys
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The Weather Channel predicted snow, snow and more snow. To be honest, I didn't believe them. I mean, they predict snow and we get rain. Rain and we get snow. You never know what is going to happen here in the mid-Atlantic. It was only at 8:00 p.m. on Friday night that I began to think that maybe they might be right. I did what every other crazy person did in these parts on Friday night and headed to the grocery store for some necessities. Call me crazy but there are things you MUST have for a snow storm.

Popcorn. This is multi-faceted. We got popcorn to eat when we were watching holiday specials, popcorn to make into CARMEL popcorn and popcorn to make a strand for our Christmas tree. Nothing says "Merry Christmas" like giving your children sharp needles and telling them to string popcorn. I'll admit there were some potential 911 moments but nothing that couldn't be fixed with some Bactine and a bandaid.

Hot cocoa. We went old school with the cocoa, milk and a little sugar combination. This is my personal favorite because then Mean Mom gets to control the sugar intake. Before you bash me for being a grinch, I would much rather waste my children's sugar consumption on gooey marshmallows, and lots of them.

Bacon. Okay, I have no idea why everyone decided to purchase bacon as a snowed-in emergency item but I bowed to peer pressure and bought some as well. Bacon is good for, well, just about anything.

Chocolate chips. My children have been begging to make chocolate chip cookies and luckily the power held out and we were successful in our cookie endeavors. I'm not sure how many chips actually made it into the batter but I think they take that into account in the recipe. Then there were chocolate chip pancakes too.

Beyond all the food, what can you possibly do when you can't go out for fear of sending your car over the ravine in all the snow?

Instead of making snowmen, make snow animals. It sounds a little crazy but why not make a T-Rex? All you have to do is make a sloping mound of snow and use sticks all the way down the dinosaurs back. It is much scarier than a sweet old snowman and much easier to ride if you are really a pretend kind of kid.

Make a snow cave
. We cheated on this one when Derek used a piece of cardboard for the roof. It only took about five minutes to make instead of what could have been an hour-long process for a quality job. Not surprisingly, none of the children noticed. A great time was still had by all.

Help dig a neighbor out. We walked down the street to be sure that everyone living near us was doing just fine. The boys took their shovels and helped their dad clean sidewalks and paths.

Get your emergency supplies together
. Our emergency supplies used to be in one place but with lots of little hands that love flashlights, things tend to wander away. It was only when the lights flickered that we (read "I") feared that we would be panicked in the dark. Everyone ran in different directions and got together all the candles, blankets, ect. we would want to have handy if the lights did go out. We got lucky and they stayed on, but it is nice to be prepared. The boys were happy to contribute by digging out all the stolen flashlights from under their beds. Dad was happy to have his stuff back.

So all you East Coasters, what did you do this past weekend to prepare/survive the storm in a house with kids?


wii cable video writes...

I guess they weren’t joking when they said New York got a lot of snow the other day. There is nothing like watching people having fun in the snow and not getting cold! I hope they had mugs and mugs of hot chocolate after! I know that’s exactly what I do.

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