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Winter Fitness For Kids

Posted by Patience on January 8, 2010 at 7:00 AM in Family Activitieshealthplay
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sunset play

We are headed straight into the dark of winter. It is the time after the holidays when the dreaminess of snow and celebration is officially over. We instantly all come down with a wicked cabin fever, especially the kids. If you have small people bouncing off of walls at your house, here are few ideas to burn some of that built up energy.

Run the course. Build an obstacle course out of pillow cushions, dining room chairs, table cloths over tables, etc. Have kids, climb, crawl, cross over at their own pace and then time them to really get them going.

Dance Party. Shake what yo mama gave ya! Clear the furniture in your living room to create an instant dance floor. Turn on some music way too loud and get moving. Dancing is a great way to connect and burn some calories together.

More is more. When it isn't bitterly cold, the right weather wear or an extra layer might be the only thing keeping us from a winter walk or quick game of tag. Break out the gloves and scarves, give your kids a chance to run around in the fresh crisp air even if it is just for a few minutes.

Old school fun. Bring back the simple and fun games of your childhood and play with your kids. Play an indoor game of hide-and-seek, twister or have a tickle fight. Simon Says is great way to have kids doing jumping jacks or jogging in place for crazy amounts of time. It's like your own kid aerobics class.
When all else fails, you can break out the hula hoops in the garage.

Break out. If everyone is about to go looney, head to your local children's museum. They almost always have at least one gross motor skills exhibit. Winter is also the perfect time to enroll your kids in a karate, gymnastics or swimming class at your local community center.

What are your fitness tips for kids surviving until the warmth returns? Give us all your best ideas in the comments.


Danuta writes...

Some great tips... loving the dance party idea!!

Shannan writes...

Just thinking this last night... I miss going to play outside after dinner! I have a 2 year old that needs to run!!!! We go to the mall sometimes and let her's not very busy so it works.

Jess writes...

On Christmas Day, with a foot of snow still covering the ground and rain due to fall any time, we brought our 4 y/o's new bike to the basement and he now loves riding in circles down there! His 7 y/o brother runs laps there, too.

Our basement is also a bowling alley - the kids have an assortment of recycled plastic bottles and a bunch of balls. It gets rowdy but can keep them busy for a long time, and they run off a lot of steam!

Jennifer writes...

My kids have definitely been suffering from cabin fever. You've got some great tips on getting kids moving.

I've actually considered buying an exercise trampoline simply as another way for the kids to burn off more energy.

Ana writes...

LOVE that bowling alley from plastic bottles idea--just great! all of these ideas and comments are life-savers.

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