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Cabin Fever Fun

Posted by Patience on February 5, 2010 at 7:07 AM in Parenting tips
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snow day luce and papa.jpg

We are on our 4th snow storm for the year here in Central Virginia which is positively crazy! The snow hasn't blessed us with her presence so much since like 1961. While I am still delirious over the snow, the untimely stomach bug sent our cabin fever over the edge. I imagine even all of the brave people in the greater snow areas eventually hit some level of crazy with kids indoors so even as a novice, here are a few ideas to cure the boredom:

1. Stop and play!- Just surrender, stop the chore, task or other productive idea and play. After being interrupted for 5,234th time yesterday I asked the kids if they wanted to play four corners. After we got bored of that, we played hide and seek. Playing with children cures almost always cure every angst you got going.

2. Change the scenery. Bring the outside in. Get a flat under the bed stoarge bin or just a big mixing bowl. Bring a pile of snow inside to sculpt and watch melt. Sticks from the outside or even straws are perfect for constructing tiny snow creations. Throw in some tiny plastic animals to make a snow zoo.

3. Get creative. We are deep into art these days as we recently turned an old sunroom into an art studio. Flip books are our recent latest obsession. You can learn how to make them here. If you are feeling super adventurous, create your own mini-art station or studio on a table for the week. Set out different art supplies everyday inviting new creativity.

4. Read and Watch. There is a big media rule in our house, you must read the book before you see the movie. The kids both loathe and love this rule. There have been a few moments it has been broken but not very often. Being stuck at home is the perfect time to read The Chronicles of Narnia, Harry Potter, or some other gem that has been turned into a moving picture. Thanks to Netflix you can promptly watch the movie and discuss which was better.

5. Cook Together. Put those kids to work! Here are some great ideas about inviting kids into the kitchen and here are some tips for keeping it healthy.

Okay, give us your cabin fever remedies in the comments! We could all use them right about now.


Amber writes...

When everyone is cranky and we're about to snap, I turn up the music and we all dance and sing along. I favour Glee myself, my kids prefer Raffi, but either way it works.

Rebecca writes...

My comment is on #2. My mom likes to bring in the snow and dump it into the bathtub. My nephews will sit in the bathroom for hours playing in the snow. Plus it makes clean-up much easier once the snow melts.

Russian writes...

It is a good family holiday.
For those this holiday who loves and is favourite.

Anne writes...

We missed a few episodes, can anyone tell
me how zach& weezie got separated. Thanks

Anne writes...

We missed a few episodes,can any one tell
us how zack & weezie got separated. Thanks

Abohadi writes...

" stop & play in a different scenery, be creative, read, watch and cook together "

they are fantastic ideas to communicate best not only with kids but with all people.

thank you for this great and motivating post.

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