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A Kid Friendly Valentine's Day

Posted by Patience on February 12, 2010 at 7:51 AM in Family ActivitiesHolidays
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glitter hearts.jpg

Valentine's day has always been one of my favorite holidays. Ever since I can remember my mom made a heart`shaped meatloaf and decorated the table with hearts galore. My dad would bring home flowers and chocolates for me and my sisters and we all exchanged valentines after dinner.

It never occurred to me that the holiday was soley for partners, I just thought it was about love of all kinds. This turned out to be a social life saver through awkward middle school years and other times when I was on my own. It was a great parenting move on the part of my parents. I always felt connected and loved.

Here are a few ideas if you want to take back Valentine's back at your house.

1. Make a family love celebration plan. Ask the kids what kind of love party you should have. One year we decided we should eat everything we love. Every person picked something for the menu. It was hilarious. We ended up eating corn dogs, corn, ham croquetas, chocolate milk and cheesecake. I'll never forget that year.

2. Make a toast. Buying sparkling juice and start a new tradition. Have each family member make a toast to something or someone they love. Do it right and serve it in real or tiny plastic champagne/wine glasses. It makes it festive and fun.

3.Invite some friends. Invite someone different to your family love dinner. Maybe a single friend or an elderly neighbor, or even another family. Have a valentine station set up so they can make their own on the spot. Hang brown lunch bags on the wall with everyone's name to serve as mailboxes. Put a kid in charge of delivering the bags after dinner. It's always nice to widen the circle of love.

4. Do something different. If none of this sounds like your speed, why not try something totally alternative? Check out this project for reminding the world we are all loveable. Kindness will be sure to make the day your best ever!

5. Don't give up. You don't have to totally give up your time with your partner/spouse either. Plan a night out before or after when the restaurant aren't packed and it is quieter. A valentine's breakfast is always nice too! You can have both with a little planning and intention.

How do you make Valentine's Day special at your house? Tell us in the comments.


Jess writes...

We're at the beginning of building our family traditions for Valentine's Day. When I was a kid, my mom left conversation hearts on doilies for us on the kitchen table, for us to find at breakfast. I like the idea of having a slightly bigger celebration and making the focus LOVE in general, not just romantic love.

This year we're making valentines for the world (thanks, Kindness Girl!) and I'm making some buckets o' love to ding-dong ditch some friends. I'm thinking about making heart-shaped pizzas for dinner.

My husband and I don't usually give gifts or have a date on this day, although having some snuggly time together is always nice. Maybe I should hunt down some logs for the fireplace?

These are really great ideas! When I was growing up I never really did anything out of the ordinary on valentines day, it was just another day. But I think it will be different for my kids after reading this article...

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