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Spring Has Sprung

Posted by Patience on March 12, 2010 at 8:24 AM in Connecting with kidsFamily Activitieshealth
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Kids are wandering out back without jackets on, windows are being cracked open, the robins are hopping around in melted snow puddles and everyone is happy to see the beautiful signs of spring. Every season change welcomes a new start and I love to anticipate what will be new again and what we will carry over. Here are some ideas to get your spring groove on at your house.

1. Go on a crocus hunt. We all went to walk the dog the other day when Lucy was beside herself with the tiny purple flower coming up out of the ground. She has now become obsessed spotting them and counting how many we can find on our walks around our neighborhood. The daffodils aren't far behind. Oh the magic of something beautiful growing! Don't have anything to grow yet? Why not plan your family garden together? Create a map and decide what and where you will grow your vegetables.

2. Get your family fitness on. Break out the bikes, dust off the trampoline, take a walk. Now is the time to return to outside games of chase and hide and seek. Your kids will be delirious if you suggest it and play with them. Try turning off the TV for a week and see if you find yourself outside breathing in the fresh spring air.

3. Get Juicin'. I don't know about you but oranges are piled to the ceiling at my grocery store. Why not let the kids help you squeeze some fresh juice to remind you of warm days ahead. You could get super crazy and try making a smoothie together? It wont be long before lots of fresh fruits and veggies will be ready for us to pick.

4. Do some Ding Dong Ditchin'. My kids and I are headed out to do some anonymous kindness today. Our local grocery store has daffodils for super cheap so we'll be making tiny bunches, attaching a note and then leaving them on random door steps.
It's super fun and a great way to get out for an adventure.

5. Make an Earth Day plan. What are you going to do this Earth Day to celebrate and care for our earth? Get a big sheet of paper and brainstorm together on what you might like to do together. Google your city and Earth Day to see what is planned locally or come up with your own project.

What are you doing to welcome Spring? Do you have any special family rituals or traditions when certain seasons begin? What do your kids love about this season? Let us know in the comments.


Amber writes...

We are starting seeds right now, and updating our nature table. I really love our nature table - it changes with the seasons and gives us a way to bring the outside world inside, but in a contained and esthetically pleasing manner.

Kayla writes...

We are enjoying the signs of spring at our house, too! This is always such a fun time of year! I love your ideas for getting out and enjoying it! Especially the ding dong ditching idea - putting a super positive spin on a typically negative, rebellious behavior - perfect!

Sue writes...

Bring in the May at Revels May Day Celebration on Saturday, May 1, at 2:30. A great way for the family to celebrate the season, with a sing-along, dancing around a May Pole, crowning of the May Queen, and more.

Cara writes...

We are building a compost pile and digging a new vegetable garden.

Gail writes...

On a 50+ or 60 degree day I enjoy a stroll around the perimeter of my 80+ year old parent's ranch house and the garden. I see the rhubarb is peeking through the sandy soil at the edge of the garden. The ever-green small pine trees are growing in the garden also. On the south side of the house I find sedum shoots above the ground and coral belles leaves appearing. On the north side there are hostas emerging but we'll have to wait for the Lily of the Valley to come up. Irises are plentiful on the west side. It is nice to be outside without a jacket. Spring has sprung!

Mb writes...

We are feeding the worms in our outdoor worm bin and adding compost to our raised gardens around the school!

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