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PBS Supersisters Great Day of Gratitude

Posted by Kristen on April 19, 2010 at 9:09 AM in Great Day of Gratitude
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The Great Day of Gratitude is May 5, 2010

Everywhere you go, the story is the same. Funding for this program or that program at school has been cut, because the money just isn't there. In the old days, funding cuts meant the disappearance of programs that taught our kids a foreign language or how to play the tuba or the thrill of check mate.

Not anymore.

Funding cuts today mean that thousands of teachers will not have a job in the fall. Thousands of teachers will have to find another job to pay the bills.

We cannot make the funding for teachers miraculously appear, but we can certainly do our part to show our teachers that they matter to our community, that they matter to us, and that they matter to our children.

The Supersisters have decided to host a Supersisters Great Day of Gratitude. On May 5, 2010, Supersisters everywhere will join together to show their children's teachers that we are so thankful for the investment they have made in our families and in our communities. What can you do?

We are only limited by our imaginations. Moms in Alabama will spend the morning in the resource room of their elementary school. They'll run copies or cut out construction paper animals that the second grade teacher needs to have but just doesn't have the time or help to get it done.

Moms in Ohio will stand in the preschool pick up line, so that the teachers can have a day off from this dreaded duty. Moms in Virginia will bring armfuls of fresh flowers to decorate the teacher's lounge and baskets of fresh muffins for a wonderful morning snack.

Children everywhere will cut out homemade cards and write their words of thanks to the teachers who took the time to value their accomplishments and to cheer them on to even the smallest victory.

We would love for you to be a part of the Supersisters Great Day of Gratitude on May 5. So make a plan, grab a badge and tell us in the comments what great ideas you have for showing our teachers how much they mean to us. With your help we can make this a truly Great Day of Gratitude!!

Badge: just cut and paste the following!

<a href=""><img  src="" border="0" alt="The Great Day of Gratitude is May 5, 2010" /></a>


What a great idea! Teachers are certainly under appreciated! Unfortunately, friends of mine have been loosing co-workers too frequently. This is detrimental to the children of today. While I agree some BoE budgets are bloated and should be argued, the costs that directly affect the education of the students, should not be cut. (I do not want to start a big disagreement on budgets issues).

I will be posting the badge on my website later on in order to spread the word!

Be Well.

Julia Soto Cabrera writes...

The best teacher is 'Teacher Lala'. Real
name is Eulalia Aviles. She has taught 3 generations of my family. She has been
teaching at St Mary of Carmel School in west Dallas for 50 years. God Bless her
always. She deserves the best because she
has dedicated her life to kindergarten children.

Suzie writes...

We will be showering our teachers with FOOD that morning, and every morning that week! We LOVE our teachers and want them to have full bellies and happy hearts as they go through their week.

I have added your info on my blog. You can read it at - if you would like me to take it down, I certainly will.



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