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Super Sisters

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Jen, Kristen, and Patience

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The Brothers

Posted by Patience on April 9, 2010 at 7:03 AM in Siblings
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the brothers.jpg

Whenever I see an expecting mother with a small boy by her side, I always want to tell her a secret even if she is a complete stranger. Don't worry, I usually don't but I wish I could. I suspect there is probably a twinge of longing for a girl because we always are intrigued by what we do not know or have, but secretly I hope she will get to experience the joy of watching brothers grow together.

Brotherhood is a tiny toddler following an older preschooler dressed only in a cape while they both do their best super hero moves or becoming kings together by just a paper crown and some glitter.
Picture 001.jpg

It's when you are in it together when your mother decides it would be awesome if you were Shaggy and Scooby for Halloween. Even though you both like the show, it isn't exactly what either of you had in mind.
shaggy and scooby love.jpg
There is also great joy when she finally buys the store bought Bionicle costume you both have been begging for. They still try to squeeze themselves into these costumes.
Picture 026.jpg

There are hours of legos, tinker toys, art projects and constructing of all kinds together. All roads lead to robots, especially the dream that together they might be able to build one that would clean the room they share, or just add a friend to the mix.
november 012.jpg

They walk through the milestones together like the first day of school. When everyone feels a little unsure, they at least stand together in the car pool line.
brother first day.jpg

This partnership can welcome someone new into the mix because there is nothing like a brother. A sister has her own place in the family love. They seem to find their own peace in the midst of big family chaos.
Thumbnail image for sunday bed3.jpg

Now with shaggy hair and long arms like their papa, I wonder how their friendship will change and grow. Everyday we get closer to the developmental place where independence must be tried on in new ways. The time when you stretch and learn how to be on your own, sometimes even with out those closest to you. I always hope they find their way back to each other, to the soft place of landing that is the brothers.

Check out this great article for nuturing positive sibling relationships.


Elissa writes...

So sweet and lovely! Thank you for sharing.

Rebecca B writes...

I love it. My two are 14 months apart. It took over two years to conceive our older son, but I was almost five months along with his brother when I first realized I was pregnant. What a surprise! Yes, a girl would be nice, but these two are best buds. Wouldn't have it any other way!

S writes...

As a mom expecting her second son I really enjoyed reading this. Yes I would love a daughter someday but I can't wait to see my two boys grow up together! Thanks for sharing this!

theresa writes...

i love the title of this post. my 5 yo calls his twin 2.5 yo brothers "the brothers" all the time. they're fraternal, but look identical and we all sometimes have a hard time telling them apart. i thought it would be nice to have a girl, but am having such a great time with 3 boys. i know they'll pull away eventually, so i'm trying to make the most of all the hugs and kisses i get now--x3!

natasha writes...

I would love to have a girl, that would nice to have someone to do girly things with. My two boys are rough and tough. They are very, very active and I am not. I try to get them to slow down but that's not what these boys like to do. I think the only we love to do together is NAP TIME(LOL).

Becky writes...

I think the same way since I am the mom of 3 boys. I have dressed them in themed costumed and always matching outfits for church and special occasions. There is always building, tinkering and some HUGE mess just waiting to be made by them....not to mention the amount of food they eat. Thanks for this wonderful post.

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