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This Boat Is Big Enough for All of Us

Posted by Kristen on May 3, 2010 at 6:50 AM in Traveling
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Every once in a while I take my children somewhere and it's only in the middle of the activity that I think, "thinking this through would have been helpful PRIOR to doing this." The problem is that there really isn't anything that I think we can't do in this family of ours.

Fast forward to last Friday and the brilliant idea to take the kids by myself on the glass bottom boat to see the coral reefs below the water in the Florida Keys. I decided to take the kids when my parents were at work. I was trying to remember if we had ever gone on the glass bottom boat growing up. My mom says that we went once and that all she remembered was that it was claustrophobic. That cracks me up. I don't remember going at all.

We paid for our tickets and waited in line. The people in front of us gave us those glances you give when you realize you are getting on a transcontinental flight and there are kids crying in line to board. I started to think things like, "why does everyone keep making announcements about sea sickness" and "what am I going to do if any or all of my children get sick on this three hour tour?"

I'm not saying I panicked at that point. I'm just saying I could see panic from where I was seated on the boat. I let all three run around from deck to deck and was glad to see that the water was calm and the railings were high.

We got out to the reef and the captain began to instruct everyone how to sit by the rails. It was then that Nathan began to have an epic freak out. Screaming. His language skills are slightly lacking so I wasn't sure what frightened him so much. I think that perhaps he thought he would fall into the water if he sat at the railing of the completely enclosed boat with the glass bottom. At that point Mason decided that he would like to look at the fish from the bottom of the boat so he tried repeatedly to jump out of my arms.

Old ladies began to look at me with empathy. I got up from my spot and whispered to Ethan that I had to take care of his brothers. He said that he was okay sitting there by himself and I began to walk around with one screamer and the other one yelling in baby talk at the fish through the glass. I was pretty sure I was going to lose it.

Ethan looked back at me after a while. "Mom, can you sit with me?" I told him I couldn't and he said, "because Mason is trying to jump down there to the bottom of the boat?" I laughed. Nate wailed from his spot as he laid on the bench and the baby gave me an unsolicited kiss.

Sure it would have been easier if we had an extra set of hands but sometimes you just don't have it. They call them "adventures" for a reason, right?

Don't forget that the Great Day of Gratitude is on Wednesday. You can find more information here and be sure to come back here and share a link to your blog where you shared your Great Day of Gratitude adventures.


Amber writes...

You are one brave mama, for SURE. I tend to err in the other direction, and never do anything out of fear. It's no better, I assure you.

June writes...

As a mom of triplets plus one, I applaud you for going out on your own. I do it often and people look at me like they're saying "Are you out of your mind?" yup I am and my kids are enjoying life because of it, lol!!

Melissa writes...

You are awesome! Your children will know no limits to their adventures! I wish my parents had done things like that when my sister and I were growing up. That's probably why I went to work for an airline!

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