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Evolution of Women in Social Media

Posted by Jen on June 30, 2010 at 7:00 AM
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I had the honor of attending the EVO Conference this last week with the amazing Jeannine Harvey from PBS. Most of the time, I'm the kind of conference attendee who hides out in her hotel room, not feeling quite up to noise and crowds, but this gathering was much different. I was so happy to meet so many moms on a mission to make a difference with their blogs and with their online work. I was happier still to be able to sit down for some real conversations. Here's a handful of friends (some new! some old!) who made an impression on me this week:

Esther Brady Crawford. Esther is a silent powerhouse, creating amazing content and good heartfelt connections wherever she goes. I enjoyed seeing her in action as she gathered up the most relevant stories about moms in the blogosphere and was delighted by the sheer scope of what she's able to offer with her new website

Aimee Giese. I had the honor of speaking on a photography panel with Amy. I loved her straightforward and honest approach to taking better pictures as well as her willingness to share her secrets on how to edit photos to reveal the magic in the people you love the most. I so enjoyed, too, the way she talked about her only son Declan who is clearly a firecracker of delight.

Brene Brown. Brene always has goodies to share from her extensive research on shame and empathy, but I'm always most impacted by her stories that reveal just how alike we all our--in our desire for belonging and connection especially. Her work on what it means to be a compassionate parent is sure to change our national conversation about what's best for our kids.

Catherine O'Connor. Catherine may be blogging at but I was completely taken in by her kind and open heart which means she's probably secretly more gentle and "good" by conventional definitions than she'd like you to believe. I was touched to hear about Catherine's experience as a sister and an aunt facing the loss of a boy who has captured the heart of his family in a deep and profound way.

Karen Walrond. Karen shared the keynote space with Brene Brown and completely delighted me with her stories of discovering that whatever it is that makes you physically different from everyone else is the very thing that makes you beautiful--even if you regard that particular feature with ambivalence or a certain kind of shyness.

I hope you'll check out these moms online and enjoy the goodness they have to offer. Happy Wednesday everyone!


sniff sniff. Love you girl.

I am also freaked out - since I was going to right a very similar post, about all the amazing people I met, or caught up with, at Evo.

Esther Crawford writes...

It was such a pleasure to spend time with you throughout the weekend. I had such a lovely time at Evo and was truly sad when it ended. Editing the footage of you almost makes me feel like you're here. ;)

Jyl Johnson Pattee writes...

I'm so happy you joined us at evo'10, Jen and thrilled that Jeannine made the connection for us. I heard nothing but rave reviews from your photography panel discussion and I'm glad to read about the women you connected with here... all fabulous!

I hope to see you back next year and hope to get to spend more time talking with you!

Steph writes...

Being at your panel was one of the highlights of my trip to EVO. Thanks again!

Rachael writes...

It was so great to chat with you at the closing party. Thanks for being part of EVO this year! You ladies brought it to the photography panel and I'm dying that I couldn't attend it!

niri writes...

Oh girl, it was so wonderful to see you and hear you at the panel. It was nice as well to see you later outside the PBS room and chat a little more.

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