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Nine Never Looked Better

Posted by Jen on July 8, 2010 at 6:00 AM in Raising Boys
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Dear Carter,

It seems like only yesterday they were wheeling me through the emergency room, rushing me up to labor and delivery, so you could be born as soon as physically possible. That whole day unfolded like a movie with more twists and turns that I could have imagined, but in the end, thank God, there was you.


You, the baby who healed my heart.
You, the baby who fell asleep on the bed while I spent fifteen minutes getting ready for the big bedtime routine which never ever needed to happen.
You, the baby who stayed in my arms and at my breast longer than everyone else thought necessary or possible.
You, the toddler with the head full of wild blond curls.
You, the toddler with the deep hobbit voice and the belly full laugh and smile.
You, the little boy who didn't talk to anyone else but me for years and years.
You, the little boy who whispered the deepest thoughts in the dark at bedtime.
You, the boy who taught himself to read on Calvin and Hobbes.
You, the boy who makes his teachers swoon.
You, the boy with the hilarious sense of humor.
You, the boy who sits down at the desk to play video games the same way old men check into the cubicle.
You, the boy who has a heart the size of Africa.
You, the boy who loves legos, comic books and sugar in any form.
You, the boy who everyone loves wherever he is, wherever he goes.
You, the boy who knows that laughter is always the best medicine.


I cannot tell you how happy I am you were born and how deeply I welcome being your mom, your friend and your sage guide your whole life long. May this year bring you new adventures in nature, new friends who you can talk to with your heart wide open and a sense of being loved and held through all the changes life always brings.

May you laugh so hard you pee your pants and have so much fun milk squirts out of your nose. May your tears be met with perfect understanding and support and healing. May your challenges only come with the perfect accompaniment of kindness and courage. May you learn to love new things and discover talents you never knew could be yours.

No matter what, I hope you know that we think you're the bee's knees. Nine never looked better.

Your Mom Jen Lemen

(you can read more about raising boys here)



Amber writes...

Oh, so lovely.

Happy birthday to Carter!

@RiaSharon writes...

I love this so much, Jen. I'm reminded of the letters I write to my kids on the eve of their birthdays. I always end up a puddle of tears and end up hugging and squeezing them as they sleep! It's a ritual that I cherish and I can't wait for them to read the letters and re-live who they were, those snapshots of themselves at those ages.

Happy birthday, Carter (and Jen)!

He is gorgeous. Isn't it wonderful to truly like your children as people?

Happy Bday, Carter.

Melissa writes...

Dear Jen,
Hi My name is melissa im a mother of 2 I have a 1 yrd and a 3 month old the hole experience of being a mother never dawned on my until my first child i never thought that I would be able to handle it for the fact of haveing to deal with crying and changing pampers and lossing my sleep but when i had him in my arms for the first time none of those things mattered to me in my mind all I could think about was how I was so lucky to have him i was so filled with joy i cryed of happyness. After I took him home it didnt matter to me about the sleep, pampers, crying I loved it some say they can never get used to it but some how I did and it didn't matter and months when on I was pregnate with my second baby and I was excited to do it all again. I love it with all I have. when I was reading your letter to Carter i was just mezmorised by the lovely memories that you have been creating with your son it's wonderful and i just wanted to tell you that I'm loving the life im creating for my children and I and im loving the memories that we are creating together because like you I sherish all the time we have together. The life of being a mother is the greats gift a woman can have it bring lots of joy and happyness and most of all LOVE and I love it. by your letter i know that later in life i will be in that spot with my boys too.

Because it's wonderful

Suzanne writes...

Jen, what an awesome letter. Inspired. ;)

Nine IS fine! (spoken as a mother of a nine year old girl who is STILL not too old to believe in fairies.)

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