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Halloween Fun for Families

Posted by Patience on October 1, 2010 at 4:35 AM in Holidays
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monday nights1.jpg

It's October 1st, which officially means we can eat candy corn and watch "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown." Trying to do any of those things before October just isn't the same; the candy doesn't even taste right. While we have been talking costumes since July at my house, we decided to add some extra family fun this year. We thought we would share some ideas to get your Halloween creative ideas flowing.

Have a kid Halloween dinner party. The excitement is off the charts for our Harry Potter dinner party tonight. We invited just a few kids, got costumes and have been thrifting for all kinds of cool stuff to turn our dining room into a spooky castle. The kids are dressing up and sitting down for a real meal followed by a board game. It's a nice introduction into entertaining and feels grown-up yet still tons of fun. The literary slant doesn't hurt either; I've never seen kids so excited about books.

Have a family drawing night and make comic books. My kids love all the Ed Emberley drawing books, especially the Halloween one. Make little books out of any paper you have lying around or flip books from a pad of post-its. Sit around after dinner and unlock your family creativity together.

Recycle or make your own costumes. I only make one costume a year since I have four kids, the rest are bought, borrowed or recycled. I find that one costume is always my favorite. I think it is more about the planning, talking, connecting with my kid over something he or she is so excited about. You really don't have to know how to sew or be crazy crafty either. You would be amazed what you can come up with some glue and stuff you already have lying around.

Go pumpkin picking together. We have a local farm that lets you have a many pumpkins as you can hold for $20. The best fun is watching my husband and his gorilla arms try to top his number every year. I think his record is 18. The hayride, apple cider and homemade doughnuts are a huge hit too.

Consider alternatives to candy. Your kids are gonna get tons of candy, we already know this. Why not let your kids catalog shop and pick out a small toy or trinket to give out from your house. Who knows, it might be some other kid's favorite treat?

What Halloween family activities do you do at your house? How do you make the holiday special? Share with us in the comments.


Jodie writes...

I have been thinking a lot about halloween with the kids -

We love the Ed Emberley books too - thanks for letting me know about the halloween one. I am going to cut out triangles - about 4" long and have the kids draw different Ed Emberley style Goblins on each triangle and string them together to make a string of flags- like a banner to hang over our porch for trick or treat...! Boo-rific~! v-v-v-v-v-v-v-

Carrie55 writes...

I am always looking for fun Halloween ideas for our family. Your article was timely. I also found some good family Halloween party ideas, games and easy DIY costume ideas in these articles: Happy to share them.

Jess writes...

LOVE the trinket idea (kids here seem to love glow bracelets and funky pencils) and I need to know where this all-you-can-hold-for-$20 place is!

One of our kiddos doesn't like trick-or-treating and has taken it upon himself to be the official greeter of neighborhood children. His brothers share the candy wealth when they get home.

This year we are making some new decorations - the kids picked wooden items from a craft store and we'll decorate them with acrylic paints, including some glow paint we found. Spooky!

Becky writes...

We get an assortment of old movies (themed around Halloween, ghosts, witches but not too scary) to watch the week before - Charlie Browns Great Pumpkin, Abbott & Costello meet the Mummy, Ghost and Mr. Chicken (Don Knotts movie), etc. The boys love it. They are especially fascinated by the B&W movies we choose. We keep all past costumes and recycle them for sure and even invent some new ones with old ones.I love the drawing night idea! This is my favorite time of year - a time for a lot of creativity. Love to add new ideas every year! Thanks.

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