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Kristen: August 2008 Archives


I'd write about Preschool, but it doesn't start for two more weeks

Posted by Kristen on August 27, 2008 at 7:05 AM
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Everyone is excited about school starting. My friend Angie is so excited about school starting that she isn't sure she can make it until next week. She loves her four boys but I think summer may have been a little too long for everyone involved.

Me? I realize that summer lasts forever. This year both The Boy AND The Baby will be going to preschool. One of my new friends was kinda shocked that The Baby was going to preschool.

Devan: He's 18 months?
Kristen: Is that a question? Yes, he is 18-months-old. And he is going to preschool. I found the only preschool within 50 miles that will take an 18-month-old.
Devan: He's so little.
Kristen: Eh. His brother went to preschool for the first time when he was 18-months-old. He'll be fine. It's like paying for playdates except you don't have to reciprocate and you don't have to watch either your child or anyone else's child. You don't have to pretend to like anyone. You don't have to keep your kid from biting someone in the jugular. That's Miss JoAnne's job. It's win-win, across the board.

But preschool doesn't start for another 2 weeks. That's because you pay by the month. If it started next week, you would get 4 actual weeks of school for the price of 4 weeks. Instead we'll be easing the kids in, just an hour here, an hour there, until they feel comfortable. Safe. Secure. The problem with that is by the end of summer, isn't mom so near losing her mind that perhaps the safest and securest place for Junior to be is in the loving hands of a teacher? I'm just saying.

Maybe it's just me. Maybe I am the only one who has these fantasies of being a stay-at-home mom with kids in full-time daycare. How horrible is that? I know. I KNOW. I just think that maybe those countries with the year-round school aren't so far off. Or maybe that's just me...


Who would take the Gold?

Posted by Kristen on August 22, 2008 at 5:48 AM in Kristen
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Wow, the Olympics have been amazing, haven't they? I think I have watched hours and hours of it. From one day to the next, it seemed like there was another amazing story about someone who fought against all odds to make it to the greatest athletic competition in the entire world.

As we are nearing the close, I'll admit we got a little crazy with the whole Olympics thing. Before we knew it, we found ourselves wondering about which Sesame Street character would win if Sesame Street had Olympics. What do you think?


Maybe he'll be an Olympic gymnast one day

Posted by Kristen on August 20, 2008 at 6:11 AM in Kristen
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natesponge.jpgNot so long ago, I wrote this rambling blog post at my personal blog about how Ethan gets up nearly every single night and climbs into bed with us. His brother? Not my baby Nathan. He is a dream. At a year and a half, he will come up to me at about 7:30 and say "nigh, nigh, mommy?" I give him some milk and he lays down without even a peep.

Until last week. This is one of my most favorite things about parenting. The second you brag about your child, your child turns your whole world upside down. Just the other day I heard Nathan crying from his crib after his nap. I was slow to respond but Ethan was like fire. I heard him rush down the stairs. I then heard him ask how Nate's nap was. Then I heard him give detailed instructions how to climb out of his crib.

Which Nathan did.

For the next few days, he climbed out of his crib about a hundred times. I thought I was going to have a nervous breakdown. I wasn't worried that he would hurt himself because he sleeps in a Pack-n-Play. It isn't a big drop to the carpet below his crib. I was losing my mind because now I have absolutely no control over EITHER of my children when it comes to bed.

My mother tried to talk me down off the ledge. "Just keep putting them back," she said. My husband began looking up all those tent things you put over cribs to keep the kids from crawling out. Since his brother climbed out of his crib when he turned one, we know all about putting a baby into a big bed. But two of them?

The Baby (as we like to call him) seemed terribly pleased with himself and his new found skill. And then. As quickly as it started, it seemed to stop. He waited until I sprang him from his crib after his nap today. It's like I had been granted a reprieve. I imagine it's only a matter of time. What's a mom to do?


We have some really great stuff to give away!

Posted by Kristen on August 15, 2008 at 4:31 PM in ContestsKristen
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When we first started talking to Jean at PBS about having a sister blog here at, we had one qualification. We wanted to be able to give away all of the really cool stuff we saw at PBS when we visited. Did you know that there are Super Why stickers? And a Super Why poster? I know. I KNOW. How much would your child love you if you whipped out the Super Why stickers?

So here's what we are going to do. Every month or so we are going to have a giveaway here at Supersisters. Sometimes just leaving a comment will give you an entry into our giveaway. Other times we may require something a little more interactive. Every giveaway will clearly state what exactly you have to do to enter. Winners will be picked in a very uncomplicated way. They will be picked randomly. Randomly as in we will go to, we'll plug in the number of comments we have and will pick random numbers. If your comment number corresponds with the number generated by, you win. Easy, right? Hey, we are bloggers here, not statisticians or lawyers. Well, not practicing lawyers.

Keep your eyes open for a giveaway just around the corner!


Ethan, The Boy, or just crazy

Posted by Kristen on August 12, 2008 at 7:19 AM in Kristen
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This is Ethan. We affectionately refer to him as "The Boy" on the Internet. You see that blond hair of his? Let's just say if I wasn't so old, I think people would assume I'm the nanny when we are out in public. There have been days when people have struggled to find some semblance of me in this child. Days when I was low and people who loved me thought that I wanted to hear that not only WAS he mine, he also looked a little like me. "I can see it in his forehead," a person offered. His forehead? His forehead. What's next? The ears?

But when you are with the two of us together, it doesn't take you long to realize that this child is ALL ME. This picture, for instance. It was just another of thousands of pictures I have taken with my children modeling my clothing line.

E: Mom.Mom.Mom.Mom.Mom.Mom.
K: Yes?
E: But I don't WANT to have my picture taken in your shirt AGAIN?
K: Paaahhhhllllease????
E: Mom.Mom.Mom.Mom. I can't.
K: What if I let you try on THIS one too? (holding up the shirt in a cute pink version)
E: MOM!!! That is my FAVorite color.
K: I thought your favorite color today was orange.
E: MOM!!!! Pink is my favorite color NOW. Orange is my next favorite color.
K: I know. You wanna wear it for my picture?
E: Sure.

With that, the blue shirt went over his head. He began to do elaborate model moves involving swinging arms and kicking legs. Everything was a blur. I tried to put on my best stern voice and demand proper model behavior. From a 3 year old. I got it. Complete with the tongue out. Based on my picture, what can I say to that?

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