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Super Sisters

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Jen, Kristen, and Patience

Three real-life sisters sharing their kids' antics, milestones and adventures through this crazy journey called motherhood. Find out more »

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Supersisters Weekend Roundup

Posted by Jen on December 20, 2008 at 7:00 AM in HolidaysJenSupersister Weekend Roundup
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christmas collage

How's your holiday going so far? Needing a little humor? A little love? A song or two to help you get through the craziness of the season? Enjoy this lovely selection of posts from around the web to make your days merry and bright.

Is there going to be a shiny new bike under the tree for a cute little guy in your house? This adorable video will be sure to remind you of your own days learning how to ride with your parent of choice running alongside down the hill.

For mothers needing a little more support during the holiday season, don't miss this collection of rants from mothers on the web who are right where you are, working hard to get everything together just in time.

Madeleine has entertained herself endlessly over the last two weeks by elfing herself and everyone she knows with this clever little tool. If Christmas cards are totally out of the question at this point, you might do just as well to send a little e-card with the elf-version of your nearest and dearest.

Hanukkah is just days away. Have you found your menorah yet? Here's a very helpful little video from a Jewish mom who is happy to share her secrets on how to celebrate Hanukkah on a budget.


Supersisters Weekend Roundup

Posted by Jen on December 13, 2008 at 7:34 AM in JenRaising GirlsSupersister Weekend Roundup
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Good morning, Supersisters! I'm home from a very inspiring trip to New York City this week where I met with some amazing women who are doing their part to make this world a better place. (Special thanks to all those waitresses who kept pouring the coffee and didn't mind if we hogged the table for a couple of hours past our due!) This weekend's roundup has mothers (and dads) of young girls in mind. Enjoy!

Maggie Doyne is one of those young women that makes mothers like me want to track her mother down and find out what the secret formula is. When Maggie was eighteen years old, she decided to pack up her backpack and go on a trip around the world. Her adventures led her to a little village in Nepal where she found her heart's true calling--providing a loving home for orphaned boys and girls. With her life savings--$5000 she made from babysitting through her younger years--Maggie bought the land in the village that was calling to her heart, came home to form a non-profit called and went back to Nepal to build the home her heart told her was required to make the world a more hopeful place for the lost children of her village. Don't miss this lovely story about everybody's daughter.

Emily McKhann is one of those mothers who is doing her part to make the world better for children by providing a place of connection, inspiration and meaning for their mothers. Kris and I first met Emily at a conference a few years ago and immediately adopted her into our circle of sisters. Since that meeting, Emily has done important work around making toys safe for kids, citizen journalism and continuing the reach of an important story about kindness and friendship. But what I love most about Emily is the way she is continuing to develop her heart and her soul so she can be the best mother possible to her own two little girls.

Looking for inspiration today in raising your own strong, brave girl? Check out these links:

A Single Dad Raising a Girl
Raising a Powerful Girl
Women Raising Girls: It's Complicated

If you are writing specifically about the experience of raising girls, please leave us your links in the comments below.


Supersister Weekend Roundup

Posted by Patience on December 6, 2008 at 10:26 AM in PatienceSupersister Weekend Roundup
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tired lyra2.jpg

Having a lazy Saturday morning when you should be doing the holiday madness? Why not veg out over some our favorite Supersisters around the net.

I love just gazing at Geninne's birds, her house is even dreamier. They are a family full of artists too.

Need a little dancing this holiday season? Kristin Cummings, the anxiety superhero danced her way through a rough postpartum with a little help from Stevie Wonder.

It might be time to snuggle with little people and a good book. Check out the handy dandy holiday bookfinder on our very own and beloved

Cookies, cookies anyone? I think these snickerdoodles look positively scrumptious and perfect for Hanukkah or other holiday celebrations. I love how Lolo is representing for all the veggies in the world.

It's tree trimming time my friends. Lifenut reminisces about smelly trees and shows us the beauty of a true family tree.

Don't forget to leave us links your favorite holiday happenings in the comments


Supersisters Weekend Roundup

Posted by Jen on November 22, 2008 at 7:00 AM in JenSupersister Weekend Roundup
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It's the week before Thanksgiving--here's this week's collection of posts to encourage, inspire and get you (and those wild kids!) ready for a great week of connection, gratitude and love.

Are you in a panic thinking about what kind of calamities can happen this week when your children are sitting around the same Thanksgiving table as grownups with long histories with Miss Manners? Check out this good advice from the granddaughter of none other than Miss Emily Post herself.

Need a little perspective? Read about the adventures of Maggie Doyne, a young woman in her twenties who has taken the title Supersister super seriously as she invests her life and energy in being oh-so-sisterly to children at risk in Nepal. You'll be inspired to keep your kids close and look around for more ways to enrich the lives of others around you. You can do something amazing in the blink of an eye.

This humble confession from mom extraordinaire Jen Zug is perfect reading for anyone wondering which battles to pick as we move full force into the holiday season. Sometimes the best defense is offense when it comes to averting kid-like disasters.

And here's a chance to lend a sister a hand. Shannon from Rocks in My Dryer is asking her readers to join her in writing for the Mother Letter Project. A certain anonymous husband is asking people to write letters of encouragement to his wife about mothering, an idea that came to him after the family decided less is more this holiday season. What could be a better surprise than that?

As always, leave your favorite links in the comments below.


Supersisters Weekend Roundup

Posted by Jen on October 24, 2008 at 9:41 PM in JenSupersister Weekend Roundup
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really that blue

Writer, mama and movie critic Sandie Angulo Chen reminded me this week how every young mother is still her own mother's little girl. This tender post about the recent passing of her mother pays tribute to all the ways mothers matter--whether you're thirty-five or fifty-three. If you're dealing with a serious illness or loss of a loved one in your family and are wondering how to talk to your kids, consider this sage advice from our favorite parenting experts.

Is your little guy (or girl) going through a throwing stage? Is it making you want to throw something out the window (child, of course, excluded)? Here's a great story about a mom who found a way through this very normal developmental stage with a bottle of glue and a whole lotta love in her heart.

Looking for some clarity? Here's a nice reflection from a mom who knows how much it matters, especially when you think about the pressure we are under as parents to both participate and interact with our kids but not necessarily overschedule them. You can add your two cents to that timely discussion here.

Our modern American culture tends to separate us out by age and limit our opportunities to mix across generational lines. If you're nostalgic for some other era when you could ask for a seasoned parenting perspective across the backyard fence, check out this inspiring video featuring wisdom on a variety of subjects from icons of our time. My favorite quote is from Andrew Wyeth.

Let us know what parenting subjects you're talking about on your blog in the comments below.

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