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The Parent Show Blog

Happy Father’s Day to the Super Dads

DadPictFrNewBioSml copy

by Greg Santomero I know that it’s cliché to say that one of the most powerful moments in a man’s life is when his child comes into his world, but it is nonetheless true.  With any assemblance of strength, you can harness it and make it … read more


Helping Your Child Cope with Frightening News


As informative as it is, our generation’s media coverage brings it all to us at lightening speed.  Perhaps more coverage than we need to be exposed to.   But what about our kids’ exposure?  How are they processing the often disturbing talk and visuals that are … read more

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Monster Tips


While strolling along Sesame Street last week, I bumped into Murray Monster (side note: puppeteer is my friend, Joey Mazzarino, who also played Roary on Blues Room).  While Murray was lively and nothing shy of entertaining, what I loved about our day was that he always has the … read more

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The Critique


As a creator of childrens television programs, a reviewer can be your best or worst friend.  It seems that kids TV is the last thing reviewers want to talk about.  It’s not as sexy or interesting to them as say, reviewing the season premiere of … read more


The Power of a 2nd Language


I recently spoke with Ana Flores of  Ana is such a treasure!  She shared her passion and her expertise as we discussed the importance of raising multilingual children.  It was nice to see how we share a similar philosophy.  While my goal has been to … read more


Tips for Getting Kids to Voluntarily Practice a Musical Instrument


‘Tiger Mother’ Amy Chua created an outrage recently when she admitted that she once forced her 3-year-old daughter to practice a complex piano piece over and over again – denying her dinner, water and bathroom breaks – until it was perfected. While Chua’s actions were … read more

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Empowering Girls, Rock-n-roll Style


If there was only one thing that I could pass onto my girls, it would be a strong sense of self.  This would give them the strength to be great decision makers that can direct their own course in life, and in turn positively effecting others. … read more

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Nurturing (Scientifically) Inquiring Minds


For those of us still haunted by the ghosts of science fairs past, the thought of encouraging our kids to become young scientists can be a bit daunting – especially if it means coming up against a seemingly endless series of really tough “why” questions. … read more

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It’s all about the Journey


It’s not often that I hang out with astrophysicists during my day.  But if they’re anything like Neil deGrasse Tyson (director of the Hayden Planetarium), I’ll make it a point to more often!  My interview with him for The Parent Show reminded me of what I … read more

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Thanks, Mom!


Dear Mom, I know that you always said that “You will thank me some day when you are a mother!” Well, I am a mother and now I completely understand what you meant. So, Thank you for always yelling at the top of your lungs … read more