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The Parent Show Blog

Happy Father’s Day to the Super Dads

by Greg Santomero

I know that it’s cliché to say that one of the most powerful moments in a man’s life is when his child comes into his world, but it is nonetheless true.  With any assemblance of strength, you can harness it and make it stronger…but fail to nurture it and you’ve allowed it to slip through your fingers. 
The whole sperm and egg thing, that’s the easy part.  It’s so true that most anyone can be a father, but how to become that Super Dad?  You know, the one who has a loving, communicative and respectful relationship with their child?  He allows her/him to take educated risks, exposes them to what the world has to offer but also allows himself to laugh and cry with them.  How do I strip off the tie and glasses to become this man of men?  Full disclosure here, I do not know.
However, what I have picked up in my ten years as a parent would be to love them, create with them, expose them to all that you can, listen to them, listen some more and love their mother with all your heart.   Hopefully, when/if my daughters choose to marry, they’ll pick a partner that treats them well, maybe even better than I did (is that possible?!) and THEN I would know that I did my job.
Happy Dad’s Day my brothers!


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