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The Parent Show Blog

Upcoming Episodes

The Parent Show is on the road, interviewing amazing people who have interesting ideas about kids and music, TV, food, science, imagination, and learning a second language. Here’s a quick look at the episodes we’re working on:

Carrie BrownsteinFinding self-confidence through music is what vocalist, guitarist and rocker Carrie Brownstein wants for our girls.
Carrie knows first hand how writing and performing music can transform and empower girls at any age. She offers tips on how to use rock and roll to build your child’s self confidence. Warning: This one gets loud!



John Tartaglia with puppets from ImaginOcean.Serious play with actor, singer, dancer and executive producer John Tartaglia.
John, who’s been acting since he was a 16-year-old puppeteer for Sesame Street, thinks parents could gain insight into their kids’ emotional well-being just by putting a puppet in their hands. Hear why the creator of Johnny and the Sprites says playing imaginary games with your child is critical to their development — and yours.



Ana Flores of

How to make bionic bilingual babies with Ana Flores of
Teaching kids a second language when they’re very young not only immerses them in other cultures, Ana says studies show it can also them make smarter. It might even protect against Alzheimer’s disease.



Fizzy's Lunch Lab

Dave Schlafman of Fizzy’s Lunch Lab still plays with his food and thinks you should too.
Dave’s big thought: What if Ronald McDonald hawked asparagus spears instead of French fries? Imagine how into fruits and veggies our kids might be . . .  Dave tries to make learning about nutrition fun for children and grown-ups, with superheroes, interactive games, recipes,  and tips on how to grocery shop with little ones.



Tim GoodmanHow to tell “good” TV from “bad,” with The Hollywood Reporter’s chief TV critic Tim Goodman.
Don’t let the name of Tim’s blog — The Bastard Machine — throw you. (This is a show for grownups after all.) It just means he’s got all kinds of ideas on what makes one kids’ show better than another. Still, you’re probably not going to want to invite him to your kid’s next birthday party.



Neil deGrasse TysonGo deep inside the mind of astrophysicist and NOVA Science Now host Neil Degrasse Tyson.
If you want your kid to love science (and grow up just like Neil?!), let them be kids, he says. Playing in puddles, taking things apart, and asking endless questions today can cultivate the best scientific minds of tomorrow.




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