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The Parent Show

Empowering Girls, Rock-N-Roll Style

POSTED ON 05/11/11

If there was one thing that I could pass onto my girls, it would be a strong sense of self.  This would give them the strength to be great decision makers that can direct their own course in life, and in turn positively effecting others. Carrie Brownstein,star of the IFC comedy Portlandia, has a similar desire to empower girls through the process of making music.  Not as a fashion plate lead singer, but actually performing good ol’ rock-n-roll! Check out my interview with Carrie Brownstein!

Carrie Brownstein and Angela Santomero

  • Sam

    Hey there does T mean tablespoon?

  • Lily

    I had the same problem!

  • Devin

    This seems cool im doing it for my science project right now

  • Katrina

    doesnt work!

  • ZombieUnicorn100

    Literally the worst bouncy ball ever. No bounce, just splat! Thanks a lot, huge disappointment.

  • morgan

    mine came out perrfet

  • Bacon—Girl

    My friends brother is trying it didn’t work now we make a snow globe easy and simple

  • lulu24

    Well, at first I couldn’t get the the gue to stay together & almost threw it away but decided to put it back into the wet mixture and try it again & instead of rolling it smashed it gently hand to hand till it stayed together (a few minutes) & once it stayed together then it rolled just fine but it’s not bouncing very good at all & its getting a dried wrinkle effect? Is it supposed to do this? Did I do something wrong? I followed all instructions & ingredient measurements until I couldn’t get it to stay together? I really wanted to make them for my grandkids & how long do they last? is there something I can do to improve it & make it work better & make it last? Help please. Thanks!

  • lulu24

    Yes, T means tablespoon.

  • mackie

    Hey lulu24 try making it again and putting them in separate plastic bags. It keeps them from drying out.

  • PrimeSpace

    Why exactly are you adding cornstarch to glueP balls? That would just make it less effective. Stick to white glue, sodium borax, and water, I don’t think you even need warm water. A 10:10 ratio of glue to borax in water fails horribly (grams) but it’s just mix and match from then on.

  • Nirup

    I thought of doing this experiment for my school project, but see this comments



  • monica rubi anaya

    My ball came out perfect

  • Gabriel R. Madriaga

    this is the right link/video i think.

    finish the video. then you’ll see.

  • brittany

    This did not work I cant figure out what I did wrong tired it 3 times

  • Michelle

    This did not work. The ‘bouncy ball’ turned out like Gak. This is such a shame.

  • OpTic_KaRiM

    this is fake fight me irl.

  • OpTic_KaRiM

    noob kid goml u suck i am lvl 3 hack loomynarty

  • dirty man

    fight me

  • OpTic_KaRiM


  • Meg

    if you want it to bounce, only use borax powder, water, and glue. (and food coloring) it should bounce like Silly Putty

  • bijhuju

    pelease stop saying dose not work just give thums down

  • Mitch

    This worked great for me! My kids were so happy!

  • Mike

    Didn’t work at all. Maybe I got the measurements wrong? Any advice?

  • elcs

    This is awesome. I did like one person said and only used 1 tablespoon of cornstarch. It worked! Then, I used a recipe multiplier that I found online and made a batch for 24 “servings” to give out as favors. It worked perfectly! This is the best sillyputty-type compound we’ve made. Not stringy or sticky on your fingers, and it truly does bounce like crazy. Thanks!

  • joe

    very bad experiment

  • jhgfdhfhg

    Didn’t work at all. It hit the floor and flattened

  • jhgfdhfhg

    Didn’t work at all. Hit the floor and flattened

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